RWBY: Dark System
22 Eternal Creed
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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22 Eternal Creed

Veins popped out of Emerald's eyes as her jaw-drops while she clenches her fist, the paper envelope in her palms is crushed.

"What's up your ass this time?" Mercury goes over to where Emerald is standing. He then looks at Cinder's open bedroom door, "Oh shit haha. I like this kid. He's got some guts!"

Emerald takes out her both of jungle green Kursigama and bolts forward.

"Hey what are you doing!? Just put the note under the door and let's get going! I am getting hungry." Mercury rubs his stomach. Emerald is already gone, she storms past Cinder's bedroom door and lunges forward on top of Shadow with her dual blade scythe weapons out.

Shadow quickly blocks her attack with an outer mana manifestation of his Nine-Tail Fenrir, two huge dark red feline eyes made up of dark aura mana seen behind his shoulders, Cinder's room now was in tatters, the bricks walls and ceilings were entirely vaporized by Shadow's overpowering mythical Fanunus form, which was only half-activated like when Naruto was using his Charka Mode during his training. Both of Emerald's kurisama blades shattered by the sheer pressure and force of Shadow's mana-blocking technique. There was three main energy sources he had. Manna(Used mostly for attack, but can also be used for defensive purposes), Aura(The manifestation of one's soul; The main trigger to activate Shadow's true mythical Faunus powers), and Semblance which is the manifestation of one's innate and personal power as an ability unique to each individual,(Powered by ones emotions just like aura).

Cinder had been distracted by Emerald's unexpected entrance and her mind control semblance was hindered and snapped. It must have been a bind or hex spell semblance. Maybe that's why Emerald worshiped her so much.

'So that's how I escape Cinder's semblance, She has to lose focus on the one she is controlling. Good thing that happened because Emerald would have cut my head clean off. Why is she so angry?' Shadow then realzied that he was sleeping really close to Cinder who was only wearing a scantly red bathrobe over her wet naked body.

'No wonder, she's pissed!' He jumps out of Cinder's bed and swiftly puts his black leather and white fur collar jacket over his well-toned body( A/N: The one in the cover art).

Shadow: "Look nothing happen. I wouldn't be caught dead with this woman-"

"Ugggggaaahhhh!" Emerald punches Shadow right on his cheeks with all of her pure hate and despise for him. He slowly turns his to face her, without being fazed, "It's going to make then that to kill me."

"Good to know." Her body disintegrated, it was a clone! She had used her semblance to trick him.

She was right behind him with both of her cracked Kusarigama, it didn't matter if there were broken, she could still shoot one bullet through the young bastards head.

A tunnel of sheering flames slammed against Emerald, "How dare you attack one of your teammates!" Cinder blasts more flames from her palms and ignited Emerald's body on fire, "Gaaaaaah!Cinder Stop!" She cries out as she kneels to the ground and drops her weapons. "I thought I taught you better." Cinder shakes her head in disappointment of her pupil. "Let me teach you a lesson." She raises her palms on top of Emerald's head and charges up a fireball, scorching heatwaves were seen looming over Cinder's slender fingertips. "He is not my teammate! He never will be!-Aaaaah!" Emerald's face is engulfed in flames. A swirl of mist floats around her head, as the mist clears Shadow was seen holding back Cinder's flames with only his fingertips!(Avatar style). "This is unnecessary. Don't you think its wise to keep your squad alive? By the way, I am not your suburbanite. My name is Shadow, I am only here because you have kept me captive. But I am also here to grow stronger and learn how to control my semblance from Salem. So if you think you can put me down then think again." His dark red eyes pierce Cinder's soul.

SFX- *Clap* *Clap*, Tryian:"I hate to ruin this lovely family affair, but our great master has requested an urgent meeting for your squad." He says in a serious manner as he twitches his fingers around. When he was serious you knew something was wrong.

Cinder snaps her fingers and her infamous crimson and black off-the-shoulders dress forms over her naked body. There was also lines of gold at the edges of her dress, on her table was her black choker which she usually wears over her neck, she quickly grabs it and places it around her neck. It was as if she was hiding something, like a scar or birthmark.

"Never barge in my room unannounced ever again Emerald. Or you will be a pile of ash the next time you do." Cinder clicks her tongue and pushes Tryian aside.

"Ohhh so firey! Just my type. Too bad my heart only belongs to my beloved master!" He grins and then averts his attention to Shadow. "Today is a special day for you boy. Our master has seen your powers and is most impressed. Your trial soon begins."

'Trial? What is he fucking talking about?' Shadow flex's and stretches his arms. 'This human body feels kind of strange? Why do I feel so hungry? Its like I want to eat absorb more grimm and have more human blood...' He looks down and to see his entire arms are covered in blackish fur and grim bones 'Why is my grimm form appearing!? Shit hurry and morph back to a human!'

Dark System: [Negative. You are no longer human. Your aura and mana reserve is low. You must find a source of aura and mana by devouring species who contain aura.]

'You have to be kidding me!? Grimm don't have any aura or souls whatsoever. That means the only energy left is hu-' He looks in the large mirror on Cinder's room, his human face was slowly fading, half of a grim skull was slowly appearing over his eyes and he was turning more grimm-like with a mix of black and red Faunus ears.

God of Darkness:[I told you everything comes with a price foolish boy.]

Everyone in the room slowly turns to look at Shadow, who was covered in a mist of darkness. None of them knew what kind of fearsome beast lied through the mist.


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