RWBY: Dark System
38 Change
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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38 Change

Shadow quickly uses his force powers to freeze the person behind him, "Nice try Cinder, but now the tables have turned!" He turns around and sees Neo floating in the air and gasping for air as her tiny hands were in a force grip position. Her little sexy legs kicked up and down erratically in the air.

"What are you doing here?" Shadow squeezes her neck tighter by clamping his palms tighter together.

Neo shows her scroll phone at Shadow, there was a message on the screen.

Neo: I didn't know you like it rough ;)

Shadow crushed her neck even harder, he wasn't playing around.

Neo: I am justing joking. I need to tell you something. I thought you got my message?

Shadow loosens his grip, "What do you need to tell me that is so important?"

Neo: I can't tell you out in the open, Salem will see us. Just follow me back into my room.

Shadow doesn't buy her words, he charges up a dark Rasengan ball in his palms.

Neo: I need to tell you about an important offer that may interest you. I also know that you aren't from this world.

Shadow stops chocking her and lets her go. Neo starts softly coughing, her mute coughs could barely be heard. She stands up with her face redden and blushed, her hands start typing angrily at her scroll phone. She shoves the phone on Shadow's face.

Neo: "You asshole. That's not how you treat a lady as wonderful and cute as me." She batts her pink and hazel eyes as she holds her chest like a little maiden doll.

"Yeah, whatever. Where is your room?" Shadow asked. He was getting pissed that Neo knew about his secret of being from another world. Luckily she was mute. But he did think about killing her at this very moment.

Neo guided Shadow over her room which ironically looked like a playhouse, there were pink and white curtains surrounding her room.

'Such a colorful room for a psycho killer.' Shadow entered through her room with his hands in his jean pockets.

Neo closes the door behind him and goes to her bed to search for a specific item.

Shadow starts sniffing room her room with his Faunus senses. 'Why does it smell like flowery perfume and human blood...' He looks at Neo cleaning her umbrella blade which was laced in blood. She smiles as she cleans off the bloody blade, her multi-color eyes were filled with sick pleasure. She then continued to search for the item she was looking for.

'That must be from one of her victims. She must have gone on a mission while I was training my powers at the Land of Darkness. She is one ruthless and cruel short stuff. There is no way I can trust her, but she now knows my secret of not being from Remnant. If she tells Salem about my origins I am then that will cause a huge problem on my plans to take over Remant.' Shadow slightly activates his aura mode and nuclear eyes to see through Neo's room. To his surprise, there weren't many weapons or traps stored in her room. It was just a normal 'room'.

Neo's cute pale face puffed up with excitement as she found what she was looking for. She pulls out a blackish customized Scroll cellphone from under her bed, it was hidden inside a metal box. She hands the Scroll over to Shadow and texts him a message.

Neo: I want to say thank you for listening to my past and understanding me. I am also very impressed by your powers I feel like we should join forces without Cinder or anyone else knowing. Not even Salem will know about our partnership. So are you in?" She extended her hands out for a handshake and has her infamous sinister smirk painted on her face.

'Yeah I did listen to her harsh fucked up past life of being a slave and taking rouge assassin jobs just to survive in the harsh world of Remnant, but does she really trust me after I kicked everyone's ass at Salem's throne room, I mean I even turned Salem herself into a tiny girl.' Shadow tries to understand Neo's text message and then comes to a conclusion.

Shadow texted Neo "Do you really trust me?"

She looks at him and adorably nods her head as she puts one finger up in the air in a 'Wait a second' way as she beings to text back.

Neo: "I think you are pretty cool, the way you burned away Cinder's clothes and almost killed everyone in Salem's throne room made me very happy. I have never seen anything so fun in my life! Plus I think your good looking," She winks her eyes.

'Typical response from the craziest and insane girl in the RWBY verse, next to fucking Cinder.' Shadow shakes his head and couldn't hope to grin a little. 'Maybe if I team up with Neo I can get more information on The Knights of Salem, Cinder, and Salem as well getting valuable tools to make me stronger.' Shadow thought about Neo's offer. The scroll she had given him must be a code violation of the faction, but she looked like she didn't care that her life was on the line. In fact, Neo looked very excited and ecstatic that Shadow was alone with her in her girly room.

Shadow puts away the black scroll in his pockets, 'I can probably use this scroll cellphone device to link up with my dark system and feed me more information about this world as well as gaining new combat skills.' He then focuses his attention on at Neo and puts out his hands up for a handshake, "Alright lets team up and kill everyone in our way together." He smirked.

Neo quickly shakes his hand like a little maniac child. Suddenly Shadow grabs Neo behind her head and kisses her in the mouth. His tongue starts cooling around her wet tiny tongue like a viper snake. He his other hand goes lower Neo's back and squeezes her firm muscular thick ass. It was pretty big for a girl of her short 4,9 petite size. Neo starts to blush as Shadow's lips parted her pink glossy lips.

"See you at the battlefield tomorrow." Shadow cooly said as he left her room. As he leaves his room he sees Cinder walking with Adam.

"There you are! Your weapon and new combat gear are ready. Get suited up. We have a mission today." Cinder informs Shadow without realizing who's room he had just left.

"Whatever," Shadow said in a cold tone as he walked past Cinder and pushed her aside with his broad toned shoulder's.

'Good thing I kissed Neo, her semblance is the perfect tool to make some Shadow Clones' Shadow begins to evilly grin as he goes back into his room. His plans were set in motion.


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