RWBY: Dark System
42 Darkness
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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42 Darkness

Shadow slowly walked out from the hellish red mist aura he had formed, his once white hair was now a crimson dark red and black, two long Fenrir wolf ears that had black fur on the outside and white fur in the inside was seen on top of his head. Behind his spine was 4 black wolf tails with white fur tips on each tail(A/N: Refer to cover art for how Shadow looks, also note he has four tails because he hasn't mastered his full form yet).

Around Shadow was a blackish red emitting aura that was so powerful that it melted the frozen solid ice around Neo from a far distance in seconds. She begins coughing and she falls to the floor, her cute little body and pink-brown hair was all wet and soaked.

Winter twirls around her rapier and goes to stab Neo. Shadow teleports faster than the speed of light and grabs the sword blade with his bare hands. His dark sharp feline eyes give Winter a demonic stare. Her whole body starts to shake uncontrollably she could feel the powerful malice and hateful aura of Shadow engulfing her soul. "Gaaaaaah!" Her skin starts bleeding, she was being tortured and defiled by Shadow's corrupt aura.

Shadow quickly punches Winter right on her face, blood spurts from her nose and mouth and her body flys more than several feet ahead like a rag doll.

Neo gets up with a wobble, her tiny was body badly bruised after being stabbed in the chest and trapped inside an icy prison.

Shadow picks up Neo and uses Vector Portal to open a spinning dimension portal mid-air to teleport her somewhere safe. He then focuses his attention at Winter.

He was going to end it all right now. There were 20 huntsmen left and all of them were holding a mass array of weapons. From battle-axs, hammers, swords, and whips to shotguns and machine guns. Some even had prototype Atlas laserguns.

Adam and Cinder were on top of the warehouse main control room. They were trying to release the locks off the giant metal containers which held all of the precious dust. Soon they found the release button and pressed on it. The containers began to shift and wobble until they broke free from the mechanical locks, like the ones which held space doors locked in place.

Cinder heads downstairs with Adam to see how Shadow is holding off against the huntsmen and Winter.

'Is that Shadow!?' Cinder's amber eyes flickered with confusion and amazement at the same time. 'He was a legendary Faunus and dragon Grimm this whole time? What exactly is this kid!? I need that power for myself!" Cinder licks her lips with lust and hunger for more power than she had now. She wanted to suck all Shadow's power for herself.

Adam as well was admired by Shadow's new form, he now had a Faunus with godly powers on his side. The White Fang would surely rise and bring the humans down to their knees.

"Everyone fire!!! Don't hold back! Kill that monster!" Winter commands as she points her rapier forward, her mouth was full of blood after being punched by Shadow.

Shadow charged up all four of his tails and activated his Chakra Mode. He planned to use half of his skills and semblance for one final attack.

His Cero beam, Rasengan, Amaterasu flames fused with his Dark Thunder, Nuclear Heat-Ray, and Vector Portal. On top of that he activated his Mangekyō Sharingan and Demon Eyes to its fullest potential. His demon eyes allowed him to fuse all the attacks and double the attacks power by ten-fold! By adding in demon aura!

An earthquake was formed of how much powerful aura and charka energy that was building up inside of Shadow's Nine-Tail-Wolf Faunus body.

So much power that an actual Black Hole energy ball was formed on Shadow's palms and another black hole ball had been formed on the tip of his four wolf tails.

Shadow's summoned Grimm Dragon disappeared and the rainy grey skies above him turned into total darkness, not even the shattered moon of Remnant could be seen.

Four Atlas mechs began firing at Shadow and the 20 remaining huntsmen all charged ahead with their weapons raised up high. Hundreds of laser beams and lead bullets zoomed towards Shadow. Winter shot out a fury of ice dragons from her sword at Shadow to seal their final attacks.

SFX *Bang! Zap! Cling!Roooar!* The sounds of all the attacks echoed across the destroyed warehouse building(Remeber the ceiling is blasted off so that's why rain is coming in).

Shadow stood still and slowly lifted one hand in the air and then fired his Black Hole Beam attack. Everything in his path was obliterated. All 20 huntsmen and four mechs were vaporized as the beam blasts through the warehouse and exploded nearby mountains into dust.

Adam and Cinder fell to the floor of how powerful the attack was. Luckily for them they had already stocked up all the dust they needed and more inside of the airship!

Shadow saved the last Black Hole Beam(The one on top of four tails) for Winter.

"Any last words?" He points his four tails forward and aims the dark matter sparking beam at her body. Shadow's face was covered in blood and scar marks, his new demonic forming was tearing his body and soul apart. He had also endured all of the huntsmen and Winter attacks.

"You are nothing more than a vile monster!" Winter howls out with a mighty roar as she barely stands up and points her sword at him.

Shadow shoots the Black Hole Beam at her without even thinking twice. He had already embraced his darkness. The whole Schnee Dust Factory exploded into tiny bits of nothing the rocky ground below Winter crumbled and shattered in half. She was vanquished. All that was left was her bloody body that was badly injured. Her white army jacket was ripped and torn, her leather pants were also in tatters, her pale busty half-naked body was on full display as rain pours over her body making her smooth skin look shiny. It was impossible to tell if she was alive. Seeing one of the strongest huntresses defeated so easily and only wearing her silky white bra and panties shook the core of Remnant to its knees. The Ice Goddess had fallen.

"Let's get out of here already. I need more things to kill." Shadow said in a monotone voice as he picked up his broken dragon skull and then painted the side of the mask with the huntsmen and Winters blood. He was going to get his revenge on every huntsman and evil bastard that torture and killed others weaker than them. He was going to rid the world of evil. Even if was evil himself.


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