RWBY: Dark System
43 Aftermath
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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43 Aftermath

>[Dark System]<

[Current Stats]

35 huntsman eliminated!

5 Atlas mecha robots destroyed!

Powerful Huntress Winter Schnee defeated!

+20 Lvls!

+200 HP!

+300 Mana

+440 Aura

+300 Chakra

+ 300 STR

+ 200 DEF

+ 350 AGI

+ 200 STM

+ 200 INTEL

- 50 Karma!

All powers, augments, and bloodline are boosted!(Meaning they are close to their fullest potential)

[Name: Shadow]

Level: 50

HP: 600

Race: Grimm/ Mythical Faunus- [Evolution is close]

Class: Necromancer- Upgrade Graded to Dark Necromancer- You can control and summon forces of darkness at your whim as well as evolve Grimm to their fullest form(Ex: Wveryn can now evolve to full-grown Dragon or Hydra): You can also multiply the number of your army(However you need to kill more and gain others bloodline to summon a huge army of 100 undead)

Semblance: Darkness, Vector Portal, Dark Thunder, Nuclear, (Need 5 more levels to chose final semblance)

Chose Final Semblance- Unlimited Blade Works(Dark Verison which can summon demonic weapons) or chose to make your own semblance.

[Hidden Semblance awaken!]

Bloodline: Silver Eye Variant, Draconic, Nine-Tail Wolf- Evolution activate you will evolve at random.

New bloodline acquired: Saiyan(This bloodline well fuse with your darkness) to unlock this bloodline you need more aura.

Mana: 720

Aura: 740

Charka: 400


STR: 650

DEF: 520

AGI: 750

STM: 500

INTEL: 500

KAM: -50 (Dark)


Dragon Claw, Dark Dragon Thunder, Rasengan, Cero Blast, Amaterasu, Aura Mode, Aura Devour, Death Force, Moonslice[Higher tier: Death Slice], Death Force, [Aura Devour]

[Augments]: Eyes- Sharingan, Demon Eyes, Silver Eyes

Body type: Titan Shifter activate( Shift to a 50-meter titan)= Can transform into Draconic Titan that resembles the Attack Titan but with dragon horns.

Shadow took a quick glance at his upgraded system and his sinister grin becomes even wider. 'Getting more aura should be easy. I will get that Saiyan bloodline no matter what.'

He then turns around to see the destruction he had caused. The whole factory was vaporized and disappeared, the only thing left behind was a sea of blood and bones. Shadow lifted up his hands and absorbed the reaming blood with his necromancer abilities to boost up his aura. Winter laid motionless on the wet muddy ground.

'Why did she join these slave trader bastards? Maybe I should capture her and integrate her.' He clenched his fist.

"What are you doing!? Let's get out of here before more Atlas reinforcement shows up!" Cinder barks out as turns on the airship and smiles at the huge bounty of dust they have collected. Roughly about 1 ton of dust!

Shadow looks at Winter with his dragon skull mask on, "How was she able to survive my attack? What is that aura flowing around her? Wait that's not aura. That's mana!? How can Winter use magic unless... She is a mai- Gaaaah!"

Shadow grips his stomach and pukes out blood, his red Faunus eyes were transforming into something primal.

'Hungry! I need more blood! More humans! Devour them all!' A dark demonic voice rings through Shadow's brain. His primal instincts were taking over. Nearby Shadow was one huntsman who had barely survived the Black Hole Beam blast, "Gaccccck!" The huntsman coughs out blood as struggles to survive, he then points his shotgun at Shadows face and starts firing.

"Take this you sick fuck!" He roars out as he fastly clicks the trigger for his dear life. Shadow teleports in front of him in a flash, he then grabs the huntsman by the neck.

Shadow slowly takes off his dragon skull mask, his glowing red eyes and razor-sharp demonic wolf teeth were seen as his mask fell down the rain covered grassy ground.

"No! Get away from me!!!-" The huntsmans cries out, his pleads were futile. Shadow quickly bites the huntsman face off and crushed his skull with only his wolf teeth, blood splattered all over Shadow's body. He continued tearing apart the huntsman's body with his razor teeth and Faunus wolf claws. Guts and blood violently spewed out into the skies in every direction, not an ounce of mercy was given to the mortal huntsman. Shadow had completely eaten and devoured him! Bloody human meat chunks were hanging from his mouth.

Adam and Cinder watched in horror as the airship hovered up into the greyish rainy skies. The nearby forest trees howled and withered back and forth in a fierce motion. It was like mother nature itself had felt the powerful dark aura emitting from Shadow. This was only the beginning of Shadows wrath and destruction.


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