RWBY: Dark System
45 Overgeared
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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45 Overgeared

Shadow and Cinder finally arrived back at Salem's castle with the 1-Ton containers of dust crystals. Adam was dropped off at the White Fang main headquarters to bring the capture slaves to Sienna Khan for more support.

Salem awaited Shadow and Cinder as they entered inside her throne they noticed that something was a bit 'off'. The whole wooden throne room table was smashed to pieces and the rock walls were completely demolished. The tiny Salem was profusely drinking wine from a crystal glass, her cheeks were red and she was beyond flustered with an angered look on her pale face. Her opal-red eyes shook with rage.

"Um is everything alright?" Asked Shadow as he put down loli Salem's glass of wine, she quickly slapped away his hands. Shadow was now in his young Ozpin human form. It seemed that his Faunus side would only come out when he was in a rageful state.

"Can you believe the nerve of that man! I swear I will have Ozpins head!" Salem crushes her glass of wine into nothingness, not even a single shard of glass was seen falling from her hands. It was magic to the highest degree.

"What has he done this time?" Asked Cinder with her eyebrows furrowed.

"He has this blonde-haired whore with glasses with him with as a sectary! It makes me sick! I want to rip off his head already!" Salem stomps around the room.

'Why is Salem acting like a child? Well, she does look like one, but was my attack so powerful that it transformed her soul and mind?' Shadow scratched the back of his head in confusion.

"Who cares about that I have retrieved a great bounty of dust crystals, almost enough to trap Ozpin inside of. In fact, I believe I have enough to even enhance my body." Cinder smirks as she holds a large ruby color dust crystal in her palms, the crystals started to flicker and spark.

"Excellent! The plan to infiltration Beacon Academy starts tomorrow! Instead of one year of preparations, there will only be 4 months! Hiccuppp!" Salem raises one finger and stumbles around her throne room. She was super drunk. It looked like her loli-form couldn't handle all the wine she was drinking. Shadow and Cinder leave her throne room.

"My majesty! I will take care off you!" Tyrian runs over to her with a worried look on his face, his Faunus scorpion tail drags across the floor. If anyone didn't know better, it seemed that Tyrian rather enjoyed Salem's overly cute loli- form compared to her fearsome scary and bossy immortal form.

At Shadow's room...

*Buzzzzz! Ting! Ting!* sounds of drilling and connecting metal were heard across Shadow's room. He was using his high intellect to create the most perfect and powerful weapon in the world of Remnant. He was also creating high defensive armor, he drew inspiration from the Fate Series, mostly the Berserker(Mad Dog) hell black armor from Fate Zero. But he was also captivated the menacing and tyrannical look of Long Hao Chen's Divine Knight dark black armor. So he thought about fusing four types of armor. Batman's carbon-fiber armor (The one he already had) with the two armor ideas from above. That and he want Guts famous buster sword!

So, the teenage boy spent all day perfecting and molding his craft. He was becoming a high-tier blacksmith and engineer all one day with his high intelligence! He used his body and mind together with his system to create godly weapons of mass destruction. He knew he was going face tougher opponents than Winter (Even though she was pretty though... and sexy). So he had to prepare for whatever enemy he may battle in the future. Shadow was drawing a long list of things to do before he enrolls in Beacon Academy. Things like which powers and augments should he cultivate more. He was thinking of faster ways to cultivate power. Kind of like going inside a time capsule or some kind of rigorous training. If his body wasn't in peak conditions then what be the point of having a powerful system? The system may grant powers, however, Shadow survived this long because he thought of different ways to kill his opponents. Well, aside from the part when he went into full demonic Nine-Tail-Wolf mode. He starts to remember eating a human, "Blarrrrrgh!" He pukes out blood and falls to the floor.

"Did I really eat a human!? What the fuck is wrong with me!" He grips his forehead and then punches the mirror in front of him. The whole mirror was pulverized and so was half of his metallic room. He starts breathing angrily, it was hard to take in the fact that he was a cannibal. 'Whatever. I already said I do whatever it takes to survive and become the most powerful being in this world.'

'Even if I become a monster...'

A soft knock is heard at his door.

"Who's there?" Shadow asked. 'Better not be Cinder'

He gets a text from someone on his scroll. He quickly checks out the message.

Neo: It's me silly :*

Shadow opens the door and sees's Neo who is still badly injured. She has a white tape-bandage over her chest.

Ding! You have received another message!

Neo: Thank you for saving me. You should have just let me die...

Shadow grabs her shoulder, "I would never let you die. We are in this together" He hugs Neo's little body. She starts to blush uncontrollably.

Neo: I have a gift for you. For protecting me and being so kind to me.

She slowly takes off her white and pink jacket coat. Her cherry blossom and hazel multi-colored eyes were full of lust, she wanted to be with Shadow. No one else.

Things were about to heat up...


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