RWBY: Dark System
53 The Destine Meeting
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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53 The Destine Meeting

"Everyone get to class! The start of the second semester begins!" Yells a busty business looking women with golden blonde curly-lock long hair and emerald eyes who was wearing sleek glasses as she swings around her wand and reconstructs the broken Roman statute back into its original state.

Every Beacon student quickly runs away and goes to class in a stampede fashion. They all didn't want to mess with Glynda Goodwitch.

"And where do you think you're going?" Glynda points her black wand at Shadow.

"Um... To class?" He awkwardly smiles as he comically points his fingers ahead at the Beacon Academy building.

"I don't think so. You are in trouble for starting a fight against one of the finest Huntsman in Beacon Academy; Cardin Winchester" Glynda remarked in a snobbish tone as she tilted her glasses up and clicked her tongue.

"Well, I just kicked his ass. I hope no else is as weak as him." Shadow grinned as he flicks his nose in a confident manner.

Blake's heart dropped as she saw how confident and cool Shadow was. She was smitten by him.

"How dare you say such words! You dirty trouble marker! Come follow me to the headmaster's room this instance!" Glynda barks out. 'Who does this boy think he is!? And why does he look like Ozpin!? Only his eyes are different. A deep dark red color.' She rubs her lips in thought.

"Tch. Whatever you say." Shadow rolls his eyes and follows Glynda down the marble halls of Beacon Academy.

"Ooooooh someone is in love!" Yang wraps her muscular arms around Blakes' neck. "No I am not!" Blake blushes and bites her sharp nails.

"Awww you are too cute when you lie." Yang lightly punched Blakes shoulders, "Just shut up Yang! Can you just be quiet for once?" Blake is angered that she heard the word 'lie' because that's all she has been doing to her friends. She was lying that she was fine and nothing was wrong with her, but deep down inside she was hurting and betrayed by someone she once 'loved'. And she was hurt about keeping the White Fang and her affiliation with the terrorist group a secret from her best friends, especially Yang.

Blake storms off into the hallways of the school without ever looking back at Yang.

"Wait! Blake! What did I say!?" Yang cries out as she runs after her. "Just leave me alone for today..." Blake hisses with a cat-like stare and growl.

Shadow made his way into Ozpin's office. This was going to be an awkward conversation.


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