RWBY: Dark System
56 Thank You
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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56 Thank You


Its good to see real readers give me real feedback. I don't claim my fan-fic to be the best RWBY fan-fic. I just want honest opinions. And I will be changing the MC's behavior, thankfully we are at Beacon and tbh that's a good thing I get to show you more of the world of RWBY. So before I post today's chapter. Thank You for everyone who has read my story. I want to let everyone know that from here on out I will only post chapters. Unless something big happens. So with that said without any further interruptions, I will post the 5 plus chapters and 5 more during this week I promised. So vote power stones if you can. But tbh your comments mean more. And if you can support my Patreon:Support:

That would be good too because man the free version of Grammarly is really shifty and misses some words, I want to upgrade it. If anyone has a better editing software they can offer for free let me know. And btw please know that the next chapters will have R-18 content remember this a fan-fic and a work of fiction, but here's the thing every character is 18, only Ruby is 17 so there you go. Eventually, she will grow lol. So if you have any problems with R-18 then don't lash out on me, instead, don't read my story or ask just questions. @@


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