RWBY: Dark System
54 The Destine Meeting: Pt.2
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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54 The Destine Meeting: Pt.2

Shadow was alone with Glynda inside a golden elevator, she was tapping her feet in an impatience manner. It was obvious she didn't want to deal with Shadow and his disrespectful behavior. He was an outlier in the fine establishment of Beacon Academy. The same can be said about Ruby Rose...but she was just a rebel.

'Now that I think about it, Glynda Goodwtich is pretty hot. Wish she was my teacher.'Shadow glanced over at her curvy ample bosoms and toned thick butt, every part of her body was well trimmed like a nice piece of meat.

"Can you stop staring! You filthy pervert! You must be swiftly disciplined!" Glynda blushed and covered her tush with a jacket.

"What I can't stare at something that looks good?" Shadow grinned a toothy grin as the elevator slowly open and made a *Ping!* sound.

Glynda's face exploded with a reddish toned color, with line marks above her cheeks, she was extremely flustered and confusion at the young boys choice of words.

Inside the headmaster Beacon Tower, there was a large circular window above in the ceiling you could see the bright sapphire skies of Remnant and in front of the ceiling was another window where you could see the massive water fountain of Beacon and of course the outdoors garden. It was truly a beautiful sight compared to the Land of Darkness.

'Damn Ozpin's office is lavish as hell. Where does he get all the money to buy this shit?' Shadow walks over to Ozpins desk, a man was already standing next to the main window of the headmaster window. He was overlooking the entire academy as if he was an eagle searching for mischief in the high skies above.

"Ah welcome back Glynda. Aren't you ecstatic for the second semester of Beacon?" The man turns around, his face was extremely handsome and young for his age, he had long shoulder length flowing white hair and brown calming eyes. He looked immortal.

"This new student right here started a fight with Cardin Winscther and caused a huge commotion." Explained Glynda as she walked around Shadow with sass.

"Who won?" Ozpin takes a sip of coffee from his favorite famous white coffee mug that had a silver emblem of two Battle-axes crossing each other.

"I did. I wouldn't even call it a fight." Shadow smiled, he was actually happy to see Ozpin in the flesh.

"WHAT!? Are you serious that is the first thing you asked!?" Glynda screams out as she angrily stomps her feet towards Ozpin in a scolding manner.

"Haha! You are quite an interesting one. Now that I think about it..." Ozpin turns to face Shadow and is mindblown that he looked exactly like him, but with a much younger body and face.

Ozpin goes to Shadow and pokes him in the face with his cane.

"Hey stop that!" Shadow snarls as he smacks away his cane.

"Now this is truly interesting! It is like I am staring at a mirror. Who are you?" Ozpin sits down on his large reclining floating office chair.

"The name is Shadow. I come from the outskirts of Vale and I live alone." Shadow replies as he sits down on a smaller office chair.

"Hmm, that didn't really say much about you. What are your dreams, goals, aspirations?" Ozpin inquired as he puts down his coffee cup and crosses one leg like Salem does.

"My only dream is to become Remnants most legendary Huntsman." Shadow said in a casual tone.

"Ah now, that's a big dream! So who are your parents? Even though I can pass as your father since you practically look like me. Its like I am standing in front of a mirror haha." Ozpin spins his chair around like a giddy child and then takes another sip of coffee.

Glynda was surprised how happy Ozpin looked, he was always so serious and calm, but right now he looked like he was enjoying talking to Shadow.

"My family left me. I only have one lost sister that I am searching for." Shadow said in a cold and distant tone.

"Oh, I am very sorry to hear that. Maybe I can help find your sister. Do have you any idea how she looks like?" Ozpin leans in closer to Shadow and slides him a coffee cup filled with fresh piping-hot coffee.

"I am not really sure. All I remember is that she had raven black hair and strange colored eyes which I can't remember." Shadow takes a sip of coffee and waits for Ozpin to respond.

"I will do all that I can to help find your sister. In the meantime welcome to Beacon Academy! I know you joined at a late time, but every young Huntsman and Huntress is able to join this prestigious school at any time! Well... even though you will have a truckload of assignments to do to catch up on." Ozpin rubs his chin and thinks of something.

"Are you serious!?! We are not going to talk about the fight on school grounds!?" Glynda yells with a frustrated tone as she slams her hands on Ozpin's oak wood office desk.

"Not now Glynda. I am thinking of which class and dorm room I should put our new student in." Ozpin swiftly types on his main computer and then accesses Shadow's huntsman file.

"I think I have the perfect group for you to room in for now, until I find another new team that has an empty spot for you to go in. I like my groups in fours if there is any more than the dorm rooms would get so crowded and uncomfortable for my beloved students. Anyhow, your first class begins right now." Ozpin lefts up his powerful cane weapon which has a steel handle embellished with a pattern, and there is also a large knuckle guard which reaches down the bottom of the handle. The larger area at the bottom of the handle contains small gold-colored gears. It was his Time Cane which can alter time itself, maybe due to Ozpins powerful Light aura and semblance. He taps the cane on the ground and Shadow falls through a hidden vent under the ground.

"Aaaaaaah!" He yells out as he falls down the metal vent.

"Is that really necessary?" Glynda said with her eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes...Well maybe not." Ozpin smirks as looks at the large foyer window again.

'This is going to be an interesting year indeed.' Ozpin thinks about why Shadow looked like him and why was his aura so dark and corrupt. It was like he was seating with Salem's child.

'No it can't be true. I haven't been with Salem in years. Who can that the child be?' Ozpin clenched his cane with a sense of confusion and distraught.

Shadow falls down face first into the marble floors of a classroom. A bunch of students turn and look at him with surprised and shocked faces.

"Hey, isn't that the kid who knocked out Cardin just with one punch?" Whispered a bunch of students. Weiss's head peaks up from the crowd of students, her light blue eyes looked at Shadow with a disgusted look, he was ruining the class session with all the commotion going on.

"Enough talking! Time to get into groups! We are going out for a hunt!" Professor Port proudly says as lefts his finger in the air and wiggles his long white mustache.

"OH MY GOD! It's a young OZPIN! He looks soo cool!!!" Ruby squeals out in a cute nasally way as she bolts towards Shadow and pokes his face in every direction.

"Stop doing that." Shadow snarls as he grabs Ruby's smooth arms mid-air.

'She really is annoying in person, but wow is she beyond cute and adorable. Ah shit, I forgot to report back to Cinder. Whatever that bitch doesn't control me any longer.' Shadow smiles as she stares at Ruby's bright shiny silver eyes and slender body. Ruby was admiring Shadow's overly handsome face and muscular body which could be seen through his black and gold school uniform shirt.

"Ah, I forgot! Please introduce yourself!" Professor Port says as he points his fingers at Shadow.

"Yeah, no thanks. Can I kill Grimm already?" Shadow says as he sits down next to Cardin and puts his legs cooly up on his desk table.

Blake was all the way back in the room and was hiding from everyone else. 'Is that the kid who protected Jaune?" Her black car eats couldn't help but wiggle and twitch with peaked interest.

"Ohoho! I like this new kid already! Out we go! Form groups!" Professor instructed with a jolly laugh as his picks up his books.

'Great now I can show off my powers' Shadow grins and punches his fist together.


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