RWBY: Dark System
57 Show Off: Pt.2
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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57 Show Off: Pt.2

Ruby, Blake, Yang, and Weiss all sprinted towards the Beacon forest in a V-line battle formation.

"Alright, the objective is simple! Deep within this forest lies an array of Grimm beast that varies in species and size! Whoever kills the most Grimm wins the hunt!" Professor Port blows on his gold whistle and everyone was off!

"Follow my lead Shadow!"Ruby thunders out as she jolts and bolts across thick oak forest trees with her lightning-fast speed, beautiful falling rose petals followed her side as she swirled around the air and slice a Bewolf Grimm in half with her giant gun-scythe 'Crescent Rose' and then shot its head off with the sniper barrel located on top of her massive bladed weapon.

Shadow was impressed that such a tiny girl could carry such a heavy weapon, that giant scythe must have easily weighed more than 300 pounds! Maybe Ruby's powerful aura and Silver Eye bloodline had made her little petite body stronger by enhancing her muscles, reflexes, and stamina.

'Damn I didn't know Ruby was this powerful and fast in real life. She really is something else. Plus her legs and butt are freaking thick and muscular as fuck for her size.' Shadow smirked as he looked under her red combat skirt to see her black panties. She was also wearing black school-stockings that go all the way up to her upper thighs and her combat black/red-laced boots as well as her famous red combat skirt.

'Wow all of the girls were actually dressed in their Vol.2 attire which looks badass and sexy.' Shadow is mystified by the gorgeous group of young battle maidens.

Yang fiercely punches a Grimm Ursa on its bear-like skull face and then blasted its head off with her yellow and red shotgun-gauntlets! A small swirl of reddish aura covered her busty body, compared to all of the girls in team RWBY Yang was diffidently the thickest and way more developed, she was truly a blonde bombshell. Her bright violet eyes were also a plus.

Weiss swiftly forms an ice spike summoning glyph and easily kills three nearby Grimm by piercing their skulls and hearts with razor-sharp spears made up of frozen ice dust. Her title of Ice Queen was seen in full motion. She twirled her rapier sword and danced around the attacking Grimm bewolves like a pretty ballerina going into battle, each step she took she had formed an array of black spinning glyphs that looked like snowflakes with spearheads coming out of them(Refer the White Trailer:RWBY).

"Roooooarrrrr!" The bewovles were all killed in an orderly and precise fashion by Weiss's ice spear barrage attack. Blood spurted into the air like fireworks.

"Wow your so amazing Weiss!" Ruby gawks and swoons over Weiss's flawless battle strikes with her rapier sword called'Myrtenaster' it was like a rapier sword, but wider and longer, it was also denser and filled with heavy- Atlas steel. This sword was given to her as a goodbye gift from her older sister when she left go to the Atlas military after finishing her training at Beacon Academy.

"This is too easy." Weiss wipes the Grimm blood off from her sword's blade and sighs, she was still worried about Winter.

"Weiss watch out!!!" Ruby frantically yells. Suddenly out of nowhere a giant and long blackish bony tentacle wraps around Weiss's ankle and lifts her up into the skies. "Aaaaaaah! Unhand me you fiend!" Weiss screams out as she gritted her teeth and begins stabbing the giant tentacle. Four more tentacles wrapped around Weiss's doll-like maiden body and squeezed her tightly, "Gaaaaaah!" She coughs out blood and saliva as her rips were being crushed.

"Weiss!" Ruby shots her gun-scythe backwards and makes her tiny body flew up in the air by the force of her gun-scythe firing projectile bullets.

*Bang!Bang!* She flys up higher to reach her precious snow-white queen, but was quickly stopped as 2 gaint tentacles wrapped around her neck and arms, "Yuccccck! Get off me! And give me back my best friend!" Roars Ruby as her short raven and red hair flutters with the wind, the tentacle Grimm monster didn't care about her worthless words, it was beyond hungry and all it wanted was to eat both girls alive.

*CRUSH!* Its mighty tentacles constricted Ruby and Weiss harder, "Gaaaaah!" They both cried out.

Blake and Yang were both angered and bolted towards the Grimm, "Bumblee Black Formation!" Yang loudly commands as Blake throws her "Variant Ballistic Chain Gun-Katana" around Yang's waist, the blackish chains catapulted Yang towards the tentacle Grimm monster, "Hi-Yaaaaaah!" Yang roars out her battle call and goes to punch the nasty monster with her shotgun-gauntlets.

She was quickly tackled by a Bewolf Grimm and so was Blake. Another beowolf goes to tear off Blakes' head, Shadow swiftly does a backflip and punches right through the bewolf's skull, blood and brain-matter splattered against Blakes frighten face. Shadow barely hard to use any his strength or powers, he was already part Mythical Faunus and Draconic Grimm that alone made him more powerful than anyone in the Academy. Shadow in a flash teleported with his quick 'Flash step' technique, black electric currents followed right behind his body as he bolted towards Yang and literally ripped the Beowolf's head clean off with his bare hands, "WOORAAAAAWOR" Howls the Grimm wolf in pain as its head was completely ripped off from its spinal cord.

*CRACK! POP!* Blood spurts all over Shadow's demonic face which was full of bloodlust. He enjoyed killing things way too much as he was smiling with joy as Grimm blood showered his face.

"Please help us!!!" Cries out Ruby as the tentacle Grimm monster drags her body and Weiss into its eye-ball mouth which was full of shark-like serrated teeth.

Shadow teleports right behind the tentacle monster and clicked a trigger on his newly modified katana, a gear-spring unhinge the base of the Katana and the blade quickly transformed into a Battle-axe that was like Thor's Stormbringer- Ax but a compact version of it. It was painted carbon-black. Shadow focused all of his dark thunder semblance into the katana-ax and slices the huge eyeball monster in half, thunder sparks covered the entire Grimm and exploded its body with a hellstorm of thunder strikes.

"Graaaaaaaaagh!" The tentacle screamed in a tundra of pain as its tentacles and eyeball body turned into bloody sushi meat chunks.

Every huntsman and huntress watches in awe and shock as Shadow killed the biggest Grimm they had ever seen in their mortal lives. The tentacle monster was about 20 meters tall! With 30 meter tentacles!

"Holy crap the new kid is a badass!" Chants a huntress as she jumps up and down, her tits jiggle. Her friend Samantha smiles, she wanted to go out with Shadow so badly to upgrade her status in the acadmey.

"Hey everyone! That new kid is my friend! You see that guys!? Don't miss with me or him!" Jaune proudly says as he raises his knight sword in the air. Cardin angrily grows, he hard large scar bruise on his right eye after getting his ass kicked by Shadow.

Weiss fell down from the skies and landed on Shadow's hands, she was blushing so much that she almost cried. After all, she was almost eaten alive! But she was saved by an unlikely hero.

"Uh-uh let go of me!" Weiss studders as she angrily pounds at Shadow's chest with her delicate pale hands.

"Ok. If you say so." Shadow dropped Weiss on her curvy well-defined ass.

"Ouch! You jerk! I still don't trust you! Even if you saved all of our lives!" Weiss points her fingers at him, her white hair was all messy and full of tentacle monster blood, "Eeeekkkk! God this is disgusting! Way to ruin my new dress! I could have handled that tentacle monster myself!" Weiss curses as she stomps her feet and pokes Shadow's buff chest.

"I am pretty sure you needed my help. Ice Bitch." Shadow places his huge and long War-ax over his broad shoulders and walks away.

"WHY YOU!" Weiss storms away towards Professor Port who at the moment was taking a selfie with his shirt off. 'I know you are hungry from some fine Port' He mumbles to himself.

"Professor he is cheating! Disqualify the new student!" She points at Shadow in an angered fashion. Port quickly puts back his shirt without Weiss noticing he was half-naked.

"Weiss what are you doing!? Shadow saved all our lives! We owe Shadow our lives!" Ruby hollers out as she runs over to Weiss.

"I am afraid I cannot disqualify the new student! Because he is the first young huntsman to ever take down a Land Kraken! That and he also took down 10 other Grimm! This new child is a prodigy of the highest caliber!" Port walks over to Shadow to congratulate him.

"He is not a prodigy! He is a monster! I saw him use dark aura!" Weiss snarls and curses even louder than before as she storms away back to her room

'Wow, Weiss really is a bitch. Even after I saved her she is calling me out and insulting me? She even hates my guts!? That short snow-white bitch.' Shadow growls as everyone celebrates around him.

Hours after hunting competition...

"I wonder if I should have held back a little...Naw probably not. Well, I finally get to get a good nights rest. I wonder who is my dorm roommates." Shadow knocks on a wooden dorm door that had a key-hole golden doorknob.

Someone slowly opens the door, all he sees in the darkness of the room was cold icy light blue eyes staring back at him, on one of the blue eyes was a line-scar mark.

'You got to be fucking kidding me,' Shadow swallowed hard. His worse nightmare had come true.


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