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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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58 Sin

"What in the blazes do you want?" Weiss Schnee coldly snarls as she gives Shadow a cold glare with her ice blue eyes.

"Who's at the door Weissy-poo?" Ruby giggles happily as she was playing videos games with Yang.

"It's no one." Weiss quickly closes the door, but Shadow's reflexes were way faster than hers as he grabs the door before it closes.

"Alright that's enough, step in any closer and I will freeze you to death." Weiss points her rapier, which had a revolver gun barrel that was filled with elemental dust from all the elements, Fire, Ice/water, Earth, and Air at his face.

"That's a nice way to welcome your new roommate," Shadow says in a sarcastic way as he winks at her and smirks.

"WHAT!?" Weiss tries to hold in her scream of shock and surprise, but she couldn't.

"Are you okay Weiss!? I coming to save you!" Ruby bolts towards Weiss and by accident she trips on a remote control that was on the floor and pushes Weiss's body hard against Shadow's chest.

"Aaaaah!" Weiss's perky breasts landed right on Shadow's face, 'Fuck! I can't hold it in any longer' Shadow's primal wolf Faunus instincts were slowly coming out. Weiss's icy breathe prickles Shadow's face and lips as Shadow was lying flat on the ground with Weiss on top of him in a missionary position with her slender legs spread out right on top of his crotch area.

"Wooaaaaah! Weiss you dirty girl!" Yang hollers out as rises her can of diet soda high in the air in a 'toast to the steamy relationship' way.

Weiss lifts off her tiny perky almost C-cup breasts from Shadow's face, her pale face had become completely red as if it were about to explode at any second. Shadow was also blushing, he hadn't been this close up to a stunningly gorgeous and classy nice smelling girl like Weiss Schnee in awhile, well next to the cute bite-sized Neo.

"What are you doing here?" Ruby asked Shadow with confusion in her eyes and as she stands and rubs her injury on her forehead that she got from clumsily tripping on a remote control.

"I am your new roommate." Shadow casually states as she fixes his messed up long white hair and black school uniform then flexes his biceps.

"WHAT!!!" Yells out all of the team RWBY girls in unison.

"Yeah...So let me in already," Shadow pushes aside Ruby and then feels a sharp pain in his body.

[Dark System- You need to rest body in order to fully recharge and restore system- you have 50 new stats and upgrades, your Saiyan bloodline is 90% complete to be unlocked!]

'Ah shit. I need to find somewhere to sleep.' Shadow looks around the dorm room and it soon hit him harder than a brick being shot from a 50 cal. sniper that there weren't any extra beds to sleep in. He would have to share with one with one of the girls!

'Well, this is going to be awkward. I hope I control myself," Shadow gritted his teeth and bites his tongue, it was like he was a wolf in a barn full of helpless sheep ready to be slaughter and eaten alive by the more dominant species. An apex predator like Shadow was. What's worse was that all four girls were in their PJs!

'Please do not think with your dick.' Shadow mottos to himself over and over in his mind.

"So where is our new roomy going to sleep!?" Ruby grabs his arms and has a bright giddy smile on her adorable kiddish face.

Blake by instinct quickly raises her hands.

'What the hell?! Blake never wants to sleep with me!" Yang is pissed off as sees her own best friend offering her comfy bed to a handsome hot stranger who happens to look like a young Ozpin.

'Oh no. Not my favorite girl,' Shadow bites his tongue even harder until it bleeds. He had a thing for cat-girls. This was going to be a long night.


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