RWBY: Dark System
66 Catharsis
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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66 Catharsis

Shadow rushes towards Pyrrha as she presumes a spartan phalanx formation battle stance. Pyrrha's circular golden shield was held in the middle of her chest, while on her other hand she held her javelin spear.

She had formed a perfect mixture of combat and defense, she had no openings or weak spots that Shadow could pierce.

Shadow did a double- tiger kick in the mid-air. He was fast as a wolf and agile like one as well.

SFX *Cling! Ting!* Shadow's black boots keep on striking Pyrrha's shield with an aggressive deadly force. Each kick made the ground below her crack and crumble into fissures. Shadow's Faunus ears(A/N: His wolf ears are hidden, for now, he is using his human ears) to pick up Pyrrha's first strike. She charged forward with her javelin, her strike was so super quick and precise that she almost stabbed out Shadow's eyeballs.

'Damn she's quick! Her semblance must also pick up the sound waves of my movements. She really is a worthy opponent. A truly skilled warrior.' Shadow slides back and doges Pyrrha's forward jab strike.

"You sure know how to doge and fight," Pyrrha says with a grin, she hadn't had a real fight in ages. She was enjoying herself.

"You sure know how to use sharp weapons," Shadow smiled as he spun around his Katana-ax and then pressed the trigger at the bottom of the weapon so he can transform the battle-ax back into a onyx carbon katana blade.

"Let's see if you can block this!" Shadow bolts forward with his long katana raised out to his right side in a horizontal position(Like air-plane wings).

"Hi-yaaaaaaaa!" Pyrrha parried forward with her javelin and both of there attacks collided.

[Moonslice] Shadow whispers into Pyrrha's ears. He actives Adam's counter semblance.

"Gaaaaaaah!" Pyrrha's own Polarity semblance and her weapon fired back at her.

Her whole golden armor was crushed and shattered. Her busty and athletic half-naked body was fully exposed. She was now wearing nothing but a sexy rosy red bra and golden silk panties that were very thin. So thin that her pussy lips could almost be seen through them. Her face was badly hit and injured by Shadow's moonslice attack as well. Blood leaked down her cheeks.

"Pyrrha!" Jaune runs over to her side. "Shadow what did you do!? Contain your powers!" Jaune yells out.

"I am alright Jaune." Prryha coughs and blushes as she covers her half-naked body. She was never so embraced in her life.

Shadow rubs the back of his head, "My bad Pyrrha. I must have taken this fight too seriously-"

Pyrrha quickly slaps him in the face, "Don't ever talk to me again! I want another rematch tomorrow! How dare you make a fool of me! Next time I won't hold back! " She says angrily. She didn't like losing the fight to Shadow. She didn't like loosing in general.

Pyrrha storms off back to her dorm room while covering her huge watermelon shaped breasts. She was really well-endowed for a girl her size and age. She was both angelic and sexy.

'Man now I feel bad for hitting Pyrrha, but wow does she look hot without her armor.' Shadow licked his lips. But in reality, he was truly angered about himself. He wanted to control his powers so he won't end up killing everyone. Yet just now he almost killed Pyrrha. Rage and hatred was growing once again inside of him. His blood was boiling.

"Shadow you really are monster." Jaune coldly said as he runs after Pyrrha to comfort her.

"Whatever tell me something new," Shadow sighed as he looked his bloody hands after he hit Pyrrha. He then sniffs her blood and starts to lick it off his hands. 'Damn this taste good. God what the fuck is wrong with me.' He shakes his head with shock in his eyes and walks back to team RWBY's dorm room.

Suddenly someone punched Shadow in the back of the head. He was caught off guard so he wasn't able to hear or smell someone behind him.

"You think I forgot what you did to me! You fucking piece of shit!" Cardin cracks his knuckles around him was his hooligan friends Russel Trush, Dove Bronzewing, and Sky Lark. These four troublemakers were called team CRDL( Cardinal).

Russel had a spiky neon green mohawk and opal eyes, his wore biker gang clothes and was kind of muscular compared to Jaune. Dove looked like your average douche bag, with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. Sky Lark had silver sleeked hair, that was combed back.

"Who the fuck are you morons." Shadow stands up and wipes his own blood from his mouth, he wasn't fazed at all by the four bigger male students.

"We are the ones who are going to kick your ass!" Cardin pulls out a silver vial of dust and tosses it over at Shadow' face. A gust of purplish dust hits his face

"Hack! Hack! What the fuck is this shit!?" Shadow starts coughing and covering his mouth. Suddenly a large Warhammer slams against Shadow's chest "Gaaaaaah!" He screams out in pain.

'Why didn't my semblance block his attack!' Shadow's body rolls across the forest bushes. It was late at night so no had any idea what was going on. For Cardin, it was the perfect time to strike Shadow. Cardin was a sneaky and nasty bastard enjoy seeing others in pain. He especially found joy in torturing and bullying Faunus students in Beacon. He would tease and haze Velvet Scarlatina all the time for her long rabbit ears.

'Was something inside of that dust vial that he tossed at me?' Shadow coughs at blood, Cardin must have broken one of his ribs.

The other bullies all joined in the fun and put on golden brass knuckles.

"This is for hitting our leader!" Russel punches Shadow right in the cheeks, blood spurts on to Russel's sicking face which was enjoying beating the shit out of Shadow.

"Hey, guys hold him down," Cardin says with a dark and nasty grin as he cracked his knuckles.

Russel and Sky quickly grab Shadow under his armpits and hold him tightly so that Cardin can have his way with Shadow.

"Aaaaaah! Take this! And this!" Cardin punches the living hell out of Shadow who couldn't block a single punch with his semblance or any of his powers. His face was getting smashed in by Cardin.

"You call that a fucking punch!?" Shadow spits his blood on to Cardin's face.

"Oh, I am going to like this!" Cardin does a knee kick against Shadow's stomach almost knocking the wind out of him.

"Haaccccck!" Shadow coughs out more blood. "Hahaha! Yeah! Show him who's the King of Beacon!" Laughs all Cardin's friends.

'Tch your all the fucking same! Pieces of shit like you should just die!' Shadow starts remembering his past. How every human treated him like dirt and how they always beat him to a bloody pulp because he was weak. He remembered how they would always pick on his sisters and make fun of his family for being poor. Every human made his life a living hell.

'I won't let this happen anymore! Not when I have power! I already know what I am! I am a fucking monster!" Shadow's eyes turned a dark demonic glowing red. His dark aura and charka exploded off the charts. Hatered ensnared and consumed his soul and body.

[Ding! Powers Awakening!]

"What the fuck is this surge of power!?" Cardin said as he stepped back from Shadow and ready himself for another punch.

"Whatever it doesn't matter! I am going to beat you up so fucking hard until your dead!" Cardin goes in for another punch.

Shadow swiftly grabs Cardin's knuckles with a wide bloody grin.

>>[Dark System On]<<

'Your all dead' Shadow crushes Cardin's knuckles, "Gaaaaaah!" The bully screams in overwhelming pain

The Shadow Slayer has unleashed once again.


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