RWBY: Dark System
70 Courage
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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70 Courage

(A/N: The first paragraph will have spoilers)

Shadow couldn't sleep during last night. His mind kept spinning with ideas of how to become more powerful. He wanted to control his new Saiyan powers and his two bloodlines. So in total, he has three bloodlines. Draconic Grimm, Nine-Tail-Fenrir(Faunus), and now he has a Saiyan bloodline. He must be the most powerful and unbeatable being in Remnant. His only rival would be Ozpin and Salem. Ozpin had the powers to control time and he was also immortal, he had hundreds of years of vast knowledge from his past reincarnations. Ozpin also had the most powerful magical abilities in Remnant, he was able to create the four maidens himself with his strong magic powers. He could make the impossible, possible. In a way, his body was full of mana and aura energy that no Legendary Huntsmen or Huntress could ever match. Not even the forces of Grimm or the Silver Eye warriors stood no chance against Ozpin. However, his magical powers came at a price. The more he reincarnated the more his magic powers become weaker and so does his past memories. The truth about Ozpins past is perhaps one of the saddest tales in Remnant. Because his past was tied to the one person he loved the most. A love that could never be broken or forgotten. A love that was immortal...

Salem's powers, on the other hand, was just pure darkness. Her abilities to summon thousands of Grimm maybe even millions, made her a grand Dark Necromancer that ruled over the Land Of Darkness with a mighty fist. Out of the two, it was clear that Salem was way more powerful than Ozpin. However, her weakness was much like Shadows. Both Shadow and Salem could not fully control their hateful emotions, thus they cannot fully control their powers.

Shadow gritted his teeth and clawed at the bed with his wolf claws. He was having a nightmare.

Beacon Academy was being consumed by blackish demonic flames, through the black flames stood a fully evolved Nine-Tail-Fenrir Shadow with glowing red eyes, he was covered in human blood.

The blood of everyone in Beacon Academy and Vale.

"NOOOO!" He quickly wakes up and tries to move his arms, but he was tied down.

'What the fuck is this!?' Shadow looks around Team RWBY's room and sees his hands being held down by all of the girls in the dorm room.

Weiss has a sick and sinister smug grin on her face. Yang has a serious face. Blake has a... 'Blake face' which doesn't really change in emotions, and Ruby has a flustered face, full of red line marks.

"I am going to tell you this once. What did Ruby see in the bathroom? She has been acting strange since last night." Yang says as she cracked her knuckles and flexed her muscular arms. For a girl her age, she was packing some mighty fine guns. She easily was one of the most psychically fit girls in the room, she must have gotten her genes from Raven the red-eyed demon. It's ironic to think that Shadow had Yang's mother as a slave in his Necromancer Realm. Ready to be summoned into battle at his the power of his will.

"I don't know ask Ruby yourselves. You know you guys can't hold me down forever!" Shadow has a pissed off face.

"Just watch us," Wiess says as her smug smile becomes widen. She looked like a little ice queen psycho. Her snowy white hair was finally not in a ponytail.

"You look good with your hair down." Shadow grins with a wink.

"W-wa-wa-What!? Um ah!? Really it does?" Weiss starts combing her messy long white bed-hair back into to perfect condition to impress Shadow even more. Secretly she had actually liked him, this was why she was being so mean to him. But that's the way Weiss Schnee works. One minute she hates your guts, the next minute she loves you to death.

"Don't listen to his smooth talk! I swear you are just like Ozpin!" Yang clenches her fist and punches a nearby lamp into pieces.

"Maybe I am." Shadow was charging himself up to break out of all the four girls strong grip-hold. 'Damn for teenage girls they are very strong! Does everyone in Remnant have super-strength or something?"

"Yang that's enough. We have a long day ahead of us and my head really hurts. I am going to the library." Blake said in a sad monotone voice.

"Wait can I go with you?" Asked Yang in a happy tone.

"No. I want to go alone. Just let go of Shadow already he didn't do anything wrong." Blake sighs and blushes as she imagines the holy sight of seeing Shadow's huge godly dick.

"Ruby what did you see in the bathroom? Just tell us already!" Yang turns and shouts at Ruby.

"I saw...I saw... I saw his giant meat stick! It was sooo big!-" Ruby cries out as her puffy pale cheeks are consumed by a rosy red blush. The imagine of Shadow's godly dick was still burned into her pure innocent mind.

Shadow quickly used his Mangekyō Sharingan and Demon Eyes to erase Ruby's and everyone else's mind in the dorm room and slightly freeze time so she no one in the room would know what happened in the bathroom.

'What a fucking waste of my powers' Shadow easily breaks free from the four frozen girls and then walks out the door while putting on his black-biker fur jacket (A/N: One in the cover art).

Shadow then snaps his fingers and the four girls were set free from Shadows powerful illusion Jutsu.

"What the hell just happen?" Yang said while rubbing her eyes.

"I have no clue..." Weiss light blue eyes look around the room with confusion. "Um, where did Shadow go?" She asked.

Ruby was now in the corner of the room, thinking about last nights events. By surprise, Ruby's Silver Eyes had protected her memories. Thus she still was beyond flustered about seeing Shadow's 12inch meat member.

Shadow walks by himself towards the cafeteria, suddenly someone grabs his shoulders and pulls him in the hallway.

"Hey! What the fuck!?" Shadow turns around and sees's Jaune who was holding a sapphire jewel box in his hands. It was like a gift box.

"Oh, it's you. What do you want?" Shadow asked with an annoyed expression. Mechonoly you can call it.

"Well, uh-ah it's just." Jaune is stuttering while tapping on the gift box.

"Just spit it out," Shadow said while looking at his scroll and checking out his text messages.

Text from Neo; [Guess who's coming back baby ;) I will be waiting for you]

'Fuck this is not good. One more psycho I have to worry about besides Cinder.

Text from Cinder; [Our plan begins tomorrow once the Prom Dance begins]

"It's just... I want you to help me ask out Weiss to the prom today!. I think I don't think I have the courage to ask her myself!" Jaune says in a sad tone.

'Fuck why is Jaune so pathetic? If someone powerful could train him, then he would become a badass Huntsman. But I don't have time for that shit. Or the time to help him get that bitch Weiss.

"Look man. You have the courage to ask her yourself. Don't be afraid. Plus Weiss is an ice-cold bitch I don't know what you see in her." Shadow replied to Jaunes pitiful demands.

"She is not a bitch! She is nice, kind, caring, smart, and just all around perfect! Did I tell you she can also sing!" Jaune praises out the Ice Queen like a helpless fanatic.

"Ugh. Fine I will help." Shadow sighed he just wanted to get this bullshit out of the way so he could start cultivating his powers again.

"Great! By the way, who are you taking to the prom dance?" Jaune smiled as he fixed his long golden blonde hair, he was ready to slay the heart of the Ice Queen.

"I don't know.' Shadow vaguely thought about Blake, but she hated his guts after he kissed her so aggressively and randomly. He then thought about Pyrrha, but that would just be plain weird since their personalities are complete polar opposites. Diffidently a light vs dark vibe. Regardless of who he picked he knew one thing.

'If Neo sees me with any other girl than they are dead. That murderous short pink ice cream girl has no morals or compassion for anyone that gets in the way of her love and goals. But whatever I just want to have some fun, before everything goes to hell.' Shadow was now thinking who he would take to the Beacon prom dance.


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