RWBY: Dark System
71 The Pas
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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71 The Pas

"Hey, Zak! Do you want to go to the park today!?" Happily shouts Amber over on the phone.

"Sorry I can't I am taking care of someone..." Zak sadly said as he hangs up the phone and goes to his mother's room.

She was laying down on her bed and coughing heavily, she tries to get some pills on a nearby lamp table. She had an extreme sickness that kept her bedridden for the past 2 years.

"Hack!Hack!" She starts coughing even louder than before and falls off her bed.

"Mother!" Zak runs over by her side and saves her from hitting her head on the wooden floor.

"What did I tell you about moving from your bed! You're always over stressing yourself! Just rest!" Zak picks up the medication from the floor as he gritted his teeth.

'Godammit! If only I had more money! I could help out my own mother! That bastard father of mine is never here when we need him!" Zak punches the wall and starts crying. He had to take care of his mother and pay all the bills of the apartment at the same time. That's why he was playing competitive video games so much. So he could get some prize money from winning gaming tournaments. He even stayed up for 10 hours streaming just to get enough money to buy food for him and his mother. He never had time for anyone, not even his girlfriend. Who he loved with all of his heart, but his love was soon fading with all the things he had to do.

Zak went over to his mother and grabbed her cold hands, "I promise I will help you will get better. I am here for you, no matter what." He starts hugging her tightly.

Zak was close to snapping, he couldn't take this life anymore. He knew that the next few years would be hell. He would have to go his last year of high school and endure the hazing once more. The bullies would always take whatever money he had. And if he didn't have any money they would just beat the shit out of him. He was always outnumbered. His martial art skills wouldn't help him out.

Shadow wanted to go to college and get his degree so he had to deal with the assholes of his high school who all hated that he was dating the most popular girl in school(Amber).

Zak stood up and kissed his mother goodbye on her forehead.

"My son, don't stress yourself out. You will become a great man." Zak's mother starts coughing even more as she has a warm and caring smile on her face. Her sickness had gotten worse.

Zak nods his head. "I swear I will do all it takes to help you." He slightly smiles as he goes to school. All Zak could remember was seeing his mother's silver eyes full of tears.

Present day Beacon Academy....

"Why the hell did I remember that? Was that really my mother!?" Shadow spaced out when he was talking to Jaune.

"You okay man?" Jaune asked with worry in his blue eyes.

"Yeah...I'm alright" Shadow looks at his shaking hands. His past memories were slowly coming back to him like a wildfire.


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