RWBY: Dark System
72 Too many choices
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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72 Too many choices

"So um how you going to help me ask out Weiss to the prom?" Jaune said as he walks over to lunch line and grabs a tray.

"Like I give a fuck," Shadow said in an angered way as he snags up a tray of food.

"Woah I was just asking a question," Jaune eyes were wide with shock of Shadow's response.

"I am sorry. Its just I got a lot of things going on." Shadow sits down by himself.

"What's the matter you can tell me." Jaune went to sit with him.

"I want to eat by myself." Snarled Shadow as he scuffed down a giant steak, his razor-sharp canine teeth tore right through the muscle tissue of the steak.

Jaune was afraid of how Shadow was acting, it was like he was seeing a wild wolf eating at lunch room. But the wolf looked like a young Ozpin.

"Alright, I will leave you alone," Jaune has a sad face as he walks away from Shadow. He really wanted Shadow's help to ask Weiss out to the prom. But he also wanted to spend time with his new friend.

"Yeah... Its good to be alone. I was always alone..." Shadow throws away his food and walks out towards the school's forest. It was the same forest where he fought Pyrrha and punched Cardin and his dumbass friends into oblivion.

Shadow spreads out his hands and focuses all of his mana inside of palms, "Aaaarrrrrgh!" He released his Necromancer powers and summoned Raven Branwen and Winter Schneee at the same time.

Two blackish demonic summoning glyphs were formed on the forest ground. From the glyphs raised Raven and Winter souls. Shadow smacked his hands together and used his sixth path of reincarnation by fusing his mana with his chakra.

He had fully resurrected both female warriors, one of fearsome fire and the other of blizzarding ice. They both looked astoundingly gorgeous and deadly as they both wore their combat dresses.

"Let's see how long you two can last against me. Give me a fight worthy of my time." Shadow slides back his legs and transformed into a Super Saiyan, "AAAAAAAH!" His white hair turned a golden bright color and a gigantic surge of golden/dark red Ki encircled his body.


[New Skill acquired!]

Shadow quickly opened his dark system only with his eyes as he got in a battle stance to fight the summoned Winter and Raven.

[Six Path Reincarnation Multiverse: You can now summon anyone from any world to help assist you in battle]

"Well things just got more interesting," Shadow smirked as he charged up a mini Spirit Bomb that was full of dark ki energy. This was truly one Shadow's strongest second attack, however, if he fully mastered it then it would be his most powerful attack ever!

'I wonder who I should summon from the dead from another world...' Shadow's silver eyes beam with anticipation of using his new summoning powers.


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