RWBY: Dark System
73 Forbidden Summon
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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73 Forbidden Summon

'What are the limits to the Six Paths of Reincarnation?' Shadow asked his dark system while fighting off Raven and Winter with one hand. He swiftly shot out his dark spirit bomb from both of his palms and easily exploded both the female warrior's bodies without a sweat. Their blood and guts splatter against Shadow's unfazed face.

>>[You can only summon a maximum of 5 souls from any multiverse realm for approximately 1 day only]<<

[The more powerful the entity you are summoning the more Ki, Chakra, and Mana you must use to summon the entity which in return will drain your powers]

'Sounds like a double edge sword. On one edge I get 5 powerful allies to help me in battle, on the other edge I lose a great amount of power energy and aura.' Shadow walks around the forest in circles. He snaps his fingers and comes to a conclusion.

'If I going to summon someone, then why don't I summon someone who has the same powers as me so I won't lose too much power energy and aura. So for my first five summons, it's pretty clear.'

"Six Paths of Reincarnation!" Shadow calls out as he slits his wrist and lets his blackish draconic Grimm blood spill onto the rocky ground below to form an ancient summoning symbol.

He then used all his charka and ki and slams both of palms onto the summoning symbol and summoned the five beings he had chosen.

There was a sudden earthquake movement and the ground started to crack and split apart from the sheer power and force of Shadow's dark ki and charka.

From the summoning, symbol rose five figures which were covered in shadows and black Grimm blood(Kind of like the Grimm monsters rising from the Land of Darkness pools of black).

"First I summoned someone who could adapt with my Draconic Grimm powers," Shadow says to himself as he walks around a buck naked Irene Belserion. Her tall and voluptuous sexy mature body stood up from the sticky black bloody liquid around her. She had thickly braided, bow-adorned scarlet hair and dark brown devilish eyes.

"Who dares summons me! Do you have a death wish!" Irene thunders out as her massive 34G sized breasts swing around like fleshy holy mountains.

Shadow snaps his fingers and silences her with his powerful Death Force skill.

"Gaaaaah!" She falls to her thick knees, no matter how powerful she was, she was no match for Shadow who was almost a Dark God in this world. All he needed to do was kill Salem and Remnant would be his for the taking.

"Next I summoned someone who could fully master and integrate his necromancer skills with mine," Shadow went next to Ainz Ooal Gown, the huge Elder Litch skeleton body humanoid rose from the ground in a fearsome and dark evil way. His powers and darkness affinity were on the same level as Shadow. Maybe even darker.

"So its really Ainz Ooal Gown in the flesh. I mean in the bone. Eh, you get what I mean. Its good to have someone who is smart and cunning and good at calculating battle plans. Also, your necromancer skills go along just great with mine. The name is Shadow." Shadow reaches out his hands and Ainz Ooal Gown humbly accepts. Out of nowhere, Albedo is behind Ainz. "Ainz-Sama! What happen!?" Albedo cried out as her huge pillowy amazing breasts and a plump thick ass jiggles in all the right places from her tight white dress.

"And where am I? Why have I been summoned?" Darkly said Ainz as he scanned around his surroundings in a confused manner.

"Don't worry about it. Right now you serve alongside me." Shadow claps his hands together and increases his sealing Jutsu on Ainz Ooal Gown. 'I have to keep my distance and powers focused on Ainz or I am dead meat.'

"You know your sealing powers don't work on me. Now if you excuse me I have unfinished business to intend to. Only summon me when something important happens," Ainz quickly opens a portal just by snapping his fingers and goes through it. Suddenly the portal closes.

Shadow closed it by using his vector portal skill, a powerful version of Raven's portal semblance.

"Ah, you truly are a powerful one." Ainz's glowing red ruby eyes become even brighter with peaked interest. He wanted to know more about Shadow's powers.

"For my final three I summoned Itachi Uchiha(To train my Sharingan), Kaguya Otosuki(Because of her being the first wielder and user of chakra, she can teach me to become stronger with my charka and Jutsu control), and last I summoned...Summer Rose."

(A/N: I want to say thank you to everyone. This story is currently the number 1 RWBY fan-fic on this site. Never did I imagine that I would be able to write about my favorite series which has inspired many of my stories. This fan-fic will always be my first one. And I am proud how far it has gone. Yes I know it is not perfect, nor even close to the original. However, I enjoy writing it and I hope you guys enjoy reading it.)


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