RWBY: Dark System
86 I choose you!
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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86 I choose you!

"Ooohhh dammnmmmmn!" Ruby shouts with a chuckle as she saw Shadow slaps Glynda's big fat booty. Glynda was truly a hot smart milf. Her glasses made her look even sexier.

"How disgusting and beyond rude! You dirty dog! I should kill you for such a demeaning act!" Glynda twirls around her wand and forces Shadow against the wall with her reconstruction reversal time magic. The wall Shadow had smashed with his fist was now fixed by Glynda's powerful semblance and magic. It was the first time Shadow had seen full fledge magic next to Raven powers. However, Raven was taken out swiftly with Shadows Black Hole Beam. Shadow knew that Raven wasn't some hot chick to mess with.

"Your ass was begging to be slapped. So I had to do it, Goodbitch," Shadow grinned as he slapped Glynda's ripe tush again, but this time he squeezed and caressed it like he was molding clay.

"Sweet mother of god!!! Do you have any sense of morals or dignity!!!?" Weiss screams to the top of her lungs with a prissy tone. "That is the headmasters' advisor!" She adds in with a snarl and a death stare.

"Goodbitch has a nice ass. What I can't smack it? It's not like your going to do anything about it" Shadow said as he cooly puffed his jacket collar.

"You have some fucking mental problems!" Weiss angrily growls as she actually flicks her fingers. She was slowly snapping by Shadows fuck up behavior she was becoming the Dark Ice Queen or Bleiss for short. Her classy and elegant behavior was gone.

In a way, Shadow was changing every girl he met. He had also caught their attention and slain their hearts.

"So who are are you going with to the prom with cool guy! Please gooo with mweee!" Ruby cutely jumps on top of Shadow's chest.

"Ruby!What are you doing!? Get off him! He is a monster and a bastard!" Weiss yells as she points her rapier at Shadow.

" I would like to go with you." Shadow smiles as he hugs Ruby in front of Weiss.

"WHAT!?" Weiss,Blake, and Yang scream out.

"Your still not off the hook!!! I swear on my life you will get punished and expelled!" Glynda roars as she slams the dorm room door shut of Team RWBY.

"Shadow I thought we were going to the prom together?" Says Blake with a sadden and angered face. She actually wanted to go with him after smacking Glynda's ass and him fingering her sweet pussy!?

"Well, I don't mind if you go to the prom with me! There's not really that many real men in this academy like you." Yang says with a low chuckle. Secretly she didn't want Shadow to go to the prom with Blake. So she cockblock Blake.

"NO! He will be going to the prom with me! He owes the whole world after the embarrassment he has put me through!" Weiss screams with fire in her icy eyes. She remembered the day when Shadow made her piss herself. She would never forget.

All the girls were fighting over Shadow. After all, he had saved all four of their lives like a badass motherfucker and he was the most powerful student in Beacon Academy! Who wouldn't want to be with the godly handsome and powerful Shadow!

"Alright that is enough! I chose all four of you to go to the prom with me!" Shadow thunders out to make the girls stop fighting each other.

"NO FAIR!!!" They all yelled while pulling on both of Shadows arms like frisky spoiled vixens.

'This is going to be a long day' Shadow sighed and smiled.

(A/N: Chapter written on my phone 📱)


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