RWBY: Dark System
93 Dance the night away Pt.2
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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93 Dance the night away Pt.2

Shadow soon made it to the outdoors foyer balcony and sees the shattered Remnant moon shone over Pyrrha's elegant goddess face and heavenly body.

"It's a beautiful sight isn't it?" Said Shadow as he walked towards Pyrrha. He was referring to the moon and starry skies. Billions of glimmering shiny stars covered the entire darkened skies. But in a way, he was also talking about Pyrrha.

"It sure is..." Pyrrha rubs her slender elbows and sighs. Her face was filled with disappointment. It was like she was waiting for someone to take her away from her golden castle prison. She was trapped by her own high status and prestige.

"So...Where's your date?" Shadow asked he laid his back against the cement balcony edge and faced Pyrrha.

"I don't have one..." Pyrrha slightly blushes with embarrassment and turns away from Shadow. One her scarlet bangs elegantly falls down her emerald eyes.


"Are you serious? You are the star child of this Academy. Your the smartest, the strongest, and most successful young Huntress. Surely one person has asked you out?" Shadow said as he walks over to Pyrrha and gently moves aside the hair that was covering her perfect face and eyes.

Prryha gleaming green eyes start to shake and she softly speaks, "I've been blessed with incredible talents and opportunities. I'm constantly surrounded by love and praise, but when you're placed on a pedestal like that for so long, you become separated from the people that put you there in the first place." She puts her hands together and turns away from Shadow to face the moon.

"Everyone assumes I'm too good for them. That I'm on a level they simply can't attain. It's become impossible to form any sort of meaningful relationship with people. But you are different Shadow. I have been waiting for a real man like you all of my life. Someone who is actually stronger than me. Someone who can actually fight toe to toe with me. I have waited for Jaune to tell me his true feelings. But I have waited long enough." Pyrrha grabs Shadow's hands and then softly kisses him in the mouth. She remembered how Shadow fought off Cardin to protect Jaune and he killed all the Grimm to save Team RWBY, she also remembered how well he fought against her. She would never forget how powerful he was.

Shadow is stunned by her advances. But he didn't mind. I mean who wouldn't accept a kiss from a goddess as beautiful as Pyrrha?

"I want you to show me how it is to be a woman." Pyrrha slowly unzips her red dress and gives Shadow a naughty lustful glare. She seductively bits her red lips. All that was in her mind was Shadow.

"I will make you more than a woman." Shadow kisses Pyrrha even harder and smacks her thick ass. His tongue coils and swirls around her tongue like snakes mating. Pyrrha then slowly takes off the rest of her long red dress. Shadow was tired of waiting, his primal side was ready to go. He quickly ripped apart her dress with his bare hands! He then slams Pyrrha's plump jiggly ass against the balcony and starts sucking on her nipples. He sucked and licked her nipples so good and perfectly that her pussy starts to get wet and a stream of pussy juice flows out from her pussy lips and all over her cute red-gold lingerie panties. He then bits on her nipples and some breasts milk leaks out of her nipples and down Shadow's throat. "Uhhhh! Aaaaah! That feels so fucking good! Yes! treat me like a dirty animal! I am all yours!" Pyrrha moans out as she wraps her legs around Shadow and starts kissing his neck. Her massive flesh mountains jiggled everywhere as she made out with Shadow. Her breasts were easily 34Ds! Prryha then bites Shadows lips, she was getting all freaky.

"Shit I didn't you know you were this freaky," Shadow said with a sly grin as he wiped Pyrrha's sweet breast milk out from lips.

"I will show you freaky!" Pyrrha quickly gets on her knees and unzips Shadow's jeans. Her tongue was sticking out from how horny she was. Shadow did not expect this from one of the most well educated and strongest Huntress in Beacon Academy. Prryha snatches up Shadow's growing cock and jams it right into her wet tiny mouth. Her pillowy red lips wrap perfectly around his 16inch dragon!

"Blarrrrrrgh!Mmmmmmmphhhhhh!💦" Pyrrha gags on Shadow's massive meat staff, she could barely fit the head of his cock inside of her throat. She almost puked of how big Shadow's cock was as it pokes her uvula and the back of her throat. Pyrrha starts sucking faster and faster, her scarlet hair moves wildly everywhere. She was sucking that 16inch cock like her life depended on it.

"Ah fuck." Shadow's eyes roll back as he embraces Pyrrha's warm mouth sloppily sucking and licking his cock. Never in his wildest dreams did he think Pyrrha would suck his dick this amazingly!

Jaune is walking upstairs to go find Pyrrha. 'Maybe I should have asked her out to the prom. Dammit! I am so stupid! I was just so pissed off with Weiss rejecting me! But the truth is Pyrrha means the world to me. She was the one who thought me how to control my aura and become a better Huntsman. She was my one ray of hope! And I am going to finally have the courage to tell her how I feel!' He quickly runs upstairs to find his scarlet-haired fair maiden. But when he arrives at the top of the balcony he sees his precious holy maiden being face-fucked by an Apex Wolf. His heart sank to the abyss of darkness and hatred had consumed him. He thought Shadow was his friend! He thought he was the only one who understood him! Shadow was the only person who stood up for him! And now here he was betraying Jaune at his most valuable state.

Shadow was truly a dark monster who could never be stopped. He was a true God of Darkness. The Dark Slayer was finally back.

Shadow quickly actives his Sharingan and Rinnegan eyes then fuses both eye-augments with his Demon eyes. He froze Jaune in time and then teleported his mind into a dimension he created with his own mind.

"Jaune I want you to look closely on what I am about to do," Shadow darkly says as he swiftly tears off Pyrrha's red panties with his Grimm Dark Dragon claws.

"It's about time you accept the darkness." Shadow has a wide ghastly demonic grin on his face as he transformed into his Nine-Tail Fernir evolution form. He grew two long wolf ears on his head and nine wolf tails on his back.

"NOOOO! STOP!!!" Cries out Jaune as he falls to his knees.

But it was already too late. Darkness always finds a way.


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