RWBY: Dark System
99 Its Time
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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99 Its Time

Cinder unleashed everything she had. A tornado of flames, Flame Arrows, and Flame Daggers all zoomed towards Shadow.

Shadow easily absorbed all of her attacks with his Mangekyō Sharingan eyes. All of the attacks went inside his eyeballs!

"What how the fuck is that possible!!!" Cinder bursts out as a sea of flames engulfed Shadow. From the mass of flames Shadow's dark outline was seen. He slowly walked over to her in an epic way. "These flames really are weak," Shadow literally sucks in all of her flames like a Dragon Slayer and grins as he wipes flames off his lips. "Even your flames are bitchy," Shadow shoots her fire back at her out from his mouth like a dragon!

"GAAAAAAAH!!!" Cinder's body slams against the glass windows of the control room. Shadow then uses vector portal and summons multiple portals and teleports everywhere like Wraith from Apex Legends. He then continues to punch and kick her. He didn't use his full powers. He wanted to enjoy this moment of kicking this bitch's ass.

"I will finally end you," Shadow grinned as he summons DarkStorm his modified gun-Kanata Battle-ax appears out of thin air. He used his Unlimited Dark Works to summons his weapon.

"HAHAHAHA! FUFUFU!" Cinder's eyes glow and she shoots out black dust from her palms at Shadow's face.

"What the fuck is that?! It looks that paralyze dust Cardin used on me!" Shadow tries to cover his nose, but he was too late.

Shadow falls to the floor and starts coughing wildly. He was slowly losing vision and then he becomes quickly unconscious.

"How does it feel to lose?" Cinder evilly smirks as she kisses Shadow in the mouth. "I am going to have fun with you tonight. You are going to pay for going against me and Salem."

Shadow closes his eyes and he is knocked out.



*Clink. Clink.* Echoes of crystal high heels walking towards Shadow.

Shadow slowly opened his eyes. He is tied up by fire chains. He realizes he is back at Cinder's room in Salem's castle!

Cinder is in front of him and she is wearing a skin-tight black leather dress and a sexy black thong. She was braless (A/N: Refer to Black Cat's outfit Marvel). She looked like a dominatrix she-devil.

"I am going to make you feel pain and pleasure like never before!" Cinder whips Shadow in the chest with her flame whips. Suddenly Shadow disappears! It was a Shadow Clone! Shadow had planned this all along!

"It's about time I get my payback. I am going to put you in your place," Shadow is right behind Cinder, his Demon Eyes were fully activated. His dark glowing demonic red eyes pierced her soul. The Dark Dragon Wolf was going to slaughter the flame bitch. No mercy.


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