RWBY: Dark System
102 Shadows
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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102 Shadows

Salem and her Knights were all gathered around her. She didn't know that Shadow was in the castle since he had teleported back to Beacon Academy.

"I have summoned you all for one mission. Wreak havoc in Vale. One of my subordinates has gone rogue[Shadow] and he must be punished for going against my orders!" The loli Salem slams her fist against her table made of Grimm bones. The Queen of Darkness was finally back in action. She had enough of Shadow's actions. He hasn't reported back to her. Nor has he pinpointed that exact location of the Relic of Choice. What she didn't know was that Shadow had stolen the Relic right in front of Ozpin!

It was strange that Ozpin would leave such a rare and powerful Relic out in the open for anyone to steal. Maybe he thought no one was fast enough to take it right from under his nose. But Shadow was way faster and smarter than Ozpin. With his Gamer's Mind and Cold Rage skill, he was cunning and killer at the same time. That and his Nine-Tail-Fenrir bloodline heighten all his senses.

The 7 Knights of Salem nodded their heads and disappeared in the darkness of Salem's throne room. Salem was done playing around.

She summoned her Seer Grimm and used the orb on top of its tentacle body to find contact Cinder. Suddenly a imagine of Cinder bucked in her bed with her pussy full of cum was seen.

"WHAT IS THIS!? HOW HAS DONE THIS!?" The loli Salem loses her mind and quickly turns off the seer Grimm's mind orb. The seer Grim was a creature that could see everything with its telekinesis powers. It could see through someone's mind and very soul. And right now the seer Grimm for the first time in a while felt fear. It felt the evil darkness which emitted out from Shadow. Salem closes her eyes, "I know this power. And I know what I must do," Salem angrily opens her eyes. It had become clear. That Shadow was now an enemy of Salem.

Back in Beacon Academy...

Shadow enters a hidden metallic cave that he built underground right below Beacon Academy.

He throws down his gear and unzips a black bag. He takes the Relic of Choice to experiment on it.

"Enough fucking around. Let's take over this world already," Shadow swipes his hands up pulls up his Dark System.

>>[Dark System]<<

[Name: Shadow]

Level: 600

Race: Grimm/ Mythical Faunus- [Next Evolution 98%]

Class: Dark Dragon God/ Dark Necromancer

Semblance: Darkness, Vector Portal, Dark Thunder, Nuclear, Unlimited Dark Works, Moonslice, Hell Flames, Demon Dragon Breath, Grimm shifting, Illusions, Dragon Mark Form,

[Hidden Semblance awaken!]

Summons: Raven Branwren, Winter Schnee

Creatures: Titan Grimm, Wyvern Grimm, Huntsman and Huntress, Giant King Tajitu Two-Headed snake, Dragon Grimm(Very hard to summon), Copy any Grimm form after killing them

Bloodline: Silver Eye Variant, Draconic, Nine-Tail-Fenrir, Dark Dragon

New bloodline acquired: Saiyan- Can transform into any Saiyan Mode, however you need large amounts of aura and Ki as well as Charka.

Mana: 10,000

Aura: 15,000

Charka: 10,000


STR: 12,000

DEF: 8,000

AGI: 13,000

STM: 8,000

INTEL: 12,000

KAM: -100 (Dark)= The creature of Grimm want to consume you more.


Dragon Claw, Dark Dragon Thunder, Rasengan, Cero Blast, Amaterasu, Aura Mode, Aura Devour, Death Force, Moonslice[Higher tier: Death Slice], Death Force, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Kamehameha Dark Beam(Like Goku Black), Black Hole Beam(Strongest Attack).

[Augments]: Eyes- Sharingan, Demon Eyes, Silver Eyes

Gear: Relic of Choice, [DarkStrom] Katana-ax gun-scythe - Three forms of transformation.

Shadow closes his eyes and starts to rearrange his stats. It has been a long time since he has seen them. His plans were now in full motion.


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