RWBY: Dark System
103 It all falls apar
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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103 It all falls apar

What will you do when faced with such a great task of killing everyone that stands in your path?

What will you do when the darkness finally arrives?

Will you fight? Will you let it consume you? Will you take what is yours?

You will soon know defeat.

You will soon see the truth.

Remnant does not rest.

Legends and Myths will rise once again.

This is just the beginning...

Salem looks out the balcony of her tower and crosses her arms behind her back. "Surely I knew you would never follow me. You picked the wrong side to mess with. Foolish boy."

A swarm of Grimm run rampant in the Land of Darkness, they sensed Shadow from afar they wanted to devour him. Amongst the horde of Grimm a powerful wing creature flew up into the skies and roars a thunderous roar.

Salem's greatest weapon had finally been unleashed.


Qrow gripes his sword-gun scythe and feels the extreme pressure of darkness enveloping Remant.

"So the time has finally come," He stands up and kisses Winter on top of the head.

"See you later. Ice Goddess. I have to pay someone a visit," He waved goodbye to the sleeping beauty and placed his epic shredded crimson cape over his broad shoulders. He knew exactly where he was going to next...


Shadow gripes the goldern Crown Relic of Choice and spins it around,"Let's see what powers this relic bestows," He places it over his head and his eyes widen.

"GAAAAAAH!" He grips his forehead and starts coughing out blood and falls to the floor. He forgot that he was a Grimm and that the relic would not work on him.

Suddenly in front of his eyes, a golden goddess appears out from the gold crown. "Who has summoned me?" She asked as her flawless golden hair fluttered with the wind.

"I did," Shadow stands up and wipes his blood off from his lips.

"Hmph. My powers grant only thing. Choice. The choice to see your future." The golden goddess crosses her hands.

Shadow closes his eyes. What awaits him would be the most insane thing ever. Did he really want to know what he would do in the future? What chaos he would release in the world of Remnant?

Shadow transformed into his Faunus form so that the crown can activate.

"Are you sure you want to see your future?" Asked the golden goddess with a sigh. It had been a long time since someone had used the Relic of Choice.

"Yes I do. I want to see all of it," Shadow places the crown on his head.

The reality around him breaks apart and his soul and body are sent into another Realm. The realm in which he was first reborn in...


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