RWBY: Dark System
109 Shadow Rules All
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RWBY: Dark System
Author :GhostyZ
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109 Shadow Rules All

"Shadow do you know about Gin and Jin?" Asked Ruby with a sparkle in her silver eyes.

"Who the fuck are you talking about?" Shadow says as wipes blood off his mouth.

"They are both very strong Hunters!" Ruby exclaims.

"Oh those losers. I ate them. They weren't much of a challenge." Shadow says as he pisses on his weaker opponents dead bodies.

"Shadow!" Ruby gasped.

"What I am still the best RWBY character even after a hiatus. Everyone is just too weak compared to me. Alright I am bored. I need some fun time," Shadow summons a naked Winter and Raven in slave chains. He then slides over bowls of milk for them to drink out of.

"SHADOW! IS THAT MY SISTER!?" Weiss screams to the top of her lungs. Her little body was furious.

"Yup and now she is my bitch," Shadow winked as Blake sat naked on top of his lap.

Shadow then snapped his fingers and everyone girl in the RWBY verse is buck naked. Even loli Salem was now on all fours with her big tits jiggling everywhere.

"Time to mate bitches," Shadow pounces on Blake first and let's his primal instincts take over. For today he will be bang every girl in RWBY.

In the background Professor Port is on tinder looking for a sugar momma. "Oh fuck yes Goodbitch, you are such a tease!"

The End

April Fools duh.


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