Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
1257 A Stab to the Heart and the Eyes
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Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief
Author :Brocade Star of Love
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1257 A Stab to the Heart and the Eyes

Qiao Nan knew from Da Bao's and Er Bao's behavior that they were indeed from the Zhai family. They were born with a passion for guns.

"Tatata?" Da Bao's eyes lit up.

As boys, Da Bao and Er Bao had many toy guns. The Zhai family doted on them and would buy them toy guns that could produce sounds. Some of the guns could even release harmless bullets.

Fortunately, the two children were sensible. At least, they would never point their guns at anyone. At most, they would point them at the letters.

Da Bao did not understand what it meant to be lifted high into the air, but he understood what it meant by using the guns.

Er Bao, who was being fed with fruits, slipped away from his grandma and ran before stopping in front of Zhai Sheng. He made gestures of a gun with his hand. "Tatata?" Did you know how to use a gun?

Zhai Sheng raised his eyebrows at his sons' passion for guns and smiled. "Yes."

Er Bao's eyes lit up. He reached his hands to pull Zhai Sheng's trouser leg.

Zhai Sheng held onto his chubby daughter and nodded. "I can teach you."

Er Bao grinned and patted Zhai Sheng's trouser leg, as if saying that they had made a promise.

Er Bao learned this gesture from Qiao Nan. When they obeyed their mother, their mama would pat them in the same manner.

If Zhai Sheng was not as tall, he would have patted him on his head as a form of encouragement and recognition. Er Bao was no longer as defensive toward Zhai Sheng. He smiled as he leaned against his leg.

"Crap. How can he be so gullible?" Zhai Hua was dumbfounded.

Compared to Da Bao and Er Bao, San Bao, the girl, was much easier to coax. Of course, it could be because Zhai Sheng favored girls over boys and spent more effort on San Bao, and therefore San Bao had opened up to him.

Initially, San Bao disliked it when Zhai Sheng got close to her. However, after Zhai Sheng coaxed her by lifting her high up into the air and carrying her on his shoulder, she had become closer to him and was able to snuggle in his embrace. She would not allow other people to carry her.

The young lady was smiling happily in Zhai Sheng's arms. Her laughter sounded like the quacking sounds of the duck. Zhai Hua could not help but have goose bumps. She was puzzled. San Bao was normal when she was still an infant. Why would she laugh like a duck after she grew older? Where did she learn it from? They never reared ducks at home.

Zhai Sheng had successfully coaxed San Bao and she no longer rejected his hugs. As for Da Bao and Er Bao, they posed a bigger challenge.

Once Zhai Sheng made a move to hug them, Da Bao and Er Bao would run off in separate directions. The living room was huge and they would go off in separate directions, making it difficult for Zhai Sheng to catch hold of them in one go.

Da Bao and Er Bao were still very young and small. When Zhai Sheng was hot on their heels, they would slide under the table to escape from him.

Zhai Sheng was about 1.8 meters tall. He could not possibly slide under the table like the two children.

Compared to his natural advantage yesterday, Zhai Sheng seemed to be losing to his two children in the battle between the three of them. They were able to make off in the fastest speed.

Since Zhai Sheng favored daughters, he did not really bother himself with the two little brats.

Since they wanted to play hide-and-seek with him, Zhai Sheng decided to change his target and played with his daughter instead. It did not bother him that Da Bao and Er Bao were staring at him. He was fine as long as they did not run all over the place while he was gaining his daughter's favor.

To his surprise, after working to win his sons' favor but to no avail, Qiao Nan's words changed their attitude toward him. Da Bao and Er Bao had the same love as the Zhai family for guns. At least for now, they would no longer stare at Zhai Sheng as if he was a human trafficker.

He had won over Er Bao, but Da Bao remained silent.

Zhai Sheng arched his brows, gazing at his eldest son with a relaxed look on his face, waiting for him to walk into his trap.

He could feel that his eldest son loved playing with guns and he had a deeper passion for guns than his second son did. Since Er Bao had given in, it would not be long before Da Bao fell for it as well.

Da Bao flung his head and snorted lightly. He turned and walked unsteadily toward Zhai Yaohui. "Tatata?"

There was a glow on Zhai Yaohui's face. He touched the chubby face of his eldest grandson. He did not feel the least bit ashamed at forestalling his son. He sounded very sure and confident. "I am very good at shooting. When Da Bao is older, I will teach you how to shoot. I will buy you whatever guns that you want. I have a horse and it is pregnant. After it gives birth to a pony, I will give it to you."

Grandparents would usually dote on their grandchildren.

As a grandpa, he had an abundance of love for his grandchildren.

The triplets disliked Zhai Sheng and they shunned Zhai Yaohui, who was seldom at home, as well.

Compared to Zhai Sheng, Zhai Yaohui was all the more desperate for his grandchildren's love. But he felt embarrassed to show his feelings in front of his family.

It would be very awkward if the triplets gave him the cold shoulder.

Therefore, Zhai Yaohui would not do it too openly when he tried to please the triplets.

Perhaps Zhai Yaohui was not a good father, and he did not have any experience of coaxing a child. But Da Bao was a boy. Zhai Yaohui only had one simple thought in mind. It was to share his hobbies and passion from a young age with Da Bao. He would ask Da Bao to join him and he also volunteered to teach him.

Initially, Da Bao remained unmoved as he did not wish to be close to strangers.

But given Zhai Sheng's behavior just now, Da Bao would rather get the man who was his grandpa to teach him instead of the papa who used to be in the photo but was alive and standing in front of him. He did not need the papa to teach him. He had many other options.


Da Bao was at odds with Zhai Sheng, and Zhai Yaohui stood to benefit from it. Zhai Yaohui could not help but spread his arms wide. "Da Bao, let grandpa give you a hug?"

Da Bao was being kind to Zhai Yaohui. He spread his arms and muttered a sound, giving his consent. Seeing that Da Bao had agreed, Zhai Yaohui swept him off his feet right away with a wide smile on his face. He put Da Bao on his thigh.

Zhai Yaohui panicked but felt contented at the soft and chubby child who was in his arms.

He was his eldest grandson. He was chubby and there was a sparkle in his eyes. He was quick-witted and handsome.

Zhai Yaohui touched Da Bao's round and chubby body with a look of delight on his face. It was as if he had been starved for three years and it took him great pains before he finally saw a tender and chubby little lamb.

Zhai Hua covered her eyes. "I can't see this. It is a stab to my heart." Zhai Hua looked sad.


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