2 C1 Find
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2 C1 Find

"Doctor Evans hows your research on radiation going"

"There has been minor success with the new cases but nothing substantial"

"Ha, your day must be exciting thou, working with those with powers, I envy you"

"Want to switch jobs?"

"Nope was just kidding I've heard about your lab being destroyed over and over, I like peace in the work space"

"You call your garden peaceful, ha, the amount of guards injuried from being poisoned is immense, what guinea pig are you now on? Your thousandth?"


"poor souls, then again we are in a secret underground base, so, who cares"

Clop,Clop,Clop. Beep.

"Great, the buffoons are here, probably brought a radioactive penny back after braving dangers, those dumbasses. See ya Steve."

"Good luck"

Clop,Clop,Clop. Beep.

"Dr Evans sir!"

"At ease"

"Thank you sir!"

"What did you find this time?"

"We got mixed up on where to go sir and ended up at impact zone six. When exploring we discovered no traces of radiation until we headed to the epicentre, after arriving we found one charred corpse emitting a large quantity of radition, however the most shocking discovery is that the subjects heart was still beating."

"and? where is this subject now?"

"Sir delivery of subject y is going slowly as we had to load it into a lead safe, it should be arriving soon."

"Good, good, any trouble with the resistance or other nations?"

"No sir, all threats are slient"

"Tch, no noise means no information...hmm... increase base defence to 3."

"Yes sir"


Clop, clop, clop. Beep.

"Is it done?"

"Yes sir, subject y is in your lab, just be careful as all electronics die within a meter of him and his radiation levels are unsafe."


(Dr Evans) finally away from those clowns, always so noisy like dogs. At least they are loyal and bring in helpful resources.


Hmm, they didn't lie, they brought a safe, at least its open, but seriously, this thing is 5 cm thick, must give of a hell of a ton of radiation.

Lets get to work, hmm, how to connect monitors?

Ding-Dong "Calling handler 167 please bring firefly to lab 7, thank you"

-------------------------------------------------------------"Dr Evans, Dr Evans I brought her, reward me, reward me"

"Are you a puppy in heat, back off"

"That stare"

"Stop drooling and wait outside."


Phew, Sarah is so hard to handle she's always clinging to me for no reason, tch, then theres her.

"Firefly, whats your output at"

"enough to carbonise you"

"Why are you always plotting my demise?"


"Anyway, go place this on the subject over there"

"The black rock"

"No, on the heart of the subject"


"What happened?"

"My hand is burnt"


"Yes it's black and red, ow, ow"

"Hmm, you can go"

Hmm, can't monitor the vitals due to the terrifying heat and radiation.

Badump, badump.

I know.

"Computer use lasers to measure the heartbeat of subject y"



Now the true tests can begin.


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