4 C2 Extraction
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4 C2 Extraction

(From 4 different perspectives)

1 week later...

### Report to director on subject Y###

Humanoid found at impact zone 6, emits a large amount of radiation from unknown source.

Subjects skin is charred black presumably from blast.

Subject is still alive, evidenced from it's visibly beating heart, however no signs of movement have been detected.

In addition, by using specialised equipment, I have discovered that some patches of flesh, have started to regenerate and even stay at a fixed age.

If the budget can be increased we could make more fireflys, invincible soldiers or hold the cure/ solution for a large range of problems.

Immortality might not even be far off.

However for now we would have to research ways to decrease his energy levels further.

Even tungstun melts, and the one diamond I tested, although it didn't melt it turned into a weird shiny metallic goo, which is like enhanced graphine.

A curious note is that any radition emitted at the target, freezes instantaneously, which causes the room to become colder each time.

P.s, due to wanting to reward the soldiers, I looked at their record, well lack of records and wanted to inform you just in case. I know most of my colleagues just have alias' so just wanted to give a heads up, following protocol B6.

By Dr Evans

###end of report###


Phew, luckly I check the reports and retype them otherwise my cover would have been blown.

May have to shorten the extraction date to avoid exposure, the minor inconsistency I'm making are beginning to increase.

Then again can't decrease the date to much.


Two days later...


(Dr Evans)"Hello...yes I on your findings...dammit, when was this?... yesterday, at 12, how long has he been dead for?.....A YEAR!? A FREAKING YEAR!? Dammit!"


(Dr Evans)"Shit, follow protocol Z66, trust no one"

"Hi, Doc, I've heard you've been snitching on me"

(Dr Evans)"Wasn't I right Alex or should I call you Edward?"

"So they found the body, boo hoo, it's been hidden enough for my activities, anyway enough of the small talk, die!"



"Now, where was that"


"Found it, just need to do two more things after taking the subject to the heli and I'm done. Although..*sigh* no elevator music"


"Boss, it's secured and we've loaded the mutes(mutants, not those who are unable to speak) are you leaving now or with batch two"

"I'll leave with batch two, report any problems on the radio"

"See ya back at paradise boss"

"See ya"


"Usb retrieval sucess, yosh, time to go back"


(Steve)"You... think the poison from.. *cough* snakes would kill me quickly, ha, Code 4626bn"

*Ding, self destruct imminent*

(Steve)"Good bye you sh**"






"Engine and rotors have stopped working and we are on a downward descent, mayday, mayday, we are going down"



The world tensions suddenly soared again to unprecedented levels and unlike previous successful negotiations to resolve the situation, all attempts failed and a quick but terrible war brewed.

Even those of the hidden war failed to stop mass destruction.

Hence the world became uninhabitable.


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