5 C3 Hell
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5 C3 Hell

(One hour before the destruction)

"This is reporter Jane, reporting from the TvU Studio for your hourly update on world events. An hour ago our hourly update was interrupted by an emergency broadcast sent by the goverment but since the situation has stabilised we are now able to broadcast. Reporting the news to you, on the radio, we our glad to announce no causalitys, in what the goverment has concluded as a failed nuclear test. However officials are worried about the reactions of other countries since the treaty that forced the world to change , where the main powers increased resources by removing weaker countries with lesser production, tensions have been high. "

*Ring, Ring*

"News has come in and negotiations have fai..."

*Air sirens*


"The world is now at war"


Boooomm! Crack!


The world entered it's final war as large blips of red dotted the world and large cracks webbed the land.

Volcanoes spewed rock and volcanic ash into the atmosphere and the world became a large ball of black.

The temperture soared the seas dried up. Plants and animals died out by the millions.

For many years the remaining survivors cuddled together in fear of the surface world and slowly died out with dwindling food and water.

Until there was no human activity, no animal activity, no light, nothing.

Nothing but the martian red ground and black sky.

Nothing but craters filled with bioilluminated rock filled with large amounts of radiation.


However on this void, barren and infertile world was a slow by rhythmic sound.

*Badump, Badump*

A heart beat. The heart belonging to someone who should have died long ago.

A movement appeared, the boulder stood up and hobbled off like a penguin it wobbled back and forward side to side. When it came close to a crater the bioilluminescent rocks became ash and dust.

The effect on the boulder was that cracks formed and chunks fell off revealing pink and vibrant skin. This weird sight repeated itself until there was no more rocks with radiation dotting the world.

The humunoid, who by now, had become fully uncovered apart from a smooth and incredible hard white mask and white clothing with a thin transparent lauer over the chest. The figure had well toned muscle not bulky like those on a body builder (no offence to body builders but hey I need the comparison) but the muscle was like a leopards compacting a large amount of power into the slim figure.

Apparently aware that there was no more souces of energy left the figure wobbled back and forward untill it had eventually fallen face first into the ground.



One day later...



One hundred years later....

The world had not changed visibly and was still barren.

The only minor change was that the world had slowed it's rotation and one side was a icey white, whilst the other was glowing, molten red.

The humanoid by this time had been buried in a considerable amount of ash and dust leaving a vague imprint of where he lay.

Although curiously the ground in a 30 meters radius around him was still martian red. As if unaffected by the theat of the sun or the chill of the darker side of the planet.


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