6 c4 Figh
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6 c4 Figh

After a while the world settled down slightly more than it had.


A part of space broke in on itself with black shards being pushed away.

"Haha, we can finally start genesis again, seriously life is too destructive they can fu** a planet equalvilant or worse than a God. Don't you agree death, war, famine."(Conquest)

" If we didn't intervene we would have had to wait for ages but geez those creation gods take a long time to do anything"(War)

"Luckly we stocked up on souls otherwise we wouldn't be here or have any entertainment, but still did you see the faces of the others, ha"


*Badump, Badump*

"Is that a heart?"(war)

"Impossible even a fire god couldn't survive this crap"(Death)

"Then what is it?"(Conquest)


Our mc had woken up a year ago, however there was nothing to do. So he lifted his hand towards the sky and started experimenting.

First he absorbed a large amount of radiation creating a large hurricane like thing. Then released it as a beam.

The second thing he did was make a domain by spreading thread like webs of radiation across the planet making a large network that merged with the already present clouds of radiation giving him a large surveillance if the world.

Lastly he investigated the changes inside his body and discovered he was wearing a mask and strange clothes. Whilst his body had become a weird creation resembling a reactor.

The mask was only visible via a 3ed person perspective hence the late discovery as unlike a normal mask there was no lack of vision.

Feeling that the situation was surreal and dreamlike our mc feel back to sleep.


One year later and our mc had a rough awareness of the situration. He wasn't that expressive and after waking up to the same sky several times started believing this to be reality.

Some distant memorys came to him however his thought process was slower than normal making it harder to piece together solutions and theories to his predicament, he was practically a newborn.

The thing that gave him the largest headache was his heart. Each heart beat was louder than a humans and since he wasn't born with this body waking up in a quiet environment with a louder heart started breaking his sanity piece by piece and sleeping was his only remedy.

Our mc also discovered he could manipulate his clothes with a bit of energy, although no huge changes were made.

Then they came, 4 beings with destructive auras, one of death, one of war, one of famine and one of conquest.

They seemed to be in a joyous mood and reading their lips and hearing their words a sense of anger welled up inside our mc.

Memorys started resurfacing, fire, death and ash.

The dormant mc finally moved, slowly standing, then walking, until it developed into a jog, then run.

The mc bounded meters per seconds causing a cloud of dust to appear behind him and footprints to be left in the rock and dirt.

Then he slowed, he started walking forward slowly again, letting a large cloud engulf him and fly forward covering his presence.

At this point he could see them whilst they had only just discovered him.

"hmm, a lifeform,but... thats impossible"(death)

"A requirement for genesis is no lifeforms so we better kill him before the creation gods find a way to make further delays everyone in agreement (yes) well begin firing"(War)

"Death beam!"(Death)

"Starve energy"(Famime)

"Sword slash"(War)

"Conquering might"(Conquest)

The mc looked at them with a glint of anger in his eyes and raised his hands clicking his fingers wiping out the attack of conquest and war.

This is a defence unique to are mc since unlike from there perspectives he could see there domains and the souls fueling them, so clicking his finger he sent an intent to the two domains changing there thoughts and ideals, hence cancelling the two beings attacks.

He then swiped his fingers sending a beam towards death and famine. The beam contained radiation and heat, however it also contained properties of the nanotechnology, like self replication hence when it met deaths attack it wasn't weakened and famines attack had a minimal effect since the beam was going through fission. When hit death and famine became dust and ash.

"Dammit! Why did are attacks fail and how did he defeat death, only a god of life can defeat death since life can multiply and is tencious and therefore overpowers him but he is not even related"(war)

"Why are you worried? Don't you remember heavens wrath?" (Conquest)

"The one that gives the domains to the mortal who killed them, ha, I did forget but seeing him explode is gonna be f..."( war)


Both gods had fallen to the ground, their external appearance pristine yet there brain was no more. Since they were talking our mc shot a beam thinner than a God could perceive and when it entered there heads it rapidly expanded melting their insides.

However our mc wasn't out of danger yet as gensis was about to happen.


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