7 C5 Genesis and new God
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7 C5 Genesis and new God

Genesis the origin of all. To the Gods genesis was both creation and destruction, both life and death. It was a serious matter that Gods treated like a tradition.

However after the forever universe Gods set requirement that must be fulfilled and a time limit.

This was because the forever universe was so revolutionary that heavens laws were triggered bringing reward and suffering creating beings that even the Gods couldn't deal with.

It got to a point were the Gods were killed and replaced.

Now the instint that all beings fear is death, death fears time and time fears nothing literally if theres nothing there is no time and nothing is nothing.

So the Gods gathered together, all of them.

What did they do? They sacrificed 65% of there divinity to release a new genesis.

This caused all life to die. Except 52 beings that they couldn't deal with who grouped up and created a new multiverse.

Slowly life popped up again and the Gods could become stronger through gathering faith.

However learning from their previous mistakes they made four housemen that would destroy life before they could develop. Although this made the creation Gods cringe each time.

Now how is this relevant?

Well in the previous chapter I said genesis was about to begin right? Well as I said above Genesis is both creation and destruction on a universely scale.

So whilst looking up our mc saw a wave. A unique wave, that looked like a rainbow flew towards him from afar.

Yeah, yeah chapter 5(7) and you think I'm gonna pull some Bs rabbit out of a hat to save him. Well he ain't no immortal but he did just triggered heavenly tribulation due to killing 4 pseudo Gods.

For standard Gods( not pseudo Gods since they don't need a tribulation) 12 bolts of lighting and a dream demon are enough.

For immortals/ Grand Gods a black hole appears behind them.

Anyway, thick and heavy clouds appeared above our unbeknownst mc with lighting coiling like bramble bushes. However even thou he perceived the danger from above the genesis wave was a googolplex(not a typo) more dangerous in comparison.

However seeing him ignoring it the lighting sent the 4th bolt towards him, which rebounded off him like a ball against a wall.

The lighting changed becoming a majestic purple with each bolt looking like Chinese dragons coiling and wrapping around each other. Slowly they merged until a massive dragon head stared down from above with menacing red eyes.


If the first bolt had speed then this attack had power which was on a whole other level.

However after the jaws of the dragon closed it broke into fragments of falling light and the only reminder of it's extistance was a scorched ground.

Then the clouds dispersed leaving only a tiny grey sphere.

Our mc took a half step foward and the space behind him shattered.

The twelfth wave was hard and fast and only a small minority could avoid it, or withstand it. Our mc took a half step forward since the wave was a mere meter away destroying the ground as it moved closer.

However the space behind the mc pulled him in allowing him to avoid the wave.


And then it closed. However a grain of multicoloured light edged closer smashing into our mc, who had raised his arms in a defensive stance.

This grain erased his arms an edged towards his chest when the R.E.S flowed out of him and wrapped around it pulling it in. However even this method was not working. Until a stray thought flashed through our mc's head about whether he could be reborn after death.

What was the genesis wave's goal? It was to return everything to it's orgin so that was what the R.E.S did it ppred it's intent into the grain and slowly rewrote it to change it slightly and bam, it worked the only problem being that our mc would now be an infant God, but oh well at least he's alive and not dead.


And with that sound our mc was pulled towards a light.


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