8 C6.Big world, small people
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8 C6.Big world, small people



With that sound our mc was kicked into a world full of light.

The jungle trees had green leaves, the ground had green grass and green vines, the pitch black sky had a green moon and what broke this greenery other than it being night time was a 2 meter long red snake slithering towards our mc.

After slithering close to the mc the snake got comfy and went to sleep, surprised?

Well Normal snakes use their heat sensing ability to find prey and if the mc was on Earth in a jungle he would have become food like you guys (/gals) presumed . However he is not on Earth and red snakes or lava snakes use this abillity to find sources of heat to absorb, hence they are normally found next to volcanos or hot springs and are docile until approached.

The amount of heat our mc produces is on the high side hence most things turn to ash or melt.

That would be true on Earth, however the planet he is on is special since living creatures have a resistance to high temperatures and are extremely hard to burn.

This is because all life on this planet especially plants process the energy in the atmosphere and turn it into their own energy which they use to make barriers when attacked or are in danger.

The higher energy creatures which develop cores can even use this energy to fire beams or create matter.

Hence my audiece, please don't become surprised if a tree tanks a beam to the front, whilst a beast is one shot since plants are batteries of energy which use it on defence not offence although even plants have grades mostly grade one (grades will be explained later).

Back to our mc...

Our mc was currently being plagued by heart demons and the wails and moans of the dead that the 4 horsemen had killed. However the soul of our mc didn't budge, wasn't swayed or moved. He had already been broken before when the nukes had dropped so what could possibly lure him, food? How long has our mc gone without food? Does he even remember it's taste?

Women? Our mc has forgotten what that noun even meant or any image linked to them.

At this point the heart demon had collapsed becoming voided, so our mc is now officially the God of destruction (famine, conquest, war, death =destruction).

With no desire to destroy, faith or souls hence, being a God only in name.

The wails that filled his soul with heart wrenching noise were slowly refined and with a yawn our mc fell asleep.


One month later and our mc was still stuck in the heart of the jungle, the ground he was laying on was black and he was still infant sized.

The snake next to him had grown to 9 meters and coiled itself around him making the view from above like a target.

In addition to the increase in size the snake had developed a bean sized core and had become an apex predator. However as mentioned before the lava snake feeds off heat making it quite docile.

That doesn't include the creatures of the jungle, they require meat to survive and cores to evolve hence many charred corpses could be found around the snake due to it striking back in defence.


Two months had gone by and the snake's size had instead reduced back to 7 meters.

It had now become a grade 2 creature its mass had been compressed strengthening it, whilst the impurities were purged and it's core had grown becoming the size of a fist. In addition it now had the intelligence of a adolescent human.

So it was very surprised to find the treasure it had found and defended to actually be a living being and it panicked remembering that other lifeforms need food and without food they die (snakes know hunger but not time) so it placed it's treasure carefully on it's head and moved towards the location of the fire people.

The snake had vague memories of the fire people however remembered that they were friendly and resembled the the appearance of the creature atop her head.

Although, unlike the creature above it's head the fire people did not have a domain of fire and are instead called fire people due to their mastery over flames and molten metal.

Their apperance differed but most were 1.6m with some at 1.7m, they had long beards, thick muscular arms and although they were gloomy they were never unkind, the woman unlike the men were energetic and although they had similar builds to the men they were slimmer and more agile, in addition to that they didn't have beards.

The snake slithered left and right, dodging trees and rocks. The occasional beast was mowed down if they didn't dodge and finally the incredible tall mountain range called the thousand peaks could be seen.

So the snake slithered here and there pushing forward with almost unlimited stamina.

The closer the snake was to it's destination, the further it seemed since the mountains from it's perspective were getting taller and taller.

On the 3ed day of it's travel it had become 10 meters and and had fought fang and tail through hordes of grade 2 beasts allowing it to promote it's strength at a faster pace, which meant it was now grade 3.

It progress had been smooth and it was at the base of the mountain.

However it's progress was halted by it's nemesis... cold water.

In front of it was a wide river and although it could jump it, lava snakes have a primal fear of the cold.

However after lifting it's head slightly confirming the existence was above it, it resolved itself to jump.

Hence it coiled itself pointing slightly forward.


It pounced forward leaving a deep imprint in the ground and soared over the lake onto the other side.

With that out of the way it continued slithering forward.

Until it got with in 20 meters of a massive gate forged into the side of the mountain.

Guarding it were 2 small beings with weird hollow sticks and behind them were 2 big hulks of metal.


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