9 C7.Dwarven keep
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9 C7.Dwarven keep

-Guards perspective

"Why do we have work on sundays?... Just whhyyy? Those lazy bones inside get to taste the sweet nectar which is dragon's brew, yet we have to stand outside in the cold, Ah choo! And now I have a cold! Kevin why don't we go inside to complain? Just this once."

*Thunk* (Sound of a descending fist)

"Carl, stop complaining we have a job to do and we can switch shifts in the afternoon. If you continue complaining the elders may deduct our share of alcohol."


"Anyway since you have the energy to complain check the condition of your macrow (A black magic gun which uses the dwarf's special mana to fire a beam) or the iron golems"

"Why should I do your job?"

"Because you're complaining about yours"

"Fine I'll get back to work....hmm... Kevin?"


"Whats that over there?"

"A red snake"

"I thought so, but, why is it charging our way?"

"Close the gates and inform elder Bell, also bring him over, since druids of sn affinity with animals"

"Roger that"

*Boom* (Gate hitting the ground)


-Elders perspective

"Gulp, Gulp (sfx for drinking), pah, dragons brew is the best, too bad it takes a week to brew. Gulp, gulp, Burp. Hahahaa, cheers to Tomas for making this batch of brew"




*Thud, Thud*

"Hmm, come in"

"Elder Bell we have a situation out front, a third grade lava snake is charging at us and we are puzzled over what to do"

"Hmm, I'll go inspect the front, lads I'll be back in a bit, don't drain to many kegs"


"Anyway lets go"

- 5 minutes later at the front of the keep

"Kevin I'm back, I also brought Bell, are there any changes?"

" I told the Lava snake to stay 10 meters away whilst we get a druid and it stayed coiled over there, so it shouldn't be hostile, although it is peculiar that it is here since it's cold and coming northward would just increase that"

(Bell)"I will go and communicate with it, I'll be back in a second"

*screech, thunk, thunk, thunk* sfx for the metal gate rising.

*Crunch, Crunch* sfx for walking through snow

(Bell) "Hi there little one, what brings you to the dwarves' keep"

(Snake)"Came to save treasure, it looksss like fire people but is pink and is very comfortable, you have food that treasure can consume so I came here, if thee dares to harm treasure fire people will be harmed instead. ssss."


Snake lowers it head into the centre of it's loop and removes an infant by placing it atop it's head.

(Snake)"Lava sssnakes have mutural deal with fire people, so I remember your location, came to feed pink treasure since it looks like fire people and you eat cooked meat, sssnakes can't cook hence you feed treasure. Remember, treasure is mine so don't steal it"

(Bell (not speaking snake))"Call a doctor and bring blankets also bring one of the women whose knowledgeable about children"


(Bell speaking snake)"Come into the fort since it's safer inside and easier to talk, also I'll settle accommodation for you"

(Snake)"Will follow"

And so a snake and dwarf entered the fort.


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