The Binary World
95 Return to Renaissance City part-4
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The Binary World
Author :SagelyDaoist
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95 Return to Renaissance City part-4

Zeus stood across the table where various maps of the city were strewn across the table, he watched as Vessha argued with her top Lieutenants on the best course of action on various plans that they were forming in order to deal with the situation that they would face, Ryan was no fool no matter how much Vessha called him her disciple and how much she showed she cared for him in her own sick twisted way he knew she had other reasons to lend her hand in this matter, reasons that she had yet to fully disclose to him and he knew she might never disclose, the thought of it made him angry but he managed to calm himself after all he is doing the same he was using her to accomplish his goals and at the end of the day he simply wanted to not be used as a scapegoat after the aftermath of the battle, 'I should better warn others.'

"Zeus are you listening to me.", came the voice of Vessha like a crack of whip as Zeus looked at her and nodded as he spoke, "Of course I am listening to you."

Vessha gave him a small nod as she spoke, "Good the next part depends on you greatly so listen carefully.", as Zeus nodded at her she continued, "You are a 'squire' right?"

Zeus nodded as Vessha spoke, "Good then the success of the next part depends on you since you are a Nobel you have the right to own various things as such act as a merchant who has hired a few of us as your body guard and help them enter the city upon which they would then create distraction and open the sewage outlet on the Northern side and the they would leave the city, most of my forces would enter through the sewage and wait for my signal."

Zeus nodded at that before he spoke with a frown, "And where would you be this entire time?"

Vessha had a smile on her face as she spoke, "Well I would be with you the entire time."

Zeus's eyes widen as he spoke, "But you are the leader of your people surely he would recognize you."

Vessha snorted at that as she spoke, "Well he will only be able to recognize me if I allow him to so you should not worry, what you would be doing is act normal go and greet people who you know of, can you do it for me."

Zeus nodded at that as he spoke, "of course I can.", Vessha smiled at him as she spoke, "Splendid now run along then.", with that he was pushed out of the war room.

Zeus did not waste any time as he raced to find his comrades, his eyes it up upon seeing Azi he moved towards her as he spoke with a huff, 'There you are all I was searching for you."

Azi looked at him with a frown as she spoke, "Is there anything you need?"

Zeus nodded at that as he spoke, "Yes a plan has been formalized and I want all of you to know it so should we discuss here where everyone could hear us or we should temporarily step out and discuss in the real world."

Tarasque frowned at that as she spoke, "That would be a hassle what if we send message to each other."

Zeus slouched forward as he spoke, "Who wants to type all those words."

Sylphy closed her eyes for a moment before she spoke with a frown, "I have an idea wait a minute I will be back."

A few minutes later Sylphy spawned back into the game as she spoke, "I have set up a meeting room just go to the main menu you will have the invite to enter the 'Meeting Room' and we can safely speak there."

Everyone nodded with each other as they moved to the menu area where they found their invitation to the 'Meeting Room'.

Dominic face wore a frown as he nursed a headache a glass of scotch laid in front of him untouched as he stared into the distance a few minutes ago he had called a family meeting and told them to only greet him when everyone was there he had something that he wished to share with them, as such the Nathan's entire family on both sides even his cousin's family were present the look on Dominic's face scare many of them they had never seen him so pale and in deep thought as such they knew that something must have happened, they had been in that room for about five whole minutes yet he was sitting like a statue staring into distant as such Tristan decided enough was enough as he approached him.

His touch startled him as Tristan spoke with a frown, "Is everything alright father you look unwell."

Dominic rubbed his face a bit as he spoke, "The email was successfully traced by the police they told me various technical jargon that went above my head about how they traced it."

Aubriella's face brightened up as she spoke, "So, did they manage to catch the culprit."

Dominic snorted at that as he spoke, "Catch the culprit? Do you know from where the email was send?"

The others shook their heads though a pit of dread began to form inside their stomach as Dominic picked his glass and poured the liquid inside his mouth as he devoured it in a gulp as he spoke, "The email was send through my office, the compute belonged to one of my senior staff who has been working for the past fifteen years for me."

His words plunged to room into deathly silence before it was broken by cacophony of words as they all began to argue and shout at each other, Dominic finally had enough as he shouted out in a tone full of authority, "BE SILENT!"

As everyone calmed down he continued again while filling his glass again, "The police went to her apartment found her brutally tortured and mangled body, they are doing some DNA test and whatever to identify her properly but the most important thing is she had been dead for a few days almost a week.", he grimaced again as he continued, "I spoke to whoever was impersonating her yesterday she was not feeling well and took leave but then how is it possible, I knew her for so many years and yet I failed to recognize that someone was impersonating her."

Nathan's parents were chalk white by then as Tristan went and held his trembling wife they always prided themselves for being vigilance and their security but now it was definitely a crippling blow to their pride as Tristan spoke with disbelief, "Father don't you have the 'Finger Print Attendance System' in your office."

Dominic bit his lips as he nodded before he spoke, "Yes and she was shown to be present till the last Friday, I gave the person who manages it an earful.", Saniyah went by his side as she gave him a comfortable squeeze on his shoulders as she spoke with her voice filled with sorrow, "Who was she?"

Dominic sent a slight smile towards his wife as he spoke with a sigh filled with sorrow, "Noel Banks."

Saniyah's hand covered her mouth as she let a painful gasp as her eyes were filled with tears as she spoke in disbelief, "Her but she was such a kind and sweet woman who would do to her, the last time I spoke with her she was so excited about her grandchild that was due to be born soon, how could someone do something so cruel to her."

Dominic shook his head as Aubriella spoke looking towards her father, "Dad you have that island near the Caribbean right?", as Ryle nodded in affirmation Aubriella continued, "So about relocating him there."

Ryle shook his head as he spoke, "Child calm yourself you cannot think clearly now let me ask you this how will you tell him to move there? Most importantly how will you make him stay safe and secure in that place where the staff only knows how to keep the place clean, tidy and functioning? And if you say about hiring security well how do you not know that the extra security would not be compromised."

Maksim frowned at that as he spoke, "Uncle is right, the people out we are dealing with is a terrorist group I do not see them coming en masse with their cabal of followers to siege your house but the island until and unless it is a fortress it is extremely possible though I will say that if you are careful then you can hide him there without others knowing but for how long will you hide him."

Tristan frowned as he gave a nod as he spoke, "At present it might not have a more permanent solution until all those scum suddenly died but we are not lucky all we can do is up the security of the Manor we can install several new things to up it.", he looked Maksim as he spoke with a frown, "Brother can you still climb a ladder."

Maksim snorted at that as he spoke, "Ladder I can climb a mountain but speak for yourself, so will we do by our own hands."

Tristan nodded at that as he spoke, "Yes outside help might compromise it though I want to do in a way where the system is well hidden and others might not notice us also I think we should place additional surveillance in Nathan's room without alerting him so that we would know who is entering and what not but the most important thing is keeping him busy as to not think about going out."

Everyone agreed at that with a nod at present this was the best temporary solution and while they worked on it a more permanent solution had to be made they did not want to lose Nathan ever again.


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