The CEO is My Childhood Friend
13 The God of Sauce
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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13 The God of Sauce

Tonight, Yoona was in charge of five tables. The restaurant was quite small with only twenty tables in total. The other tables were taken care of by Eunha, another waiter, and their manager, who also acted as a main server.

Yoona recited the orders in her head. For table one, four, and five, the food had already come out. She just needed to be on the look out for one and three. Table three hadn't ordered yet and was reading the menu so she didn't need to worry about them for now. The couple's table the problem. Her eyes kept looking at the kitchen to see if the food was out. Table two's appetizer, the mussels were already delivered. Now, all they needed was their main dishes. From the pick-up station, she could see that the linguine was ready, but the fettuccine was not to be seen.

She peered over the pick-up station into the kitchen to search for a tall figure. When it came to main dishes, usually Lucas was in charge of the sauces.

Luckily, he was near the front with a familiar white sauce in his pan. Underneath his white chef hate, strands of his dyed, blond hair slightly peaked out. Compared to the conservative chefs, Lucas was stood out immensely. Not only was his hair extravagant, but his fox-like features and tattooed sleeve made him look like a gang member. If Yoona met him on the streets, she would've never guessed he was a chef!

Lucas had originally grown up in America and had come to Korea to expand his cuisine knowledge. According to him, he usually moved from kitchen to kitchen, staying for only months in one spot. He wanted to learn as much dishes as he could and he got tired of creating the same foods every days

It had been a month since he came to Bianchi. Alongside Eunha, the trio hung out quite often after work. He was fun to talk to despite his snarky personality. At times, Eunha and him would get into little fights but overall, their chemistry was great.

"Lucas," she said.

He looked up. His face was slightly glazed with sweat. He wiped it off with a paper towel on the side before throwing it out into the garbage. "What? I'm busy."

She ignored his harsh tone. She was used to his snarky remarks. "When is the Fettuccine ready? The linguine is already out and I don't want it to get cold."

His eyes peered down at the dish placed at the waiting Linguine. His eyebrows were furrowed before a sharp glint in his eyes appeared. Clearly, he hadn't realized that the other dish was already made. "Who the hell didn't time the the food properly. Fucking hell."

Due to his experience in the kitchen, Lucas was strict when it came to the rules. He needed everything to be perfect. When something was wrong, he never failed to show annoyance on his face.

He let out a sigh. "Give me five minutes."

A small smile lifted on her face. "Okay, i'll trust you."

With the hot fire blazing underneath, he lifted the pan, making the sauce jump up before letting it land on the plate again. This repeated multiple times before he continued stirring.

As someone who couldn't cook, she was in awe by his skills.

Usually, Yoona wasn't one to bother the chefs about the dishes. She knew that they needed time to make the food as delicious as possible. However, the growing annoyance on the girlfriend's face was telling her that there would be a problem if the food didn't come soon. She wanted to avoid any trouble for the night.

When the dish was finally done, Yoona wanted to cheer hallejuah.

"You are a god," she exclaimed.

Lucas raised an eyebrow, a small smirk playing on his lips. "A god? A god of what?"

"The god of... sauce?" She didn't really think about the specifics, all she cared about was that the food was ready after a short period of time. Lucas was a truly talented dude.

"What the fuck? What kind of god is that?" Lucas said while he passed the plate to her.

Yoona giggled. "I'm not sure. But anyways. Thanks to you, I won't be the victim of someone's annoyance tonight."

She sent Lucas a wink before carrying the plates towards the table. The smell of the pasta made her want to gobble it up herself. She made a mental note to ask him to make her some food later.

The couple was in a lovey dovey conversation, their hands clasped together above the white table clothe.

She laid down the Linguine first for the girl. "Here is your Lobster Linguine." Then the same for the boyfriend's plate. "And here is your white truffle Fettuccine. I hope you two enjoy and if you need anything, please feel free to ask. Thank you."

With the girlfriend's fingers wrapped around his, there was no room for the boyfriend to make a move. Yoona let out a sigh of relief as she walked away.

Perhaps, this night would go on peacefully. She was always weary of these situations.


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