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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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14 Peach Soju

"It's only eight and i'm exhausted," Eunha whined. "I don't think i'll survive till twelve."

The two were standing with their backs against the wall, watching over the restaurant. At the moment, the job was steady and there was no need to waste their energy. All the customers were chatting comfortably with no need for assistance.

While Yoona had started work at six, Eunha had been working since three. There was no doubt that the nine hour shift would have a large affect on her physical body. Also, due to the influx of customers on the Friday, there was barely any time to rest, other than short moments like this. Yoona pitied her friend.

"You can do it," Yoona cheered quietly. "Fighting."

Eunha poked her side. "If you want me to be energized, buy me some soju [1] afterwards. You make so much off of tips. I'm sure that boyfriend is going to pay you bank."

Eunha made sure to say her words quietly. If one of the customers got a hold of their conversation they would be in trouble.

Yoona chuckled. "If he tips me thirty percent i'll buy you a drink later on. Not today, but another day. You have my word." It was a really high amount, especially for a country like Korea where tipping wasn't the norm, but Yoona had a good feeling about this customer. If he was flaunting off his wealth this deliberately, he wouldn't leave a small tip. His pride wouldn't allow him too. Since it had been long since Yoona had treated Eunha out, she did want to buy her friend drinks.

Eunha widened her eyes, her hands covering her mouth."That's so high! You just don't want to pay for me. How are you going to get him to cough it off."

"By shaking my bum and pushing my chest towards him," Yoona jokingly said, repeating Eunha's words from their conversation before. "I'm joking. I can just tell. Its a gut feeling. I'll buy you drinks don't worry."

Eunha looked at her suspiciously, trying to read her expression, before letting out a pout. "Okay, I shall trust you. I better get the peach flavor."

"Beggers can't be choosers," Yoona sang.

Just before Eunha could retort, in the corner of her eye, Yoona could see a table raise their hands for assistance. "I'll talk to you later."

She began to walk towards the customers.


As time passed by, Yoona could feel the deterioration of her co-workers. Not just Eunha, but everyone else in the restaurant; both the servers and the chefs. Some of them had been working since early in the morning.

Yoona walked around the restaurant, in the spaces between the tables, to look out for any empty plates or customers who wanted help. In her hand was some water in case she needed to refill some cups.


When her name was called, she turned around, trying to figure out who called her name. The caller was Eunha, who was walking towards her with a load of empty plates.

"What's up?" She asked.

Eunha pointed to the entrance. There were two girls standing there; both wearing pretty dresses and heels. Their makeup and hair was styled beautifully as if they were going somewhere special afterwards. "Can you bring them to the table. I have a lot to clean up."


There was no harm in helping her friend. Bringing the customers to their tables was one of the easier parts of their jobs. Luckily, some of Yoona's tables had already left leaving her with only three to take care of. Most of them had their food delivered to their tables so she just needed to take care of payment and clean afterwards. She had the time.

After dropping off the water jug at the server table, she grabbed two menus from the counter before walking towards the pair of friends. "For two?"

"Yes," the curly hair one said while looking at her manicured nails.

"Right this way."

While walking them to their table, she could hear a glimpse of their conversation.

"So," the one of the girls began. "I heard that you went on a date with your boyfriend the other day from Nayeon. How was it?"

The other girl sighed happily. She clasped her hands together and let out a happy sigh. "It was amazing. He brought me roses out of nowhere, saying that he felt like bringing them for a beautiful girl. After, we went for some expensive sushi and then we spent the night together... It was amazing."

Laughter filled the air. "The date or the action."

She giggled. "The action."

Yoona couldn't help but listen in, seeing that she was only a few steps in front of them. Her ears reddened as she overheard their conversation. She was quite jealous. It was nice to hear about happy couples. Of course, she was more than happy with her current boyfriend but she didn't have a lot of time to spend with him due to work. However, whenever they did hang out, it was definitely romantic and heavenly.

She led them to their table. "You're seat."

There was no answer.

With her eyebrows furrowed, Yoona turned around, wondering why the customers weren't speaking.

The two girls were staring at table two, where the couple was sitting. Yoona could see tears coiling up in one of the girls eyes and anger arising from the pair. When she fully analyzed the situation, she began to realize what was happening.

Oh no. It couldn't be.

"I can't believe it Dongwook! Are you cheating on me?" The high-pitched screaming echoed through the room. All eyes were on the curly haired girl as she walked towards the table with a red face.

Today was definitely, not going to end well.


[1] soju: korean alcohol


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