The CEO is My Childhood Friend
15 Flying Pasta
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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15 Flying Pasta

Just in case if you get confused in the middle of the chapter:

Boyfriend: Dong Wook

Girlfriend: Ara

The curly-haired girl who just walked in and excused the guy of cheating: Inha


Her question was met by pure silence.

The boyfriend, Dong Wook, swore under his breath. The veins on his arms were tense as he held onto his fork. His eyes, which used to hold playfulness, quickly darkened. It was as if his personality switched, revealing his true self.

"Inha..." He began as he faces the curly-haired girl. "I - uh - I can explain."

"What the fuck," the girlfriend screeched. She pointed to Inha. "Who is she?"

Dong Wook lifted his hands up in a surrendering stance. His eyes darted between them as if he was watching a sports game. His mind was whirring, thinking of all the possible ways he could get out of this mess. "Calm down Ara. I'll explain everything. Everyone please just - uh - calm down right now."

The two girls were standing up. The girlfriend, Ara, narrowed her eyes as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Okay then explain," Inha demanded with crossed arms. Her curly hair bounced in the air as she took a step forward towards Dong Wook.

As the drama unfolded, Yoona stood there frozen, unable to speak. What was she supposed to do in this situation? If she were to interfere, then could worsen, further disrupting the other customers. She could also get herself hurt. On the other hand, it was impossible to stay silent. The other customers had to eat peacefully. This was a restaurant after all.

Her eyes trailed to the manager. Once they made eye-contact, he signaled for her to stay silent.

As she looked around once more, she realized that many of the other customers were watching in silence, interested as the scene unfolded. It didn't looked like they minded to much about the disruption. In fact, they were enjoying it as if they were watching a television show.

"Okay, so-" Dong Wook said cautiously. "First of all Inha, we were having a some [1] and weren't dating so I'm not sure what you're talking about. I was never cheating on you since we weren't in a relationship in the first place."

Inha looked as if someone slapped her in the face. Verbally, he technically did. The cold words stung Inha's heart and she fought the urge to cry. Flashbacks of their memories together played in her head like a sad movie. The first time he confessed to her. Their first date. Yesterday, when they were having so much fun while eating. She couldn't believe it - how dare he say they weren't in a relationship? They'd been going on for three months now!

"And you," he said while pointing to his current girlfriend. "I was going to break up with you today."

Yoona fought the urge to laugh. Was this guy serious? From what she could tell, it looked like he was making up lies to try to save face. Nothing about his actions seemed genuine. He didn't care about how the girls felt. All he cared about was himself.

In fact, Dong Wook did only care about his outcome of the situation. He hated being humiliated and looked down upon. His pride and arrogance couldn't allow for him to be the victim of such scrutiny.

Ara let out a huge scream, one that could break all the glass if a pitch higher. Her face was red, about to burst with sheer anger. She picked up her half-eaten food and threw it at her now ex-boyfriend, throwing the noodles all over his face and white shirt.

She placed the plate back down.

"You cheating asshole!" She screeched. "I can't believe this is all happening on our one year anniversary! Don't even try to lie. We literally bought plane tickets to Hawaii a few days ago. You weren't going to break up with me if you weren't exposed!"

The guy closed his eyes, enraged by the happenings. He began to wipe off the sauce and noodles from his face. Chunks of tomatoes stuck to his once perfect hair.

Yoona fought the urge to giggle. As a waitress she couldn't laugh at the humiliation of her customers in front of them. It was against the rules. But still, although she didn't encourage wasting food, his reaction was priceless. She approved.

"I thought I trusted you," Ara continued. "But now look how everything turned out? You were going at it with another girl, behind both of our backs."

Inha nodded in agreement. Though she was trying to act strong, she couldn't control the tears in her eyes. Compared to Ara, she was a lot more emotional. "Using our affection for you in this twisted way? I really did love you. You. Are. The. Worst."

Ara's eyes glanced at the crying girl, a flash of pity entering her face. Although they hadn't met before, they related on a personal level. Both were played by the same guy.

Since Inha was an emotional wreck, Ara decided to take the lead. "With the tomato chunks all over you, I realized you make a perfect garbage can."

"Fuck you," he spat out.

"Hm I don't care. Besides, you wanted to break up? I'll give you a break up," Ara said while grabbing her purse. She pointed her index finger straight at his face. "We are absolutely through."

Dong Wook clenched his fists. He'd become the laughing stock of the restaurant. The fact that someone as handsome and rich as him was experiencing something so humiliating, made him want to punch the walls. These bitches were going to pay.

Ara's eyes trailed to her one-year anniversary present. "While at it. I'm going to keep the present thank you very much. I deserve a little treat after your cheating stunt," she continued.

A bullet to his heart. This was the last straw. His eyes blazed with anger as he watched the two girls gang up on him. Of course, he did make the mistake - he acknowledged that cheating was wrong. But come on, why stick to one girl when there were plenty of other beautiful girls in the world? He had the right and qualifications to get anyone. Plus, these girls were only with him for the money. They were a bunch of gold-diggers.

"Just as I thought," he sneered. "A gold-digger stays a gold-digger huh? Even after the breakup."

Ara's mouth widened in shock. She dropped her bags and began to crack her knuckles. A scene Yoona would've never imagined to see from a cutesy, feminine girl.

"Oh you are asking to be beat up aren't you?"

Dong Wook laughed. "Oh, what are you going to do? You think you can hurt me? You're puny and weak while I have a team of lawyers behind of me. Try me bitch."

Since a fight was emerging to something physical, Yoona decided it would be right for her to interrupt. When she looked at her manager for confirmation, he nodded. She took a step forward, standing between the three. Her smile was strained, not quite reaching towards her eyes.

"I understand that the situation is serious. However, we have guests in the restaurant and I believe it would be best if you guys took this elsewhere to a private place," Yoona explained. She gestured towards the door.

Ara nodded, completely done with her ex. Though the money was a bonus in the relationship, his terrible personality was not worth the fight. She huffed before strutting down the hall to the exit. She let out a quick wave, a final goodbye, before walking through the doors.

On the other hand, Inha had finally broken from her sad stance. There was a murderous look tearing her eyes. When her eyes met the white plate of food in front of Dong Wook, she decided to do the same as Ara and throw the food at the boyfriend.

Quickly catching Inha's thoughts, Yoona decided to intercept. There was a large chance the food would get on other people. The tomato pasta that the girlfriend had thrown was already all over the place.

However, knowing her luck, Yoona shielded the boyfriend at the wrong time. Before she could speak, the white fettuccine went flying in the air.

Right at Yoona's face.


[1] some: It's like a relationship without the title of 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend'. So an unofficial relationship. Friends with benefits. Along those lines.

I hope this chapter is not too confusing. I was hesitant with the names.


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