The CEO is My Childhood Friend
17 The Moon Siblings
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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17 The Moon Siblings

After plugging in the numbers to her lock, Yoona walked into her dark apartment. The room was small; the kitchen, bed, and desk, all in a single space.

With only silence to great her, she quickly walked into the washroom getting ready to wash all the gunk out of her hair. As the warm water hit her skin, she let out a happy sigh. Today was a rough day. A shower was exactly what she needed.

After dressing in her pajamas and washing up, she quickly found herself surrounded by her blankets, cuddling inside of its warmth. The pink surrounded her like a shield.

While laying in silence, she heard her phone buzz.

Jaemin: Hey babe, you done work?

A smile instantly lifted on her face. It was her boyfriend.

Yoona: Yup, I came home early due to an interesting incident. I'll tell you about it when we meet ❤️

Jaemin: I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to go on a date tomorrow. You can tell me all about it then!

Originally, she wanted to study because she was a slightly behind in her classes due to work, but it couldn't hurt to go on a date. She owed him some time anyways. They hadn't had an 'official' date in a long time due to her busy schedule.

Jaemin constantly persisted that she didn't need a job since he could provide for her, but Yoona didn't let him pay for anything other than the dates. She didn't like relying on others.

Her rough childhood made her independent.

Yoona: Okay! Sounds like a plan

Jaemin: Can't wait. I love you ❤️

Yoona: Love you too!

Yoona squealed, squirming around in her blankets.

She wasn't usually an expressive person when it came to romance, but she couldn't help it when it came to Jaemin. He was absolutely perfect. To think that one of the Moon siblings was her boyfriend, it was shocking to think about.

The Moon siblings was a brother and sister duo. They are the top students in Yunhwa University; known for their stunning looks, academics, and prestigious background. The Moon Group, the family they are born in, owned multiple business and buildings in Korea, also making them one of the top families in the country. Everyone on campus knew who they were. They were not to be trifled with.

Yoona considered herself lucky to be close to the two of them. A small town girl like her, did not have many opportunities to talk to people like them. The Moon Siblings were rich beyond imagination while also, winning the genetic lottery. Many would kill to be a part of their circle.

Yoona first met Jaeun Moon, the sister, when she was a freshmen. Their business major was holding a retreat for the incoming university students. Although she originally didn't plan on going on the three day trip, she decided to be social for once. When she arrived, it wasn't the best experience for her since she didn't drink too often and the seniors would also hit on her shamelessly, but it was still one of the best decisions of her life.

Why? Because she met her best friend Jaeun.

The seniors decided to hold a small 'beauty pageant' during their retreat. After picking the prettiest girls on the trip, the girls would go on stage and introduce themselves, and everyone voted by cheering for their favorite. Of course, Yoona hated these types of events and cursed those desperate seniors for holding such a contest, but she was forced to join. Obeying your senior was part of the Korean culture. It was unfortunate.

Despite wearing an over-sized t-shirt with no makeup [she got lazy in the morning], Yoona was chosen as second place for the prettiest girl in her year. She was very surprised. She knew she was pretty, but there was no effort out into her looks.

First place, with no surprise, went to Jaeun Moon. With her cat-eyes, beautiful nose bridge, and plump lips; Jaeun was a beauty to behold. She also always dressed herself in the most expensive clothes and perfect makeup. There was no girl who could compare.

Shortly after the contest ended, Jaeun came up to Yoona to start a conversation. Yoona was very surprised to see such a prominent figure talk to her. The Moon Siblings were already popular among the freshman. They were legends at school. To think that one of them was talking to her - it was definitely out of the ordinary.

They soon became best friends. They talked often during school and would partner up for projects. Jaeun would also invite Yoona to many events and dinners, introducing her to the high-class sphere. Although she did not belong, Jaeun made sure that Yoona would have a good time. She did not care about Yoona's social status unlike the other spoiled kids.

Since she hung out with Jaeun so often, there was no doubt, she would run into her brother often. Jaemin Moon. The face genius. He was the most sought-out bachelor in the school. With his light brown hair, tall height, gorgeous smile, and his gentleman personality, there was no girl who didn't like him. Except Yoona of course. She wasn't into Jaemin when they first met.

Before going into university, Yoona had promised herself not to get a boyfriend. She needed to focus on studies and working. There was no time for petty romances.

According to Jaemin, he began to feel attracted to her after a few of their meetings. She was different from other girls. Everything about her made his heart pound. Despite all his efforts to make her fall in love, Yoona didn't budge. Her heart was made of ice. She didn't let people into her heart that easily. Though she was able to make friends, there were only a few people who knew about her circumstances and deepest secrets.

No matter what Jaemin did, Yoona wouldn't fall for him. The roses. Helping her with her studies. Sending her his heart-stopping smile. Nothing helped with his progress. He was absolutely devastated.

He was finally able to melt away her heart by an unexpected incident. While he was walking with the two best friends down the street, he noticed a young, high school boy getting bullied. Jaemin took the initiative to help the student by scaring the other bullies away. After seeing this situation unfold, and seeing another side of Jaemin, Yoona couldn't help but waver.

There was no need for all those useless romantic antics. In high school, Yoona had recieved plenty of confessions and flowers. What she needed was a genuine guy, and through those actions, Jaemin had showed her he was more than just a pretty face.

Plus, after two years of trying to woo her, it was about time she gave him a shot. His persistence made her understand how serious he was.

Now, it had been almost a year since the two had been dating. It took Jaemin two years to steal Yoona's heart. Their anniversary was on Thursday of this following week. She couldn't wait for the surprises he had in store for her.

Jaemin always knew how to make her happy.


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