The CEO is My Childhood Friend
21 The Ice Princess
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The CEO is My Childhood Friend
Author :AuthorSho
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21 The Ice Princess

The weekend quickly ended in a blur. Next thing she knew, Yoona found herself at school, walking side by side with her best friend Jaeun.

The friends were walking to their economics class. With the latest fashion clothed from head to toe paired with set of killer heels, Jaeun strutted confidently down the halls. A classic bitch face was present on her face.

On the other hand, Yoona wore a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Instead of heels like Jaeun, she was wearing a simple pair of converse. Though drastically different in styles, a tigress and a bunny, the beauty of the girls made nobody question their friendship. To think they could see these two in the same room was already a blessing to the students.

Everyone moved to the side, separating like the red sea. They did not dare to interfere between. As a Moon Sibling, Jaeun was simply a goddess.

"So," Jaeun began. A giggle escaped her lips. "I heard you had a date with my brother. How was it?"

Unlike how most siblings would react, Jaeun was very invested in the couple's relationship. She was a big part to why the couple were able to spend time together. If it weren't for Jaeun, Yoona wouldn't have had the chance to meet Jaemin.

"It was great! We went out for sushi and then an art gallery," Yoona answered. Of course, she said a bit of a white lie. There were some aspects of the date she didn't enjoy, but she didn't want to say it out loud at school.

Jaeun flipped her light brown hair behind her shoulders. "Akinari Kobayashi right? The famous Japanese contemporary artist."

Yoona nodded with a smile. "The very one."

Jaeun rolled her eyes, clear annoyance present on her face. "I wanted to go instead but my fucking brother spent those tickets on you. I love you girl. But I was supposed to go."

"You should've gone instead of me," she admitted. "I'm not very educated in art."

A strained smile appeared on Jaeun's face. "I should've. But then again, my brother would've gone with me. That's so gross."

Yoona chuckled. "He's not bad to hang out with."

"Ugh that's because your his girlfriend."

As much as the two were worshiped, the siblings weren't that close. They preferred to be separated.

After all, the two were total opposites, despite coming out of the same womb.

Jaeun Moon was an ice princess. Her skin was pale like fresh snow, lips red as blood. Although Jaeun was nice to Yoona, she definitely unleashed her terrible side on others. Anyone who would cross her path, would be the recipient of her wrath. Last time, a freshmen flirted with Jaeun's past boyfriend on purpose to provoke her. When she found out about the ordeal, the next day, the girl's father's small restaurant business was abolished. The Moon Family became the new owners of the building and kicked the restaurant out.

Jaeun was heartless. She did whatever she could do to make her enemies pay for their actions.

Of course, this brings one to the question of why a sweet girl like Yoona was friends with her? The answer was simple. Yoona simply saw the good side of Jaeun, one that many people didn't get the opportunity to see. At times, Jaeun was able to express her true feelings and was vulnerable. Yoona had actually seen the ice princess cry once or twice, to the shock of many. Since Jaeun relied on Yoona quite often, she simply couldn't just ditch the potential heiress.

Yoona saw the light in her.

On the other hand, Jaemin was a warm prince. He had great manners, treating everyone with respect, no matter what race, gender, and age. Unlike his sister, he never was rude to anybody - unless they hurt people he cares about of course. Due to his positive personality, he was rarely angry or cold.

To think these two are siblings. Other than their looks, the difference between them was shocking.

Jaeun let out a sigh. "Maybe I should find a boyfriend. All my suitors are trash though. They aren't rich enough for me."

There were many men trying to obtain Jaeun's heart. She always got proposals and confessions on the daily; both by everyday suitors and people from the rich circle. Of course, Jaeun never bothered to give anyone who wasn't rich a chance. She did not dare to.

"Maybe instead of looking at money, try to base them off of personality," Yoona suggested.

Jaeun shot her a look.

"I wish. But my standards are too high. I need to be spoiled."

Yoona shook her head. The life of the rich were so different from hers. Although she didn't agree with Jaeun, due to her lifestyle, there was no doubt money would be a large dating factor. One day however, Yoona strived to change that opinion of hers. She cared for her friend. "Alright. Just make sure that guy doesn't end up being an asshole okay?"

As of right now though, her friend was too stubborn.

Jaeun winked. "Of course."

The two reached their economics lecture and sat down near the back. As the teacher was not in the room yet, the two continued talking. The seats were half-full.

Suddenly, Jaeun clapped her hands together excitedly. With her wide eyes, she looked over at her friend. "By the way, it's your one year anniversary in like three days!"

Yoona let out a shy smile. "Yeah it is."

Jaeun grabbed her arm excitedly. "You are going to love your present. I actually stayed in the same room as my brother to help him plan everything."

"Really?" Jaeun wasn't the type to put extra effort into events she found irrelevant. It was surprising to hear about her friend's contribution.

"Yup, you are going to be so surprised. Trust me. It's going to be an event you'll never forget."

She couldn't wait.


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