The Empire's Last Empress
132 Chapter 132- Warning
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The Empire's Last Empress
Author :Zhang_Ruo
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132 Chapter 132- Warning

"Pardon the closeness …Jing's Big Miss… But I'm a man and you're wearing your night clothes. It's simply----not appropriate." He smiled cheekily. Shameless!

Jingxian fiercely opened her eyes as she glared at the man before her. But when she met those deep almond eyes, her heart suddenly stopped beating as she felt her breath stifling. Such a breath-taking view in the early morning!

But Jingxian didn't allow her face to show the amusement she felt. She returned back to the cold work mode face that she usually have when talking to other people.

"It is rather more inappropriate for you to be here this early. Are you perhaps peeking to someone? This is my courtyard and I believe that I won't need to explain further." She said coldly then walked pass through him.
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His heart almost froze from that cold voice and attitude, but he didn't mind. He sheepishly followed her and murmured. "You sure have the guts to accuse this highness…"

Jingxian seemed to hear him as she glanced back at him with cold eyes.

"Leave." She said grimly.

The man called Zuigao frowned for a moment upon hearing her. The shadows of the two deities froze as well.

Hey! Winter just passed by, don't call it back! Whoooo! So cold!

"Jingxian." He said seriously.

Jingxian was not shocked that he knew her name. After all, she's not really sure if the old Jingxian knew this man before. And this kind of face would not be possessed by just an ordinary man. He is most likely to be a youngmaster of some wealthy or powerful family in this place.

She didn't turn around and waited for him to continue as she stopped on her tracks.

"The outside world might not know about the real appearance of Jing Clan's mysterious hidden lotus, but now I do."

She can hear a bit of sheepishness in his voice.


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