The Renasir of Iravan
8 I will become a fine man
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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8 I will become a fine man

How do we get out of this place? We stand at the main door. I have passed through the corridor and didn't free any other creature. Mogrok and I are probably soulmates because we both want an easy life. I can't tell the same about the other creatures here. Now, I have an amnesiac God in the kid's body.

"Kid, do you know how to open the gate?" He shakes his head when he hears my question. Looks like we are both idiots. I look up at Mogrok.

"You have to use the universal key and think of the place where you want to go."

Really? As soon as I think of the key, it manifests in my hand. I put it in the keyhole and think of my home in the world. When I twist it, it doesn't turn. So, it doesn't work for the other world. Cina, the god of land and nature, didn't make a universal key that can open the door to the other worlds. It's just a key that works for the places in this world.


I only know of one place in this world. I think about the basement where I met Pebby, Quinn, and Mirai. This time, I hear a click. The door turns small and ordinary. I open it and walk inside with the kid.

"Master..." Mogrok is stuck on the door. "Wait a moment."

In a second, he transforms into a small round pig with only three eyes and three feet. He doesn't have a tail or ears. He hops inside the basement. The door closes itself and disappears in the wall.

"Well..." I look at this small creature at amazement.

"The flow of Ehr is sparse here." Mogrok looks around the room. "If I stay in my original form, I will starve, Master."

"'s cool." I poke his round head. "You should stay like this."

"Master likes this form." Mogrok is clearly displeased. "Master, where are we?"

There is no one in the basement. I see muddy footprints on the floor. Is it already daybreak? They told me that they would wait for me here. Pebby, Raye, and Quinn are gone. If they were here, I would have sent this kid off with them.

I glance at the kid. He is holding the edge of my sleeve and looking around curiously. Sigh! Original Owner, I have taken your body. I have taken your powers. I have freed God too. Now, I have to take care of him instead of you.

Fine. I will do so. I will take responsibility. From now on, I will become Kresi. But, I will live this life according to my will. I won't seek revenge or lead a group that wants revenge.

I will raise him and make him a good person. Then, he won't think of taking my heart. He will become a good God. Perhaps, everyone can make up and go together. Maybe he will help me find a way back to my world.

"What are you thinking?" Mogrok nudges my foot. "Where should we go?"

I ignore his questions. "Do you know his name?"

Mogrok reply is straightforward. "I can't say his name. It's forbidden by the laws of this world."

"Ah!" Laws. Set of rules for this world. The name of this God is also forbidden to say. These Gods are rather strict. "We should give him a name then."

"Master, you are new. You should be careful about names. If you give him a name, you will have a stronger bond with him." Mogrok walks around in a circle. It seems like it is his habit.

"We can't just call him kid everywhere." The kid is raising his sharp brows cutely. "Your name is Kyo. I am Kresi. From now on, you are my younger brother, okay? We are family."

"I am Kyo. I am your younger brother." Kyo speaks slowly, but his speech is clear. "We are family."

"Good." This is the start. I will keep my enemy close. If he and I have a close relationship, he won't think about taking the heart.

"Master, you are really careless with words." Mogrok licks his lips. "When he remembers, he will get mad."

"Is that so?" I pinch Kyo's cheek. "Will you get mad at me?"

"I won't." His cheek turns red because of the pinch. "I will never get mad at my elder sister."

"Then, promise me." I let go of his cheeks. "Promise me that you will do anything that I ask you to."

"I promise you." Kyo promises me without a second thought.

"You should remember these words." I grin at him. It might be a futile effort. "You promised me that you will follow my words always. You will keep this promise after you remember who you are, right?"

"I will." Kyo nods furiously. "I will listen to my sister."

"Good." I cross my arms and smirk at Mogrok who rolls his eyes.

"Master, you will regret doing this today. He is the God of darkness. A God's promise cannot be taken lightly. Because of the promise today, you became his sister. He will be quite angry when he remembers."

"I don't think so, Mogrok. I will raise this boy into a fine man. When he remembers that he is a God, he will remain a good person." I gaze at him. "Isn't it right, Kyo?"

"I will become a fine man." I hear him say. He is doing well so far.


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