The Renasir of Iravan
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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11 Do you have a family?

The Renasir is ghastly pale, almost like a ghost. Her dark hair is loosely tied into a golden hairpin. Her maroon cloak flutters with the wind as she watches the city drowned in the fire with her lonely eyes. The Renasir of Iravan is dying. Only she knows this.

"Have you found them?"

"My lady." The man in silver armor and mask bends on his one knee. "We couldn't."

They have received the news only after the day of the union. The high queen of Aredes is dead. The true wielder of the holy fire has appeared. The harbinger has freed the God of darkness. The Belan Spirit has closed the Belan woods to any outsider. In one night, everything has changed.

"We have been careless," Mayaeira Mirin, the Renasir of Iravan, whispers to the wind. The vessel of the holy fire has always been the high queen of Aredes for generations. Just like that, it's always been a Mirin who became the Renasir. The two bloodlines are tied together by the main Gods. It's the Renasir who finds the Harbinger and helps the vessel to kill it. She has done this before. She couldn't do it this time.

On the night of the union, when the whole world falls asleep mysteriously, it is the Renasir's and the vessel's duty to prevent the Harbinger from freeing God. However, The vessel died at the hands of the harbinger. The holy fire has chosen the true wielder. The harbinger has successfully freed the thirteenth God. She has used her strength to stabilize the chosen one's conditions for the last few days. He has survived the binding between the holy fire and his soul.

So, it's coming to end. She has failed. She has known that the harbinger has been living in this city. That child didn't listen to her. Now, she needs to find the next Renasir before she dies.

Mayaeira Mirin spreads her palm, trying to sense the harbinger's energy. She knows that its futile. That child is long gone from this place. Is that child already dead? Something is not right. She can sense that the harbinger is still alive after freeing the thirteenth God.

It's good if they have time. She will find the next Renasir before it starts. The chosen one needs next Renasir. Her time has ended. It's a new beginning for someone else.


Mogrok cleans his teeth with his tongue. They have arrived in the storehouse around an hour ago. It's full of resources with dense and impure ehr. The harbinger has hit her head and passed out when they arrived. He has never seen anyone like this.

His previous master was better. She was cool. She knew what to do. This one is clueless. She treats the dark God like a human being. She isn't cautious or afraid of him either. What if he takes over the contract and eats her soul? She should be cautious of him.

This soul has no experience in magic. She keeps making mistake. She is easily frightened, but she is also strangely calm. Right now, she has a big red bump on her forehead. Kyo is squatting near her and poking her cheek.

"She won't wake up." Mogrok knows that he is also screwed up. When the dark God remembers, he will be punished too. If he is going to punished, then let it be so. He should do whatever he wants to. "Boy, she lost consciousness. She will wake up in time."

"Is she hurt?" Kyo asks him with a poker face. "Is Elder sister in pain?"

"She is not in pain now." Or maybe, she is. How would he know? "Are you hungry, my God?"

"I am."

"See this." Mogrok looks around at the stones, plants, dead spirits, and other treasures with dense and impure ehr. "We can eat this."

"What about sister?" Kyo rubs her bump. She moans in pain.

"She will be fine." Mogrok takes a big bite of the boulder that was supposed to go through purification and turned into mana. "We should finish this before she wakes up."

Kyo is hungry. He doesn't think much and begins eating the resources that have been the caused of the war of the three nations in the lower realm. In the next few hours, the storehouse is empty. There is nothing left other than waste. When the people arrive, they find two children lying side by side and a spirit beast who is snoring without a care for the world. The entire treasures are gone. There is nothing but dust and waste products.

"It's gone."


"What will we say to the general?"

"Catch these kids first."

Kresi, Kyo, and Mogrok are put inside the cages and taken to the madam of the house. Kyo and Mogrok are drooling in sleep. They wake up after someone throws a bucket of water on them. Kresi rubs her throbbing forehead and looks around.

Why is she inside a cage?

"Master, I want to eat them." Mogrok is annoyed. "Ever since I came to this realm, I have had no peace."

She ignores Mogrok and asks the woman in front of her, "What's going on?"

"You are awake." She is sitting on a high seat. She is dressed in a white silk dress and flashy pieces of jewellery. Her face is as hard as the stone. The woman has long brown hair. The servants are standing with low heads.

"Who are you?" Kresi remembers falling through the gate. How did she end up in a cage?

The woman grunts at her. "You pretend not to know, isn't it?"

Kresi becomes quiet. She looks at Mogrok and Kyo for some information. But, one is fuming with anger. Another one is looking at her with his cute eyes. Hopeless. She looks back at the woman.

"Why are we in the cages?"

"You stole our treasures." The woman scowls at them. "Before my Lord comes back, you will tell me where the treasures are."

She is annoyed. Why does she keep getting into these situations? She didn't steal when she was starving on the street. Would she steal now?

"We didn't steal any treasure, Master."

"We only ate them, Sister."

"We didn't steal." Kresi crosses her arm in defence. "We only ate..." She stares at Kyo. "What did you say?"

"We ate them." Kyo blinks at her innocently.

"You idiot!" She watches him in horror. "What if you get food poisoning?"

"Master, he will be fine. He is God. He can eat anything."

"You are not helping, Mogrok."

The woman has been watching them for a while. She can't understand what Mogrok is saying. But, she has noticed that the girl with golden eyes can speak to the spirit beast. The spirit beast must be a high-level creature. The girl must be his contracted one. The boy is strange, but she doesn't care. She has something precious now.

"You can talk to the spirit beast?" The woman smiles at her. Her cold expression is gone. "Can you use magic?"

"Yes, I can do a bit."

"You didn't steal the treasure?" The woman questions her tenderly.

"We didn't." Kresi is uncomfortable after seeing her sudden change. What's going on with this lady? Is she bipolar or something?

"You know what happened to it?"

Kresi rubs her sweaty palms tensely. "This spirit ate it."

Mogrok is enraged after hearing her. "Master, I am not the only one."

"Psst!" Kresi puts her finger on her lips to quieten him down. "He ate it."

"Is that so?" The woman's grin becomes broader. "He is your contracted spirit?"

"He is," Kresi confirms. It feels like her dog has pooped in her neighbour's lawn. She is worried about money. What happens when the pet spirit eats someone's else treasures? Does she have to pay? She is poor.

The woman discerns Kresi's sharp gaze. This child can't be from an average family. She has never seen anyone with golden eyes. It's not like she can go to the law. Those treasures were stolen by the general. If they are lost, they can only cry silently. But, there is something good that came out of this.

"Do you have a family?"


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