The Renasir of Iravan
13 We will go this year
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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13 We will go this year

"Miss Dunebard."

Someone pulls my sleeve. I cover my head with the book. It's noisy.

"Miss Dunebard!"

Who is this Dune Bard? Can't that person get up already? I want to get some sleep.


I stand up with a jolt. Teacher Hohan is glaring at me with anger. I hear Kyo sigh beside me. He has been pulling my sleeve to wake me up.

"WHAT.IS.THE.NAME.OF.THIS.RUNE?" He points at a rune with his iron stick. The rune looks like two twisted snakes.

"It's Zeh." I yawn lazily. Did you wake me up for this? "This is the rune of the tooth."

"Your overconfidence will be the death of you." He wipes the board. "Sit down."

I follow his 'order' and sit down. I have memorized the book of runes. It's not overconfidence. I have always been good at studying. The magic came as easily to me as breathing. I could see the flow of ehr. I could see how the ehr was converted to mana by the sorcerers and the contracted wizards.

Basically, ehr is a raw form of energy. It cannot be directly utilized by the wielders or contractors. So, this ehr is converted to mana which is a lower form of this energy. Mana is used in different weapons and technologies. The non-magic users can also use magic using these instruments.

The difference between non-magic users and magic users is vast. Anyone who has a magical ability can become a noble overnight. He will automatically gain a high status and power.

After that day, that woman got a messy divorce from her general husband and changed her name back to 'Byena Dunebard'. If I had known that her last name was Dunebard, I would have given it a thought before getting adopted. She didn't delay long after getting the divorce. She formally adopted us and announced to everyone that she is the mother of magic users. It was basically advertising. Her business rose up and she got even richer. She has been invited to the parties everywhere. Kyo and I only attended the first one. After that, we decided that it wasn't our thing. She didn't push us. She rarely pays any attention. We don't get involved in each other's business.

This magic school has ten students and two teachers. Out of the ten students, only two are sorcerers. Six students are contractual wizards. Kyo is God, but he is assumed to be a sorcerer. I am assumed to be a contractual wizard because of Mogrok.

The architecture of the school is top notch and modern. However, both teachers know magic theoretically. Teacher Hohan teaches us runes, a 101 on Ehr, and basic spells. We have to practice spells on our own. If things go wrong which they do usually, we have to deal with it ourselves.

The second teacher teaches us subjects like how to use and develop mage technologies, field studies of spirit beasts and plants though we never go to the fields and geography of Iravan.

The academy is crap. Pure crap. Each day, it gets worse. Mogrok is a better teacher than these people. I have already memorized all the books. I am coming here with Kyo because of the competition. I am genuinely interested in learning magic. The only way that I can get out of this place is by taking part in the competition and win.

"It's over." I lean back in my seat and let out an exasperated sigh after the teacher leaves. I am freaking twenty-six. What I am doing in a classroom? I ask this question every day after his lecture.

"Keshi." Ernie comes to my desk. He always mispronounces my name. He is a Wahr.

"Her name is Kresi." Kyo always corrects him.

"Kreshi." Ernie scratches his back. "I am sorry. It is the accent. Really. I am not from the capital."

We are not either. "Ernie, did Teacher Shyl say anything about the competition?"

"Why are you worried? You are definitely going." Ernie has been stuck in this academy for three years. Graduation solely depends on completing the curriculum and being able to perform magic. "Your brother is also going. Six months ago, he couldn't go because he wasn't thirteen yet. You didn't go because of him."

The minimum age to take part in the competition is thirteen. The second requirement is the graduation diploma and recommendation from the magic schools. Last year, I didn't go because I didn't want to leave Kyo behind. Kyo turned thirteen this year formally. He can take part now.

"He will put up the list in the afternoon."

"We will go this year." Kyo leans down his head and whispers in my ear. In a year, my younger brother has grown taller and more handsome. He attracts attention everywhere he goes. Whenever I see him, I feel so proud of my creation.

I am turning him into a fine man.

"Kyo." It's Mayna. She is a sorcerer. She has a cute crush on my younger brother. Her face turns beet red whenever she is near him. She is adorable. "I think that I will be able to go to the competition too."

"I see." Kyo's reply is short. His tone is polite and aloof. Nobody is perfect. At least, he is replying. Usually, he ignores everyone. I have been working on his communication skills. Hopefully.

Mayna looks down at her hands shyly. He actions remind me of Kyo. He can act shy like that. I have seen him blushing too. I am sure that I am the only one who has seen him like this.

Kyo needs to broaden his circle. I have decided. I will help him make more friends. I will help him get a girlfriend.

"Teacher Shyl is here." Someone shouts. Everyone hurry to their desks. Teacher Shyl has a broad smile on his face. Usually, he is sulking about something. He pastes a paper on the board and says, "Four of you are graduating this year."

"Really?" Ernie asks in excitement. "Teacher Shyl, please tell us the names."

"Ernie, you are graduating from the academy. You have been offered a job at Central Spirits Zoo." Teacher Shyl winks at him. "I recommended you there."

"I am not going to the competition?" Ernie's face is crestfallen.

"The competition has a new regulation this year." Teacher Shyl gives him a sad smile. "The maximum age is reduced to eighteen for the participants."

There are at least four sighs behind me.

"Aizel Spinwell, Kresi Dunebard, and Kyo Dunebard," He glances at me. "You are graduating with Ernie this year. You are also selected to take part in the competition."


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