The Renasir of Iravan
14 Your sharp tongue will kill him faster
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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14 Your sharp tongue will kill him faster

Lady Dunebard is the happiest person among us after hearing the news. Even I, who have been waiting to get out of this boring place for a year, do not share her excitement. For several years, the school hasn't sent anyone to the competition. This year, three persons are going. Two of them are from her house.

"Kresi, my daughter." She runs in my direction to hug me. I step away, letting her fall on the ground. The servants look away and keep their expressions neutral. I have never seen them showing any other expression than that. ever since I have found myself here. She has trained them well.

"Serves her right," Mogrok snickers. "Master, if I didn't help you, you would have never graduated from that school."

"Kyo, my son~" Before Lady Dunebard could touch him, Kyo runs and hide behind me. His face is blank. He hates being touched by anyone except me. I hope that he grows out of it.

"Lady Dunebard, it's enough for the day." I smile at her politely. She straightens up and gives me a formal nod. Her eyes are twinkling with enthusiasm. I can guess the words - more power, more money, and higher status on her mind. She is probably planning to start a franchise now. She is good at business. I give her that.

The capital hasn't been bad. It's a lot stabler than Beggar City. This year, competition is being held in the capital of Prath. The school has built a temporary gate to the competition's location. To be honest, I like these magical gates. If I had them on my planet, we would probably go anywhere at any time. But, I have a feeling that it wouldn't be free. For commoners here, it's not free here. The private gates built by the sorcerers in this world cost a fortune.

Kyo and I have nothing much to take other than the clothes. Mogrok only likes the mana stones. So, I take a small bag of it. We go to school grounds. I don't plan to return here. I am sure that Lady Dunebard will have a good life after we are gone.

"You are here, Kresi." Aizel is already there with Teacher Shyl and Teacher Hohan.

"Hmph! She's never on time." Teacher Hohan is displeased. "People like you never go far in life."

"Is that so?" I smirk at him. "Then, I should go far in my life and prove you wrong."

"Impudent!" Teacher Hohan's face turns blue. He looks like he is going to explode from anger.

"You should control your temper, Teacher," I tell him with concern. "People like you usually die early because they can't control their temper."

"Master, your sharp tongue will kill him faster."

Teacher Hohan's face becomes twisted with anger. I don't know why this old man dislikes me so much. At first, I wanted to know why. Now, I don't care. This dislike is mutual.

"Ahem!" Teacher Shyl brings out a coin and throws it in the ground. "It's time to go now."

When the coin touches the ground, a glowing circle with runes manifests on the ground. Kyo draws me to his side. He wraps his arms around my shoulders. Mogrok clutches on my leg with his three arms. I close my eyes when the light consumes us.


Mogrok lets go of her foot the moment they emerge out of the white marble floor. It's a four-pillar gate with runes and arrays intricately aligned with each other to strengthen it. Mogrok is slightly impressed because it is the first time when he is seeing some decent work here. His expectations have reached below zero levels since he arrived in the lower realm with his master and the dark God.

Mogrok makes a face when he sees that the boy hasn't released of his master. This boy is cold to everyone, but his master. Mogrok doesn't want him to act warm to him either. It is just that he has started to like his master. His master pays most of her attention to this boy. She even smiles more at the boy than him. She scolds him when he complains.

He is her spirit beast. HER SPIRIT BEAST. They are in this for life. Why does she love this boy more than him? This boy is the Dark God. Though, he isn't much of God right now.

Though he has never seen him with his own eyes before his master freed him, he has heard so much about him. The God of darkness is a cruel and powerful God. It took the power of all the Gods against him to defeat him around ten thousand years ago.

Mogrok sighs quietly. Now, he can't help but feel disappointed. The mighty and fearless image of this God is forever ruined by his master. His master probably doesn't know the meaning of 'Kyo'. She is hopeless in the forgotten language. She can't be blamed though. The language of the old world is forgotten for a reason.

"We are here." His master's eyes shine with excitement. She looks around curiously. It is a four-pillar altar at the top of the cliff. Kyo reluctantly lets go of her. Others are used to seeing this scene. This brother and sister do not look alike at all. Only fools would believe that they are siblings. They know enough to not say anything when they see Kyo's silent dark eyes. Even Teacher Hohan do not pick up on Kyo. He is natural at keeping people away.

The officials are waiting in formal suits in front of them. A man with orange hair and caramel skin greet them with a wide smile.

"You are the last one."

"We apologize for being late," Teacher Hohan tells him gravely.

"The first round of the competition started an hour ago." The man walks ahead. "I thought that Milegia decided to quit at the last moment."

"What?" Teacher Hohan asks. "You told us that the competition will start tomorrow."

"Did I?" The man looks surprised. "All the contestants have arrived. You are telling me that I only made the mistake with you, Teacher Hohan?"

"You did make a mistake." Teacher Hohan isn't the one to let go. "I have the letter that you sent."

"Ah, It is a mistake from our side then." He apologizes, but there is no guilt in his eyes. "Teacher Hohan, my assistant was the one who wrote the letters. He must have written the wrong date. You know how careless the young ones are. We should hurry. The first round has begun. You can still take part."

Teacher Shyl changes the topic before Teacher Hohan can lose his temper again. Mogrok rolls his eyes. This man is lying. He would have eaten him now if his master hasn't prohibited him from randomly eating people. His master is unreasonable.

"They don't want us to take part," Aizel whispers to Kresi. "The relationship between Prath and Milegia has gone worse ever since Milegia attacked the beggar cities a year ago without any notice. I heard that Pire and Prath are making an alliance to take a stance against Milegia."

"Let them," Kresi replies nonchalantly. "Pire and Prath are like hot and cold couples. They make alliances with marriages and business deals. They fight again and break up. Later, they join hands again after some time. I am sure that this alliance won't survive long."

"You are right." Aizel looks at Kresi. She is two years younger than him. She is smart for her age. Her hair is long, dark, and wavy. Her skin is olive and clear. Though she speaks the native language fluently, she doesn't look like she is from Milegia. He has never seen anyone with golden eyes.

"Stop looking."

The chilling voice snaps him out of it. He glances at the owner of the voice. Kyo has walked between him and Kresi, covering Kresi from his view. Aizel swallows down and walks quickly to get away from them.

Mogrok has seen this all. His master attracts attention quickly. She is rarely paying attention to the people around her. Is it be okay like this? He is worried. His master is careless.


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