The Renasir of Iravan
15 Please become my friend
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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15 Please become my friend

In the corner, the girl with blonde hair and oval face scrutinizes the crowd with her narrow violet eyes. A total of fourteen candidates are here to take part in the competition this year - eight from Prath, two from Pire, and five are from her country including her younger sister. There is no one from Milegia here.

She looks down at the sketches in her hand. She can't find a single person who looks like this person. If she is wrong this time, her fate is sealed.

Her younger sister, Amelia Parisa, glances at the sketch in her hand. The sketch shows a figure with a dark cloak. The face is hidden under the cloak. How could anyone find a person with no face?

"I think, it is time that you forget about this person."

Deia Parisa's soft pink lips quiver. She will burst into tears at any moment now.

Amelia sighs. Her sister easily cries. Sometimes, she wonders how her elder sister can cry this much. Her sister's tears never out of storage.

"I don't want to forget this person. Ami, this person will lead me to the one."

Deia Parisa is a Wahr. She also inherited her great-great-great grandmother's gifts. She has been the prodigal daughter until the things go wrong. She cannot form a contract with any spirit. Her father has tried everything. There has not been any spirit who is compatible with her essence. Whether it is mid-ranked or low ranked spirits, the contract is rejected because of the law of equality.

The Wahr can form contracts with the spirits only if the essences match.

She is seventeen. SEVENTEEN. She's too old to not have a spirit. There hasn't been any spirit for the seventeen years. Her father has given up. Even her younger sister has graduated from school. She is the only one who can't graduate yet because she can't perform any magic. She needs to form a contract first.

"Sister, why are you worried? You can talk to the spirits and see the future." Her sister tries to cheer her up. "You should agree to the father's plans. He wants you to marry the prince. The prince also likes you. If you marry him, you will have everything. You can also travel through realms to find a spirit or a healer."

Deia sinks in her seat dejectedly. Her father is a duke. Her father has given her an ultimatum. Either she marries the prince by next year or she finds a spirit. She doesn't want to get married. She has seen the future. Precisely, she has seen multiple futures. She has seen her spirit. Well, its shadow. She doesn't know where it is. She knows that there is a person who can lead her to her spirit.

For a year, she has been seeing this person in her dream. She saw that person in the competition. Last year, she came here with her cousin. She was sure that that would appear last year. At the last moment, the future changed again. The person didn't appear.

The future doesn't always come true. She sees the probabilities. In her sight, the future is always changing. It depends upon the decisions and circumstances.

If she marries the prince, she will lose her freedom. Her father will gain power. She will become a doll on the shelves for decoration. She doesn't want that. She wants to live a life of adventure. She wants to perform magic. She wants to go to the higher realm. She has so many dreams. How can she let go of them? Her heart doesn't want to let go. Besides, she doesn't love the prince.

The first round of the competition is the question and answer round. The candidate is asked ten basic questions by the official. An official from the higher realm is also present. Out of the ten, the candidate has to answer at least five questions to be shortlisted for the next round. The questions are easy. So, most of the candidates usually pass this round.

"Do well, Ami." When her younger sister's name is called, Deia gives her a hug and sends her to the stage. Last year, her cousin failed the test. In this competition, people can only take part once. Now, the age limit is also added. Deia sighs. She can never take part in this competition now.

"Are those people from Milegia?"

Deia's attention is drawn by a boy's sudden yell. The crowd, including the officials, look at the newcomers. The two men are the teachers. They are dressed in yellow garbs. A young man with brown hair is walking beside them. They give a small nod to everyone.

"Only one?" She hears someone say.

"At least, they have sent someone this year."

"Hasn't it been five years now?"

"We will see what he can do. Milegia hasn't produced a single magic user in the last ten years."

Deia is disappointed. It's not that person. She folds the sketch in her hand. Looks like the person won't come to the competition this year. She may never meet that person.

"Who are those people?"

Suddenly, everyone becomes quiet. There is a silent pressure in the air. Deia looks at the door again. A dark-haired girl with bright golden eyes walks inside with a boy with piercing dark eyes. A black three-legged spirit beast is hopping behind them.

The boy is a foot taller than the girl. He is lean and slender, but he doesn't look weak. He is wearing a dark grey shirt and black leather pants with leather boots. His sculpted face is unfairly beautiful. It can make anyone's heart race whether its a man or a woman. Deia notices that he is holding on to the girl's arm. They must be close.

The girl is dressed in a thigh-length white robe with black leather boots. Her black cloak is untied lazily in the front and reaches to her ankle. She has a heart-shaped face and a small mouth. She looks around curiously with a slight smile on her lips.

That's the person.

She has seen this girl in the sight. Deia can't breathe for some seconds. She was captivated by the boy first. She wasted her good time on that boy's looks and didn't notice this girl. It is this person who is important to her. Now, her sight is clear after seeing her in person. This is the girl who will lead her to her spirit.

Finally, her dark days are over. Her savior is here.

She must befriend her. She must follow her everywhere.

Aizel, Teacher Hohan, and Teacher Shyl are used to this feeling. They have walked faster to arrive first because they knew what was going to happen. They have had the same reactions to Kyo and Kresi when they first arrived in the academy. This feeling of this invisible heart clenching pressure only increased with time if they look too much. Kyo, Kresi, and her spirit beast naturally exude an unapproachable air. It is hard for the people who meet this trio for the first time.

The officials and the candidates feel that their throats are dried. They look away, trying to take a deep breath. They can't feel the pressure now. The official from the Renasir glances back at Kresi. He furrows his brows deeply.

Deia clenches her teeth and cuts through the pressure like a sharp sword. She is gasping for breath by the time she reaches Kresi. She bends on her knees and clasps Kresi's hand. "You are here."

Mogrok looks at Deia pitifully. He is impressed by her determination. This God is exuding too much pressure because of his bad mood.

"Master, ask him to tone it down. People will die at this rate."

"Kyo, are you upset?" Kresi pats his hands on her arm. "I know that you hate crowd. It will be over soon. Then, we will go to a better place."

Kyo glances at Deia and nods. The thick pressure lowers in the air. Deia lets out her breath. She doesn't understand what just happened now. It's not important. She looks up at her savior.

"I have been waiting for so long." Two streams of tears run down on her cheeks. "I don't know who you are. Please become my friend. If you don't, I will die."

"Master, did she fall in love with you at first sight?" Mogrok rolls his eyes. "She is a weird one. We should stay away from her."

"No." Deia pouts. "I am not in love with her. I genuinely want to be her friend."

"You can understand me?" Mogrok blinks his eyes.

"Yes, I can."


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