The Renasir of Iravan
17 Making marks that can“t be erased
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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17 Making marks that can“t be erased

Lideon Sepher raises his brow.

"What is his rank?"

"His rank..." I glance at Mogrok. Spirit and spirit beasts are divided into three tiers. Spirits are a pure form of ehr with consciousness. Spirit beasts are beasts with the ability to channel the ehr. There are three tiers. The top tier creatures are called Dema. Dema is too powerful to form a contract with. The difference between any two-tier is too much.

Mogrok belongs to mid-tier. His rank is one.

"...I can't say." This is a lower realm. Everyone has mistaken mogrok to be rank three spirit beast of low tier. Rank three is the lowest rank in the low tier. Mogrok's rank is one in the mid-tier. He is freaking more than ten thousands years old. He is probably the oldest spirit beast in the lower realm.

He turns around to look at Mogrok. "What is his tier?"

I purse my lips. If I answer that question, I will attract unwanted attention. Though, low tier spirit beasts are common. A rank one low tier beast is already a luxury in the lower realm. If I say his true tier, then I will attract unwanted attention. I don't want people to come for Mogrok. I am afraid that he will become annoyed and eat them all.

"I don't know."

"I see." He is watching me with apprehension. "You don't know your spirit beasts' tier or rank. Are you an ignorant one, Kresi?"

"I suppose, I am," I answer him with a sigh.

"Kresi, your name is different." He presses his palm together. "The part of your name sounds like the names of the runes. If you combine those two runes, they make a combination rune. The meaning of that combination rune is special. Can you tell me the name of that rune and its meaning?"

That's a tricky one. Kresi. I have not studied any rune that sounds like my name. Kresi. Kresi. Kresi. I repeat my name in my head. Kre? Si? What does Kre mean? I don't know how runes can form names. Runes are complicated to draw by sound. A single rune can mean one thing. The other rune can mean something else. But, when two runes are combined, the meaning is completely different.

"I don't know." I give him an embarrassed smile. "I know the meaning of 'Si' and 'Kr'. I don't know how to combine runes yet."

There is a flicker of disappointment in his eyes. It's gone in the next moment. My score is four out of the eight now.

"Combination runes are not the part of the curriculum." Teacher Hohan shouts from the corner. "Lord Sepher, she is the best student of my class. She knows the name of all the basic runes."

That's unexpected. Of all the people in this place, I didn't think that it would be him who would take a stand for me. I thought that he disliked me.

"I understand." Lideon Sepher waves his hand dismissively. "Names are important. Using runic names can bind a person to a certain fate. Even having a part of runes in someone's name can bind the person. I will tell you the meaning of your name. Your name, Kresi, is formed of two runes. The rune 'Kres' has many meanings."

"Kres?" I have never heard of that rune.

"The first meaning of Kres is 'Perish'. But, this rune is too powerful. An average Sehr of the higher realm can turn mountains into dust with this rune. The second meaning is 'chaos'. When a Sehr uses this with that intention, it can create tremendous instability. The third meaning is 'erase'."

"Erase?" What kind of name is this? It's an unlucky name.

Lideon Sepher raises his brows and tells me with an amused look in his eyes. "Only the Renasir can use that rune with that intention."

"What?" I feel like my intestines have been twisted. The Renasir is the one who looks for the harbinger and kills it. Damn!

He scratches his chin. "However, the combination rune of Kres and Ei means 'Making marks that cannot be erased'. Whether the marks are good or bad, they will stubbornly exist forever. I am curious now. Tell me, Kresi. Are you from the higher realm?"

"I don't want to tell." I have no idea where the original owner was from. She wasn't from Beggar city. The score changes to four out of nine. Damn!

"Tell me the meaning of your name." He asks me the final question with a cunning smile. I know what he is doing here.

"Making marks that cannot be erased," I answer him shamelessly. The final score is five out of ten. I have made it to the next round.

Lideon Sepher smirks at me and leaves the stage without a word. I go back to Kyo and the others. Mogrok is lightly snoring.

I can hear the whispers. I ignore them completely. I have abandoned my old name and taken this one. The one who makes indelible marks? Why does this name have such an ominous feeling? After a year, I am hearing about the Renasir again.

"Don't think too much." A cold hand presses against my forehead. "You did well, Elder Sister."

I glance at Kyo. "It's your turn, Kyo. Don't let them screw with you."

He gives me a rare smile. "Don't worry."

Another official comes for Kyo's turn. Lideon Sepher is sitting on his high seat and watching me pensively. Did I steal your food? Stop staring at me like this. I ignore him and concentrate on Kyo.

"Kresi." Teacher Shyl calls my name with concern. "You have done well. Don't feel bad."

I give him a nod. The audience doesn't think so. They think that I have won it unfairly. It's not my fault if Lideon Sepher has been asking me random unrelated questions.

"How come a Wahr don't know about her own spirit beast's rank and tier?" Teacher Hohan scowls at me. "You pretended to not know, brat!"

I close my eyes again. "Teacher Hohan, thank you for stepping up earlier."

"Hmph! I did it because you are my student whether I like it or not. He asked an advanced question."

Kyo is focused. The official has been asking him related to basic runes, ranks and tiers, names of the basic spells, and spirits. He has answered eight out of eight questions right. He is going well so far.

"Making marks that can't be erased." Teacher Hohan speaks after a long pause. "It suits you, brat. Only you are arrogant enough to carry that name."

"I guess so, Teacher Hohan." I don't know what kind of person the original owner was. But, this is my name now. I will arrogantly bear this name and continue to live this life.


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