The Renasir of Iravan
18 I will only love you more
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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18 I will only love you more

"Are you sure that it is that person?" Amelia Parisa, the fifteen years old younger sister of Deia Parisa, asks her with an emotionless tone. Earlier, her sister has left no means to embarrass her. But, she is used to it. Her family is also used to it. It doesn't surprise her anymore that her sister would clutch onto someone's leg and beg. One cannot abandon blood.

"It is, Ami." Deia's eyes are fixed on Kresi. The marks that can't be erased? What a wonderful name! She is right about this girl. Kresi will have an extraordinary life. She can find her extraordinary spirit if she follows her around.

"That person is indeed special." Amelia can guess what's going on inside her sister's mind. "To carry a runic name, she is special indeed. She didn't get flustered when he asked such questions. If it was me, I would have passed out in front of the official from the higher realm." Amelia adds, "It's strange that someone from the higher realm would personally question her."

"It is not strange, Ami." Deia's violet eyes sparkle. "She is an extraordinary person. She will be the one who will help me."

"I am not sure..." Amelia has heard of similar words from Deia a lot of time. When Deia sees the future, nothing is confirmed until the last moment. "I don't think that you should get close to someone like her. She is a bit different."

But, Deia isn't listening. She runs to Kresi and yells, "You are amazing!"

Poor Kresi is startled out of her seat because of the sudden intrusion. "You are here again."

"I was right." Deia picks up Mogrok and puts him down on another seat. She sits down beside Kresi. Mogrok wakes up and glares at her with his three eyes. He hops and lands in Kresi's lap.

"Woman, how dare you!" Waking him from his nap. Taking his seat next to his master. This woman is too much.

"Shut up!" Deia is annoyed. She takes Kresi's hand. "Kresi, I have seen you in my sight for a long time. I already knew that you would come to this competition. I don't know where you are going after this. Please take me with you."

"Huh?" Kresi frowns at her. "Where will I go? If I make it, I will go to the higher realm."

"In the futures that I have seen." Deia's violet eyes have a mild glow. "You will go to the higher realm."

"You are not allowed to come with my master." Mogrok is agitated by Deia's words. "Master, she is a seer. She is suspicious. Don't trust her words. Seers are conniving and evil."

"Why do you want to follow me?" Kresi pats Mogrok's head to calm him down. She gives her an unnatural smile. "If you can see the future, you can already see what is going to happen. Then, you want to follow me for something that you want. What is it? It's better if you are honest."

Deia lets go of her hands. She is surprised by Kresi's words. "I want to find my spirit."

"Your spirit?" Kresi furrows her brows. "Why...?"

"I am already seventeen." Deia has a distant look in her eyes. "In my life, I couldn't form a contract with any spirit. I can't use magic if I don't form a contract. You are a Wahr. You can understand my pain. My one and only spirit is wandering alone somewhere. It can't find me. I can't find it. We are separated by fate."

"Master, don't get fooled by her words," Mogrok shouts to draw his master's attention. His master is too kind. What if she gets fooled by this seer's words? Where is that God when he needs him?

The God in question finishes the quiz with full score. He is the only candidate who got the full score in the first round. He looks at his elder sister, hoping to see her proud and happy. Instead of that, he finds her chatting with the seer girl. The temperature of the halls drops down. The silent heart clenching pressure increases in the air. Aizel and the two teachers make a wide distance from Kresi and the others. The official on the stage can't stand up to conclude the first round.

"What's going on?" Lideon Sepher is also feeling this powerful pressure. He can't pinpoint it to a person. "What is the source?"

"We don't know, Lord. Maybe, a high-class spirit beast is nearby."

"Is that spirit beast going through mood swings?" Lideon Sepher is having trouble breathing. "Look for it. We have commoners here. If this continues, someone might die."

Kyo ignores the gasping official on the stage and takes long steps toward his elder sister who hasn't noticed the situation. Deia is taking long breaths, but she hasn't noticed it yet because of the excitement. She is busy convincing Kresi.

"Elder sister."

Kresi jolts because of the coldness in his voice. She sees the state of the people around her. She stands up abruptly and pats his head.

"You have done well, Kyo. You got the highest score. Big sister is proud of you."

Kyo's anger trims down. He leans down further for her to pat her more. He likes it when she is happy. The pressure in the air starts to go down. The temperature is back to normal.

"Boy, where have you been? This seer is trying to take master from us. If she comes with us, she will love us less than before." Mogrok's doesn't care who is dying here. This seer can't come with them at any cost. This God is the only person with whom he will share his master because it can't be helped. He will eat anyone else. If his master didn't stop him from eating this seer, he would have crunch her a hundred times by now.

"What did you say?" Kyo's dark eyes turn to the seer. Kresi punches Mogrok's head. He starts wailing in a high-pitched tone. The cold pressure is intense again. Deia is glued to her seat, unable to move or turn her head. Why did she ever find him beautiful? This boy is scary.

"I have not decided whether she can come with us or not." Kresi cups Kyo's face and makes him look at her. "Don't worry. This big sister will always be your big sister. There is nothing in the world that can reduce my affection for you. I will only love you more, my adorable brother."

Kyo starts to calm down. He believes his sister. Some people have already passed out. The pressure returns to normal.

"Master, you don't love me at all." Mogrok is crying. "You only love that boy. You don't love your spirit beast at all. You don't listen to me at all."

Kresi feels like she is being sandwiched between this God and this spirit beast. She caresses Mogrok's head. "Mogrok, don't make trouble. We will go out for food now. Lady Dunebard gave me some gold coins. Let's eat the best meal in this city."

"Um..." Deia puts her palm up. She feels like she has returned from the doors of death. "Please take me with you."

Kresi feels bad for her when she sees her whitened face. Deia's clothes are drenched with sweat. "Okay, come."

Kyo's temper begins to rise again, but Kresi pulls him by his arm and smiles brightly. "What do you want to eat, Kyo?"

"Anything that you like." His temper shimmers down after seeing her smile.

"Do you want to join us?" Kresi looks back at Teacher Shyl and others. They shake their heads in unison.

"We will see you later." Kresi walks out of the competition hall with Kyo, Mogrok, and Deia. Amelia Parisa watches her sister leave. She doesn't stop her. She knows that her sister has made up her mind. She is the only one who has been shortlisted for the next round from her country. She must prepare well for the second round that will be held tomorrow.

Hopefully, her sister won't get into any trouble.


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