The Renasir of Iravan
20 Why can“t we sleep together?
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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20 Why can“t we sleep together?

After finishing the meatballs and roaming around a bit, we return to the inn. I am exhausted. Kyo looks sleepy. Deia is strangely too energetic. Deia is staying with his sister. She is reluctant to go to her sister's room. She leaves after taking a promise from me that I will leave only after meeting her.

"You are from Milegia?" The receptionist asks me for confirmation.

"Yes." Kyo is slightly leaning on my right shoulder He is half asleep. I can't carry him on my back like I used to. He is too big and heavy for me to carry now. Mogrok is sitting on my left shoulder. I want to slap these two awake and yell that my shoulders are not pillows.

"Your names are?" She glances at Kyo. "Is he also a participant?"

"Yes." I rub my eyes. "My name is Kresi Dunebard. His name is Kyo Dunebard. He is my brother."

"There is booking with that name by your teachers." She puts two keys on the table. "Your brother has to share the room with the other candidate from Milegia. You won't be sharing your room with anyone."

"Where is his room?" Kyo and my rooms were next to each other in lady Dunebard's house. For the first month, he would come and sleep beside me at night. It was hard to make him sleep alone in his bed. Mogrok told me that he wants to stay close to me because of the heart. If he stays close to me, he feels better and strong.

"His room is the last room to the right on the second floor." She keeps stealing glances at him. "Your room is third room to the left on the first floor. The room numbers are written on the keys."

Awesome! He will throw tantrums if I send him to his room. It's dangerous for Aizel to share a room with this God. Poor Aizel won't be able to sleep. I shake my head and take them upstairs. The corridor is empty and quiet. We go straight to my room on the first floor. I open the door and carefully lay down Kyo on the single bed. Thankfully, I am not sharing it with anybody. Mogrok hops and lands on the empty spot near Kyo's head. I cover Kyo with a blanket. There is no space for me.

"Awesome!" I can't sleep with Kyo like before. After today, I should start teaching him slowly on how to become an adult. To do that, I have to become an adult once. Even if I died at twenty-six in my past life, I was anything but an adult. I hated meeting people. I avoided the crowd. I hated going to school. I never dated. My world was limited to my grandparents. After they died, my world was limited to the online world.

If I don't take part in the world and become an adult, how will I raise this boy?

I sit on the chair near the window and look at the three distant moons. These three sisters have names. The first sister is Raya, the Goddess of wisdom. She is the brightest one. The second sister is Riha, the Goddess of prosperity. She is the fastest one out of the three. The third sister is Ril'Yah, the Goddess of hope and kindness. She is the smallest and mildest one. These three moons are daughters of Mirinae, the goddess who rules the night, the stars, and the wishes.

Each time I look at the sky, I remember that I have seen a sky with one moon once. It feels like it's been a long time. It is something too far away and unreachable. I don't know whether I want to go back to that world where I have lived a lonely life. Here, I have Kyo and Mogrok. Thanks to Kyo, I know how to love and care for someone.

I hope that things don't change. I want it to be like this forever. I hope that time stops now. If Mirinae is listening, please grant my wish.

I don't know when I fell asleep. I find myself in bed with Kyo. He is holding my body to his chest like a pillow. Mogrok is sleeping between our legs and snoring. I try to free myself from Kyo, but he is not the same weak boy. He has gotten stronger physically. The more I push, the tighter he grabs on to me.

He moans in sleep. "Want to sleep more..."

Sister, my foot! Am I your pillow? "Kyo, let go of me." I try to push him away. "You can sleep as long as you want after you let me go."

"Don't want to..." He pulls me in deeper into his embrace. His eyes are still close. His voice is sleepy. "Smell good....want to sleep like this forever."

Okay! I kick away Mogrok first. He hits the wall like a football. Then, I tickle Kyo's armpits. It has the effect that I wanted. He opens his dark eyes and loosens his arms.

"That is unfair, Master," Mogrok yells. "You wake me up by kicks. You wake him by tickles. This is not the same treatment."

"That is unfair, Sister." Kyo's tone is the same. "You shouldn't use unfair means to wake me up. I don't know any of your weaknesses."

"Mogrok, tickles have no effects on you." I sit up on the bed. "Kyo, I am not your pillow. We can't share the bed anymore."

"Why!" He whines. "Why can't we sleep together?"

"Master, I want to know too." Mogrok rolls on the floor. "I want to sleep with you too."

"You two are males. I am a female." I jump off the bed. This is getting ridiculous. "Mogrok, you should understand these things."

"Why do I have to be the mature one?" Mogrok's three legs are pointing to the roof. His round head is touching the floor. "Master, I am your spirit beast. A spirit beast is even closer than a lover. We can even take baths together. It is this male God whom you should avoid."

"Sister, I want to become your spirit beast." Kyo's long hair is a tangled mess. His dark hair is longer than mine. I need to comb them and tie them again. "If I become your spirit beast, we can sleep and bath together."

"..." Why he is only growing physically? When will he grow mentally?

"As if!" Mogrok loses his balance and falls to his right. "You are a God. My master already has a spirit beast. She can't form another contract with you."

"Is he speaking the truth, Sister?" Kyo eyes me with tears in his eyes. "I can't become your spirit beast?"

"If you become my spirit beast, you can't become my brother." I pinch his cheeks. "Then, you cannot love your sister like the way you do. There are things that only you can do and Mogrok can't."

"Like what?" Mogrok and Kyo ask in unison.

"Ah...that..." I scratch my head. "Like...Kyo and I share the last name. Kyo is officially my family. Kyo can eat human meals with me including the vegetables. Mogrok can't eat vegetables. Kyo can speak to other human beings..."

"Master..." Mogrok lowers his head. "I am ashamed...."

"There are things that only Mogrok can do." I feel bad seeing him depressed like this. "Mogrok is my only spirit beast. He can eat anyone whom I don't like. He knows so much about the old world. He helps me with the spirits. He understands magic better than anyone I know..."

Kyo and Mogrok seem contented with their roles now. The disaster is managed. I feel relieved. It hasn't been easy for me to deal with their competition and jealousy. Kyo is particularly unreasonable. Mogrok is usually understanding.

I am sure that my hair will turn grey faster at this rate.


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