The Renasir of Iravan
23 She can“t tie me to her
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The Renasir of Iravan
Author :Norah_Koch
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23 She can“t tie me to her

The arena is in disorder. A candidate is poisoned. Healers in green robes arrive. She is breathing erratically. Her pulse is irregular. The poison is spreading rapidly inside her body. The head healer feeds her an antidote. He has no idea if it works. The poison of Dhath is not from their realm. When her complexion does not improve, he picks up another vial to feed her.

"Why are you feeding her a wrong medicine?" Lideon Sepher leisurely walks to them. "If you feed her more, it will give her tremendous pain."

Teacher Hohan stands up to Lideon Sepher. "Because of you, a child is hurt. Why did you use such a dangerous beast?"

"She was not careful." Lideon Sepher ignores Teacher Hohan's disrespectful tone. "She is a Mirin. Poisons can't kill her."

"What?" Teacher Hohan is shocked. Though he has never heard of Mirins, he is surprised to hear that poisons can't kill her. "Why? I don't understand."

"Is he telling the truth?" Kyo asks Mogrok who nods slowly. "Master won't die. It will take a few hours for the master's body to sweat out the poison. I have seen master do that before."

More than a year ago, he has seen the previous harbinger do it on the night of fire and death.

"Master is in pain." Mogrok's lips tremble when he sees her face contorted in pain. He didn't care when it happened to the previous harbinger in the same body. But, he likes his current master. He doesn't want her to feel the pain.

"This girl is not from the lower realm." Lideon Sepher cannot understand Mogrok's words. He stares at the pale face of Kresi. "If she was, she would have died when the rancorous petals bit her. The poison of Dhath has no antidote."

"Will she be fine?" Teacher Shyl asks him. "Are there any after effect of this poison?"

"To Mirins?" Lideon Sepher chuckles lightly. "There are none. I have not seen or heard of anyone from that bloodline to die from poisoning. Take her to her room. She will be fine after a few hours. This competition should go on. I don't have all the time of the world."

"The next candidate is him." The official points at Kyo. "He is her brother."

Kyo picks up Kresi in his arms and walks out of the Arena. Nobody tries to stop him. Mogrok runs behind them. Teacher Hohan asks Teacher Shyl to stay beside Aizel.

Deia has been prevented by the guards to enter the arena. She runs back to her sister and tells her, "Ami, if you see a dangerous beast, don't fight. Life is more valuable than ambition. I am going to see Kresi. Don't forget my words."

"Sister!" Amelia yells after Deia who dashes out of the place. She sighs lightly. Her sister cares about that girl more than her? If Kyo Dunebard isn't fighting, then he is disqualified. It will be her turn next.

A low-rank spirit is brought to the arena. Amelia and the other candidates are relieved to see the salmon spirit from the lower realm. It seems that they used the spirit from Belan for the first candidate only.

"Kyo Dunebard, report to the arena." The official calls out his name repetitively. "Kyo Dunebard, if you don't report in next thirty minutes, you will be disqualified."

"Teacher Shyl, should we convince him to take part?" Aizel asks. Kresi has worked hard for this competition. She wants to go to the higher realm with Kyo. She didn't even come here last year because Kyo was not thirteen at that time to take part. Now, Kresi has won this round. If Kyo doesn't take part, he will be disqualified. How will Kresi go to the higher realm without him?

Teacher Shyl sighs. To be honest, he is afraid to speak to Kyo. "Aizel, can you talk to him about this?"

"No." Aizel's voice becomes weak. He is afraid of Kyo. Only Kresi can handle him.

"I hope that Kresi wakes up soon."

"I wish the same."

Kyo kicks open the door. He lays her down on the bed carefully. Her clothes are drenched with sweat. Mogrok climbs up the bed and sits near her head. He cleans the sweat from her forehead with his two arms.

Teacher Hohan and Deia catches up to them. He doesn't say anything when he sees Kyo's expression. He quietly opens the window.

"Wipe her face with a cold cloth," He tells Deia. She finds a bowl and fills it with cold water. She dips the cloth in the water. Kyo stops her from touching her. "I will do it."

She hands over the wet cloth to Kyo without a word. Kyo clears her face and her arms. Kresi is clenching her jaw in pain. She is sweating extensively. The poison is fading slowly. But, the pain isn't going away.

"Hmph! She should have quit when Shyl asked her to." Teacher Hohan scowls at her. "She shouldn't show off as a fool."

"My master is just too kind." Mogrok cries. "She didn't want this boy to fight those butterflies. My master wants to be an ideal older sister to this boy. She did it because she didn't want him to fight that spirit. Nobody can understand her other than me."

Teacher Hohan can't understand a word. But, Kyo and Deia can understand. Deia doesn't know what to say. She has a sister too. But, she has never been an ideal older sister. She loves her sister, but will she ever do something like this for her sister? Deia is sure that she can die for her sister. She wants to protect her, but doing something like this is foolish. She would have made her sister quit rather than fight a poisonous spirit like that.

Kyo is simple. He doesn't understand the meaning behind Mogrok's deep words. He doesn't want her sister to go through this pain ever. He continues to wipe her sweat. The water in the bowl turns black. Deia refills the bowl after throwing away the water and washing the cloth. Teacher Hohan leaves when Kresi's condition is stable. Deia also leaves to check on her sister.

"You should have stopped her." After they are gone, Kyo's expression changes. The innocence and simplicity are gone. He stands up and takes a few steps away from the bed. Mogrok senses the change in the air this time. He looks up and sees the Dark God watching him with cold eyes.

"She is stubborn." Mogrok bows down. The Dark God is awake. He has known that it would have happened someday.

"A measly poisonous spirit can't hurt me." Kyo digs his nails in Mogrok's head. "Are you conspiring to make me feel pity for this girl?"

Mogrok is mad. He forgets that it is the Dark God. "Even if I told her, she would have done it. She cares for you. She wants to protect you from the things that can harm you."

"I don't care." Kyo laughs haughtily. "She doesn't have long to live. When I fully recover, I will kill her first."

"I know."

"I will finish you next, you treacherous creature."

"I don't care whether I die or not." Mogrok whispers. "But, can you harm her, my God? You are bound to her by a name, a promise, and a bond."

Kyo hardens his hold on Mogrok's head. "She can't tie me to her."

He lets go of Mogrok and falls on the floor lifelessly. Mogrok peeks down and sees him sleeping on the floor. The Dark God is gone.

Mogrok doesn't doubt that the Dark God will try to kill his master when he completely recovers. He has informed his master about this. His master is silly. She should have thrown this God back in his prison and left that place that day.


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