The Unwilling System
2 Chapter 2
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The Unwilling System
Author :Bluelight20
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2 Chapter 2

[Host, welcome to system shop. For opening the system shop for the first time host can gain three things for free from the system shop. Do you want to draw?]

Chen Yue replied, "Later. First let me see what is there in the system shop."

A screen popped inside his head. He could see various cultivation techniques, skills, bloodline, treasures etc in the shop. But the price was just too high. He cannot afford anything. For example, a simple Qi refinement cultivation technique cost 10,000 points. There were also many more things in the system shop which he could not read. When he asked the system about it, system replied that they were special shop item and super expensive. His level is too low to see them.

After searching for some time he found a few things he can buy from the system. He bought 2 lucky potion from the system shop which cost 50 points each.

[Lucky potion: After drinking it luck will be on favour of the host for one minute.]

Chen Yue drank one bottle of lucky potion and said to system, "Draw all three things at once."

System started to draw. After 30 seconds the draw was over. Chen Yue became excited.

[Congratulation host for gaining the cultivation technique of 'Divine Body of Primordial Chaos', 'Immortal Profound Veins of Origin' and the divine skill 'Supreme Summoning Soul Contract.]

Chen Yue's soul was trembling with excitement after hearing these overbearing names. He quickly read the description.

[Divine Body of Primordial Chaos: By cultivating this technique host's body will absorb the essence of heaven's and earth and the energy of primordial chaos. Host will gain immense strength. Host is currently unable to comprehend the awesomeness of this technique.

Immortal Profound Veins of Origin: Host will gain a set of indestructible profound veins which is formed by the origin of the universe. Cultivation speed of host will increase at a rapid rate. Host's profound energy or qi will be extremely pure and is able to do many miraculous things.

Supreme Summoning Soul Contract: Host will be able to establish a master-servant contract with any mythical beasts or divine beasts or any type of intelligent beast.]

Chen Yue said, "Won't I be too overpowered for Earth if I gain this?"

System replied, "Host is very far away from the real powerhouses of the Earth. Even if eventually host becomes the strongest person in the Earth, it's just a low level planet in solar system. Real power houses of the universe won't even spare a glance at this lowly planet. After all host's target is to become the strongest existence of the universe. Host do you want to merge with these techniques and skills?"

Chen Yue said, "Yes"

[Ding. Successfully gained the cultivation technique of Divine Body of Primordial Chaos. (Current level 1).

Ding. Successfully gained the set of Immortal Profound Veins of Origin. Ding. Successfully gained the skill Supreme Summoning Soul contract.]

Chen Yue felt very powerful. He can now sense the energy of heavens and earth. He is very slowly absorbing them. He felt the existence of profound veins in his body. He is feeling very refreshed and happy.

At this time he heard system's voice, "Host is getting late for university."

He now remembered about the university. He got dressed properly, took his bag and left the home. He is getting late. So he took a shortcut to the park near his home. When he was running in the park to the university he sensed an abnormal energy. After absorbing the essence of heavens and earth his sense became very sharp.

After thinking for a while he decided to not involve himself in unnecessary trouble, so he continued running. Suddenly he heard system notification.

[Quest: Find out the source of abnormal energy. Reward: 1000 points.]

This quest has no punishment. Chen Yue changed his mind and decided to complete the quest.

He followed his sharp senses and after a while found the source of the abnormal energy. He didn't expect to see what he saw.

He saw an extremely beautiful girl around 20 years old lying in the grass. She was wearing a beautiful yellow dress. This dress looked simple but he can tell that the material of this dress is invaluable. Her hair is golden coloured. Her eyes are closed. He knelt down and touch the girl to check her condition. As soon as he touched the girl he heard system's notification.

[Divine beast of the nine tailed fox clan identified. Does host want to establish a summoning contract?]

Chen Yue was surprised. He said, "She is a beast? But she looks just like humans."

System said, "Divine beast can take the form of humans perfectly. They are extremely powerful. If she was in her normal condition she would be able to destroy this planet with her finger. Currently she is in critical condition. Her soul is fading away quickly. She will die soon."

Chen Yue said, "Is there any way to save her?"

System replied, "If you establish a soul contract with her she will be able to preserve her soul with your help and will gradually regaining her normal strength if you continue to absorb the energy of heaven and earth."

Chen Yue said, "How do I establish a soul contract?"

System replied, "Use your supreme summoning soul contract."

Before using this skill he drank the lucky potion so that the contract becomes successful. Then he used the supreme summoning soul contract on the unconscious fox girl. The contract was successful. He call feel his soul linked to her. He heard the system's notification.

[Congratulation host for successfully contracting your first summoning beast. Reward: System's space for the summoning beasts. Skill level up.]

Then the girl in front of him disappear and appeared in the system's space.

Chen Yue said, "System, show me her status."

[Name: Su Mi Ho

Race: Divine Beast

Clan: Nine tailed fox clan

Age: 10,500 years

Cultivation level: ???

Nature: Immature, arrogant, naughty, black bellied, sometimes kind]

He was shocked after learning her age. He said, "Why can't I see her cultivation level?"

System replied, "Host's current level is too low to see that."

Chen Yue's Consciousness went inside the system's space. He saw her sleeping. He went near to take a close look at her. After some time he came out. She is still asleep.

He heard the system's notification. [Congratulation host for completing your second quest. Reward 1000 points]

Chen Yue suddenly remembered that he is late for the university. So he started running.


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