You Will Be Mine Someday
40 Explanations...
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You Will Be Mine Someday
Author :shwesha
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40 Explanations...

"Wang? What are you doing here?" This time Anna and Xian scream in chorus.

"I think we all need to explain it." Wang replies while relaxing his temples.

"I…um…we…why don't you explain first." Anna tries to explain their relationship and suddenly turns the table around.

"I flew all the way to surprise you. I wanted to give the surprise during the morning meeting, but then my flight got delayed and couldn't make it until now. After landing up, I asked my secretary to get your address and thought of directly visiting you. What confuse me the most is his presence in your house…and NAKED?" Wang shifts his eye contact from Anna to Xian and lifts his eyebrows to seek answer from Xian.

"Well…" Xian was about to reply when gets interrupted by Anna.

"One sec… Do you guys know each other? As far as I know I haven't mentioned you to each other?" Anna stares at them one by one.

"We are brothers." Xian and Wang speak in chorus making Anna to choke on her breath.

"WHATTTTTT. How the hell I wasn't aware of this?" Anna screams her lungs out.

"C'mon, I never knew he is that important to be mentioned now and moreover family topic never came in between us" Xian holds Anna by her shoulders and explains to her in calm voice.

"What do you mean by I am not important?" Wang interrupts the two lovey-dovey pair.

"Leave Xian aside, how come you never mentioned me about this Wang?" Anna removed Xian's hands on her shoulder and turns towards Wang.

"Wasn't it obvious with my last name that I and your so called boss is related? Moreover, you thought that anyone can walk in and out of Xian Company without a higher recommendation?" Wang replies while raising his eyebrows and a small giggle. Leaving Anna's mouth wide open.

She thinks to her conversation with Wang and things starts getting clear to her from the time they met and how he knew everything about the company, the rules, the people around, and the departments also the timing and floor. He was too familiar with everything there. She feels so dumb about herself and bangs her hand on her forehead leaving a little sigh.

"Babe, let's sit down and talk" Xian holds Anna and mark their way towards the sofa next to them. Anna and Xian sit next to each other and Wang takes the opposite side.

"I think you guys still need to explain me something?" Wang questions again.

Anna takes a deep breath and was about to speak and Xian grabs her hand and starts speaking.

"We are in a relation Wang. I know it's quite weird to hear from a person who always been into Companies, meetings and money making, but it's the reality." Xian replies with a little laugh, and gripping on Anna's hand.

Anna smiles widely after realizing Xian's eyes on her.

"How do you know each other? I never heard from any of you about each other?" Xian questions them.

"Let me answer this Wang." Anna takes the initiative this time to clear the air.

"I met him on the first day. He was very helpful. The day when you behaved so rudely with me in the office, it was Wang who helped me to come out of my bad mood, and then accompanied me to the lunch. He was like a good friend I got in an unknown city. That time I didn't know he is your brother. And then he had to fly for his work and thus we hardly got any time to spend together" Anna and Wang smile at each other.

Xian on other hand watches his younger brother closely. His eyes were not the same neither was his body language. He was pretending to be calm. And Xian knew that he is trying his best not to show his actual feelings in front of Anna.

"It's good to clear off the misunderstandings. You must be feeling hungry after the long flight. Food is already ready and Anna is an awesome cook. Come join us for the dinner" Xian quickly shifts the topic.

"Anna I will set the table, can you please get the food from kitchen. Wang help me in setting the table."

Xian speaks again without giving a gap and quickly grabs Wang's arm while lifting him. Anna nods in response and walks inside the kitchen. "We have lots to talk, but pretend to be OK in front of her" Both whispers to each other in chorus making sure Anna doesn't hear them.

Xian and Wang set up the table while Anna gets all the dishes from kitchen. Anna pours the wine in everyone's glass, and all three makes a toast before starting the dinner. All three enjoys the dinner while chatting with each other.

After completing the dinner, Xian helps Anna to clean the dishes and Wang takes the dining area.

Anna could sense some tension between both the brothers thus she excuse herself to bed saying she is sleepy, before leaving she insists Wang to stay back for the night, and arranges the downstairs bedroom for him. As soon as Anna leaves the hall, Xian gets up and signals Wang to follow him to the terrace.


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